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10 Amazing Airbnb Experiences in the UK

10 Amazing Airbnb Experiences in the UK

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With Airbnb expected to invest over $5 million this year into its increasingly popular Experiences program, this is one cool new travel trend you’ll definitely want to jump on the bandwagon of.

But what exactly are Airbnb Experiences?

If you’ve not yet come across the Airbnb Experiences program, you’re not alone. It’s still considered something of a secret within the industry, especially within the UK, but who knows how long it will be kept hush for.

According to Airbnb themselves: “Airbnb Experiences are one-of-a-kind activities designed and hosted by locals.”

The most popular and successful experiences are those that have truly shown something special and unique within a city, such as visiting the Louvre in Paris with a comedian, making a family-recipe paella in Barcelona, or mountain biking in Cape Town with a pro bike racer.

Airbnb Experiences are a local’s chance of showing the best of their city in a unique and inspiring way, based on their own passions, and in aid of teaching travellers something new.

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What Airbnb Experiences can you try in the UK?

There are a growing number of experiences you can try within the UK. Currently, most are based in London, but as the program gains more traction across the world, more and more new experiences are popping up all over the place.

Here are some of the most popular, or just plain exciting Airbnb Experiences in the UK:

Embark on a Coasteering Adventure in Cornwall

If you’ve not yet had the chance to try coasteering, it’s amazing fun! Coasteering is basically doing all kinds of adrenaline-fueled activities near coastlines, without using equipment like surfboards or kayaks. It’s basically your best chance to jump from cliff faces, explore caves and try some wild swimming. And with this particular experience, you’ll see the popular Cornish seaside town of Newquay while you’re at it. Discover other top things to do in Newquay!

Jump into Cold Water Scuba Diving in Scotland

This Airbnb Experience enables you to discover the underwater wonders of Scotland with the help of a qualified diving instructor. Kelp forests, cold water fauna and cat sharks await! You’ll just need to have a diving certification in order to embark on this one.

Cold Water Scuba Diving

Explore London’s Backstreets with a Local Historian

If a more relaxed pace of life is more your thing, then there are lots of Airbnb Experiences to choose from. This experience gives you the opportunity to see a glimpse of London’s secret side, whilst learning all kinds of facts about the city and the places you’ll see.

Find Brixton’s Hidden Jazz Club

Like music? Love Jazz? Then this experience, which is ranked in Airbnb’s Top 5 Most Popular Global Experiences is the one for you. Hosted within a repurposed shipping container in Brixton, there’s a different jazz performance on offer most nights, with very few in the know about it!

Create a Custom Fascinator Over High Tea

When would you ever get the chance to make your own fascinator hat while having a great little afternoon or high tea session? I love that this Airbnb Experience blends fashion and crafts with tea and cake – how’s that for a unique Sunday afternoon?

High Tea

Take a Literary Walk in London

There are a number of literary tours and walking options dotted around the country, which aim to show you hidden areas of the city you’re exploring (in this case London), while showing you spots linked to famous authors, poets or works of fiction themselves, such as where Shakespeare went for drinks. And what’s unique about this particular tour is that it’s run by a publisher, so you can ask all your writer-related questions while you’re there too!

Try a Photography Workshop in Central London

Photography workshops can sometimes be a little pricey, especially in London, but there are lots of them run by locals via Airbnb Experiences, which are a fraction of the price you might pay elsewhere. These tours are perfect for learning some new travel photography skills, as well as seeing the best of the city you’re visiting.

Find Hidden Street Art in Camden

If you love discovering all the best spots for street art, these sorts of tours are the ones for you. They’ll show you all the best street art (well-known and hidden gems) – perfect for your Instagram feed!

Street Art

Try Some Beach Sand Art

A new wave of art sweeping the nation are beach sand masterpieces. It’s essentially like making pretty crop circles in the sand with rakes and poles, and this particular Airbnb Experience will show you how to design and make them, and how best to photograph them from above. Unique? Yes. Fun? Definitely.

Head to a Gin Masterclass at a Cornish Distillery

Like gin? Ever wanted to make your own flavoured gin? This is the Airbnb Experience for you! The masterclass will teach you all about how to make gin with plenty of samples throughout. They’ll even throw in a tapas evening in Lostwithiel, one of the prettiest, yet underrated towns in Cornwall, and let you take home a bottle of gin as a memento from your trip… just lovely!

So tell me – do any of these Airbnb Experiences float your boat? Why not browse the full range of UK Airbnb Experiences now…

10 Amazing Airbnb Experiences in the UK

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