Recently, I spent some time crafting my brand new ebook: 50 Free Things To Do In Europe. This book is packed full of my best advice, tips and things to do in Europe that don’t cost a penny (or a cent). Each chapter focuses on a different part of Europe that I’ve spent time exploring including:

  1. 10 Free Things To Do In The UK
  2. 10 Free Things To Do In Italy
  3. 10 Free Things To Do In Paris
  4. 10 Free Things To Do In Berlin
  5. 10 Free Things To Do In Vienna

And the best bit? This book is completely free to download, read and save for those who choose to subscribe to my blog

Listed below are a few ‘sneak peek’ pages from each chapter to whet your appetite for more budget saving travel tips and ideas.


This guide aims to equip you with the knowledge of what to see and do in Europe… completely for free!

From dancing away at the Notting Hill Carnival in London to exploring exhibits in the Louvre in Paris to seeing iconic landmarks in Berlin; there are so many places to see and so many things to do without spending a penny (or a cent).

All of these recommendations are based entirely on firsthand experiences and my goal is to inspire you to get out and travel, no matter what. Let me show you…

Free Things To Do In The UK

See The Harry Potter Train For Free

If you’re a Harry Potter fan (like me) then you should definitely make some time to venture out to Glenfinnan Viaduct in Scotland to see the Jacobite Steam Train (aka the original Hogwarts Express) rumble past.

There is a £2 car parking fee unless you’re a National Trust member and can park for free. But actually seeing the train won’t cost you a penny and you will have one of the best views of both the train and the surrounding Scottish countryside.

For tips on where exactly to park and where to stand, you should take a read of the mini guide on my blog.

So, go ahead… get snap happy with your camera and enter the fantasy world of Harry Potter… for free!

Dance Along With The Notting Hill Carnival

Every August, come rain or shine, the Notting Hill Carnival meanders through the streets of London; showering smiles, music and bright costumes on passers by.

Venture out into the crowds and admire London at its best, whilst you dance along with the vibrant carnival. Don’t forget the bright clothes, crazy headwear and buckets of glitter – these are all a must at the Notting Hill Carnival!

Free Things To Do In Italy

Walk The Side Streets In Venice

Venice is such a sprawling city towards the North West of Italy and it is quite simply one of those cities like no other. Completely water-locked, there are no cars to take you from one side of the city to the other. Instead you can meander your way through tiny canals on a gondola or wander through the tiny streets on foot and find hidden gems each way you turn.

Whether you spot a pretty church on the corner or a love padlock on an ancient bridge, you will keep uncovering secrets in this city when taking time to explore on foot. And as the buildings here in Venice are so magnificently beautiful when just looking at them, you don’t necessarily need to spend money here to see beautiful sights.

My advice? Wander into the many side streets in Venice and get lost in them… this is the best way to uncover the secrets in the city and find sights not detailed in your guidebook.

Admire The Trevi Fountain In Rome

The Trevi Fountain is the largest and most famous fountain within Rome. With its impressive stonework, vast size and rippling green water, this fountain is set to amaze you and keep you wondering about the story behind it for the rest of your day.

Seeing the fountain itself won’t cost you a penny (or a cent), so feel free to take some time here and take as many photos as you like. You may find it a little busy here as it is a famous tourist spot, but this shouldn’t stop you from enjoying your time in admiring the fountain.

If you can spare a cent during your visit, wander to the water’s edge and make a wish before throwing your coin in. Although a little cliche, it would be rude not to whilst you’re here.

Free Things To Do In Paris

Admire Artwork In The Louvre

So you weren’t expecting this one to be on the list were you? Paris is an amazing city for soaking in all the art, culture and beauty the city has to offer. And the best bit? They allow you to do this for free on certain days of the year.

From October to March, admission to the Louvre is totally free (for everyone) on the first Sunday of every month. Plus, if you’re fortunate enough to be exploring the city on Bastille Day (July 14th), then you can also gain entry free of charge then.

Right, so now there’s nothing to stop you at all from marvelling at the famous Mona Lisa, the impressive Venus de Milo statue or any of the other amazing works of art this museum has to offer – enjoy!

Wander Through Parc des Buttes Chaumont

Who doesn’t love strolling through beautiful parklands and green spaces when visiting cities?

Within the Parc des Buttes Chaumont, you will have the opportunity to glimpse the Paris skyline from a different angle as well as find grottoes, waterfalls and a temple-topped island here.

Although man-made, this park offers so much beauty and is such a relaxing place to wander through, whiling away a few hours and chasing your worries away.

Be prepared to spend a few hours here – you will definitely want to!

Free Things To Do In Berlin

Marvel At The Berlin Wall

Whether you remember the collapse of the Berlin Wall or not, viewing fragments of this iconic and legendary landmark really will make you appreciate what this city must have gone through at the time.

There are several opportunities across the city for you to see fragments of the wall – it’s safe to say that Berlin don’t try to hide their history.

Instead, they allow you to learn about their history for free and offer you thoughts galore as you walk away from the wall pieces.

Photograph The Famous Brandenburg Gate

Once the scene of great military parades and processions, this iconic landmark is now a tranquil monument and coming close to being the ‘Gate of Peace’ that its sculptor wanted it to be known as.

Whilst the Berlin Wall was up, this landmark lay lost and forgotten in no-man’s land. Surprisingly, it then became the scene of so many ecstatic celebrations when the wall was brought down.

I say surprisingly, as now, Berliners walk nonchalantly through the archways without so much as a backwards glance at it.

Take this moment to photograph this iconic landmark and contemplate in peace just how much this monument has seen throughout Berlin’s painful and tragic periods of history.

Free Things To Do In Vienna

Walk The Famous Viennese Ringstrasse

Vienna is the perfect city for walking tours and exploring its beauty on foot. Partly because the city is fairly small in size but also because a ring road (Ringstrasse) has formed around its main sights.

If you choose to follow this circular route then you would be treated to the most iconic landmarks this city has to offer, plus plenty of sights of the most beautiful architectural buildings.

From marvelling at the Vienna State Opera House to viewing the incredible Hofburg Palace, this route will give you so many gems to photograph. Take your time and follow the circular route and marvel at the many wondrous sights you will pass.

You may even like to embark on a free walking tour that follows this same route to also learn some history along the way. There are plenty of tours offering this or you can choose to follow the route at your own pace alone. Either way, this is a walk you will have the utmost pleasure in taking.

Ride For Free At Prater Theme Park

The Prater is home to two distinct areas of parkland, which together culminate in Vienna’s most favourite outdoor playground. Whilst you’re here, you will forever be ten years old.

From authentic bumper cars to American-inspired fun houses, you will want to spend hours here roller-coastering, laughing and joking around.

And… if you head to a tourist office before heading here, you can pick up one of many coupon books allowing you money off the attractions and even some free rides in the funfair.

Have fun!

The above are just a couple of snippets, with many more ideas to be found inside my book that you might enjoy. When subscribing to my blog, you should receive a copy of this ebook within minutes, but if you think you may have missed the email then just send me a quick message and I’ll be sure to send the ebook on to you… I’m nice like that!

I’d love to know what you think of the ideas found within it too. Any feedback I do get will be used to craft a second version packed full of even more of my best ideas and advice (and maybe a few other European destinations too)! Once you’ve had a read, leave me a note in the comments section below…

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50 Free Things to do in Europe

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