Okay, so bombshell moment – I am a total bibliophile (lover of books)! Oh, you already knew that? Yes. Yes, of course you did!

So, it should come as no surprise that I love books about travel. Whether it be informative, visually stunning or it’s a fictional book to inspire wanderlust before, during and after my travels; I love them all.

So, here are my pick of the 5 best travel books to inspire a serious case of wanderlust in you…

1. Eat Pray Love

The story of a woman inspired to spend several months travelling around Italy, India and Indonesia (the three I’s), this book will completely motivate you, even if you end up venturing out there alone!

2. World of Wanderlust

Brooke Saward. My travel blogger inspiration, the brains behind World of Wanderlust and now recently published author.

Her book offers travel tips as well as stunning photography to help inspire you. The fact that she’s a self-made travel blogger living the good life just helps us bloggers be inspired even more.

If that wasn’t enough to tempt you to read her book, I go into a little more detail on why she’s my inspiration in my Liebster Award post.

Brooke – we salute you! 

3. Memoirs of a Geisha

When I first read this book, I finished it in just a couple of evenings. Not because it was short, but because it was such a good read!

I find the Japanese culture mesmerising and this book is no exception to that! The movie is also pretty good!

4. Life of Pi

This story is both uplifting and beautiful and will certainly make you want to see every corner of the world … with or without the tiger!

5. In Arabian Nights

Okay, so this book has been recommended to me recently as I’m flying off to Morocco very soon.

It’s about many different traditional Moroccan stories and okay, I’m a lover of really cool titles too.

Arabian nights — think Aladdin, camels, sunsets over beaches and haggling at souks … yep, this book has got me all hot under the collar for my upcoming trip!

5 Of The Best Holiday Reads To Give You Total Wanderlust

So, what do you think? Will these books inspire the wanderlust in you? Are there any others you’d recommend? Let me know in the comments below as I’m always after another good read!

Movies more your thing? Check out my Travel Movie Playlist and get inspired by the big screen!

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  1. lorrainemhardinggmailcom says:

    Great tips thanks. If you would know more about a great place to read these book suggestions, come to Siem Reap – Cambodia. Perfect! http://www.cambodianbuzz.com

    1. Thanks for sharing Lorraine! I’m glad you liked the post too!

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