As I was born in Germany, I thought it only too fitting to visit the capital of this beautiful country once I’d started travelling, and I’m so pleased I added this trendy city to my travel list.

After spending 3 glorious days here, I thought I’d list my top 6 reasons why you should also make Berlin your next destination.

Berlin Is Steeped In History

Everywhere you look, you are reminded of what sheer destruction happened here during World War II.



Although some people may find it a little morbid to remember this period of European history, I found it mesmerizing that these memories are not hidden away here. I believe this is to show that although there were negative times in the past, the city of Berlin has risen above it and progressed as a thriving, trendy travel destination.

When walking through this beautiful city, take a few moments to look closely where you are. The chances are you’ll find bullet holes there helping to remind you that there were dark days. But do not fear as Berlin is prove that there are much brighter days ahead. (Sorry to be getting a little philosophical on you)…

If World War II isn’t quite your cup of tea, how about learning about the fall of the Berlin wall during your travels here? This is a fascinating story and worth spending some time learning about.

It Helps You Appreciate Life

This kind of follows on from the point above — even though Berlin was in the middle of a crushing war, it has thrived into the city you see today.

Spend some time walking through the Holocaust Memorial and you truly will appreciate how precious and valuable life is. Trust me, you will feel so very blessed after exploring this series of monuments.


This exhibit has been cleverly done — the stones look to be the same height from the outside, but it is only once you’ve walked to the centre that you will notice the stones cushioning you from great heights. It will make you realise how small you are compared with the wider world out there…


The People Are Super Friendly

When chatting with the locals abroad, I am always on the hunt to find out more about what the people are like. Having spoken to many people out in Berlin, I found them all to be very friendly and I have to say that they spoke better English than me!

My brother has the fortune of being able to speak fluent German, so he was testing his skills whilst out there with me — one waiter told him his German was better than his! Such a nice gentleman and we continued to find wonderful people like this everyday in Berlin.

You Will Want To Spend Hours Exploring The Parks

When researching my trip to Berlin, I was surprised to hear that the parks were worth looking into. For me, this trip had all been about the history and architecture of the place. However, I am so pleased we listened to our guide book suggesting walks around the parks.

Tiergarten will easily take you many hours to explore and you will want to keep seeing more! Towards the centre of this sprawling park is a viewpoint (at the Victory Column) offering perfect 360 degree views across the city – well worth a look!


The Architecture Is Captivating

From Brandenburg Gate to Berliner Dom to Charlottenburg Palace, the architecture in Berlin is simply stunning.


Enough to rival the architecture found within cities like Paris or Vienna.

You Can Feel Like A Champion At The Olympic Stadium

We visited the Olympic Stadium on our last full day in the city, and it was certainly an excellent way to end our long weekend.

The stadium itself is vast and impressive to see, but when you couple this with the history of Berlin in 1936, you will feel more than just impressed by the architecture.


Outside the stadium are many Greek God and Goddess statues, which remind you of the social values this city had during the 1930s — power, strength and a godlike nature are just a few that spring to mind, and this stadium helps to epitomize and remind you of that.

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Are you planning a trip to Berlin soon? Or has this post inspired you to add Berlin to your travel list? Share your thoughts and comments below…

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