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203 Travel Challenges: Book Review & Exclusive Author Q&A

203 Travel Challenges: Book Review & Exclusive Author Q&A

Psst! This blog post might have affiliate links in it, which earn us a small amount of commission if you buy or book something through them - at no extra cost to you.

Many of you will know by now that I’m an avid traveller and a huge book lover. So when I find a new book that combines the two topics, I generally want to check it out – especially when it’s written by a fellow blogger as well!

203 Travel Challenges: Book Review

203 Travel Challenges Book Review

I first heard about 203 Travel Challenges, when one of the authors of the book, Maria got involved with my ‘Through The Eyes Of A Local’ blog series.

Check out her tips for Plovdiv in Bulgaria here.

Their blog is full of ideas for one-of-a-kind and interesting day trips, activities and vacations you can take. And then I noticed they’d also compiled a bunch of challenges in a book as well!

The book is brilliant!

It contains the 203 travel challenges that sparked off the whole idea for the book, and accompanying travel blog, and even has a quiz on what type of traveller you are. (I got ‘Zen Traveller’ in case you’re wondering).

And the idea behind the book isn’t to read it cover to cover (although I did do that), but it’s intended to be used as a resource – simply flip open a page and complete that challenge. When I did that the first time, I stumbled across the challenge of ‘Feel like Mowgli in the jungle’ – I just need to find a jungle first… any recommendations?

You can buy the book from Amazon here.

So far, I’ve completed just 63 challenges out of the book… and I now have a bunch more ideas of what else to try to make travelling even more thrilling. (Who knew it could be even more exciting than it already is?)

It’s not everyday that I’m truly in love with a book I’ve found; maybe 20% of the books I read, I tell others they have to read them. Well, this book is in that small percentage – seriously, go read it, or at the very least, check out the 203 Travel Challenges blog as it’s also packed full of useful advice, inspiration and recommendations!

Q&A with Author, Maria Angelova

Maria & Co-Authors

I wanted to find out more about the inspiration behind the book, so I’ve also quizzed one of the authors: Maria Angelova (she’s on the left in the above photo, next to her fellow co-authors). Here’s what she told me…

1. Could you tell us a little about yourself and your book?

My name is Maria Angelova, I’m one of the authors of the book “203 Travel Challenges”. The book itself reflects the way I love to travel – by changing the plan every time I have the chance and always following interesting stories rather than following itineraries. My travel guilty pleasure is to have my future read by local fortune tellers everywhere I go and to learn new fortune-telling practices wherever I can. I will never say no to a glass of local wine at sunset as well.

2. What inspired you to write it?

The book was born spontaneously, on the road. My colleagues and I have a fun tradition – when someone heads on a long trip, the others prepare a list of challenges he or she has to complete during the trip. For example, I was challenged to eat a tarantula in Cambodia or to play soccer with local boys at Copacabana Beach in Rio de Janeiro. These are things you wouldn’t normally consider doing but since you were challenged, you can’t help it – and then you discover these are the best experiences from your journey!

3. Out of all the challenges in your book, which one is your most favourite?

There is a personality test at the beginning of the book that defines the way you travel. Depending on your traveling style, you will name a different challenge as your favorite. Since I’m super active on the road, my greatest challenge is to spend a whole day doing nothing (Italians call it “dolce far niente” or “the sweetness of doing nothing). I haven’t completed this yet, I just keep on postponing it. 🙂

4. What one tip would you give to someone else thinking of writing a travel-related book?

Whatever your idea is, put it in words. Then stop thinking about it for a week or two. Then share it with friends and family and listen to their feedback. After all, the fear of trying is what is most likely to make you fail, not the failure itself.

5. Have you ever gotten writer’s block (either through writing the book or your blog)? How did you overcome it?

For me, a writer’s block is best overcome by leaving everything and focusing your whole attention on something completely different. Heading to the nearest forest and spending the night in a hammock among the pine trees is my best remedy.

A huge thanks to Maria for answering my questions!

Next Steps

Your next steps are very simple…

  1. Check out their travel blog: 203 Travel Challenges for inspiration.
  2. Buy their book for even more inspiration.
  3. Find your first challenge to complete.
  4. Come back here and tell us all about your experience.

Are you game?

203 Travel Challenges: Book Review & Exclusive Author Q&A

Psst! This post contains a couple of affiliate links for Amazon. If you do decide to purchase their book via one of my links, I’ll receive a little bit of commission at no extra cost to you.
All images in this article used with permission of Maria Angelova.
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