I adore the UK, which is why I’ve chosen to spend most of my life living here. Some may ask why I love the UK so much. Well, there are a few reasons why I do:

  1. It’s home — my family and friends are all here, which helps to emphasize the homely feeling I get from living here.
  2. I love tea — we Brits really do have the best tea and we combine it with scones, jam and cream for afternoon tea occasionally, or at least I do!
  3. I don’t mind the weather — yes, okay so I do wish it would rain a little less and be less unpredictable. But when the sun does shine, there’s an overwhelming feeling of happiness when it does and we really do know how to make the best of it… after all, we may never know when we will see the sunshine again!
  4. I found love here — not only have I fallen in love with my home country but I also found my one great love in the UK, so I have a lot to be thankful for.

So, now we’ve established just some of the reasons why I love the UK so much, let me tell you about a never ending mission I have – I want more of you to see the beauty of the UK. So, county by county; country by country, I’m showcasing my best photography to help inspire some wanderlust for my home.

Last month, I focused my attentions on the counties of Devon and Cornwall in the South West. Today, I’m concentrating on a stunning feast for the eyes up in the country of Scotland. As you know, I have spent a few days road-tripping throughout Scotland in the past – from the incredible Isle of Skye to trendy Edinburgh and everywhere in between. So tell me, when will you be heading to Scotland?




















From bright blue waters, to vast lakes and dramatic green landscapes, there is so much beauty in Scotland and I hope these photos have captured just a little piece of Scotland’s magic. As always though, you really must travel and see it for yourself.

My question to you now is: have I convinced you enough to head to Scotland? Write me a little note below…

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2 thoughts on “19 Photos To Inspire Wanderlust For Scotland

  1. Rekha Sahay says:

    Wonderful post with awsome images.😊😊

    1. Thanks so much Rekha! I’m so pleased you like them… I love Scotland!

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