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Due to working full-time, I understand that it’s not always possible to fly to your dream destination exactly when you want to.

Maybe you can’t afford it right now? Maybe the destination is too far away and you just can’t get enough time off work to make the trip worthwhile? Maybe you’re just too busy at work to take ANY time off right now?

Whatever it is, I don’t believe you should miss out.

For me, Japan is this dream destination, especially in the spring months. But it’s just too far away, and is large and tantalisingly enough to warrant a few weeks worth of exploring. Sadly, I just can’t get that much time off work right now.

So I set about looking for a way to bring a piece of Japan to me, right here in the UK.

Then I discovered Bokksu…

Bokksu Review: Japanese Snacks

When done right, Instagram can be a great little nugget of inspiration and is full of useful travel tips. I saw a post about receiving a free bag of Japanese KitKats when buying a Bokksu subscription in March.

I researched the company a little and found that they send Japanese snacks, both sweet and savoury, right to your doorstep. Talk about sending a little piece of Japan out everywhere!

Okay, okay, I know this isn’t exactly the same as seeing Japan firsthand. Okay, it’s nothing like seeing Japan firsthand. But I will tell you one thing – it’s an amazing runner-up!

Diving inside my Bokksu box

Before I begin, I first need to tell you that I’ve never tried authentic Japanese snacks in my life. I’ve never even tried sushi (still working up the courage for that one!) But I have been intrigued for such a long time…

For one thing, they have so many flavours of KitKat! Matcha, Mango, Sakura, Blueberry Cheesecake, Soybean. You name it, Japan has it. And this is just one part of it.

Bokksu Review: Japanese Snacks

Look at the Emoji keyboard on your phone. There are so many Japanese foods listed there, and I have no idea what they are, let alone what they taste like!

Bokksu are helping to bridge this gap for those unfortunate souls (like me) who can’t just hop on a plane to Japan right this second.

Inside my April edition of the Bokksu box, I found:

  • Sakura Love Tea from Tokyo – Best when eaten with the butter senbei
  • Hand-Baked Butter Senbei from Tokyo – A rice cracker with a rich butter flavour
  • Suppa Mucho Stick Sour Plum from Tokyo – Potato sticks seasoned with a tangy sour plum seasoning
  • White Strawberry from Nagano Prefecture – Freeze-dried strawberry with a white chocolate middle
  • Sakura Chocolate Crepe from Osaka – Chocolate and cherry blossom flavoured wafer snack
  • Sakura Rusk from Tokyo – A baguette slice seasoned with cherry blossom
  • Spring Rice Crackers from Saitama Prefecture – Flower shaped crackers in various flavours including matcha, shrimp and sour plum
  • Ume Sable from Iwate Prefecture – A plum flavoured butter cookie
  • Sakura Shrimp Kakimochi from Niigata Prefecture – Shrimp flavoured mochi
  • Baked Chocolate Strawberry from Saitama Prefecture – Chocolate and strawberry flavoured baked sweet snack

And as can be expected from this box during the Hanami (Cherry Blossom Festival) season, there were lots of sour plum, strawberry and sakura flavoured snacks, and pink colours. According to Bokksu, these flavours can be found in abundance throughout Japan during the spring months.

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Some standout highlights for me were the freeze-dried white chocolate strawberry from Nagano Prefecture, and the chocolate sakura crepe from Osaka.

The strawberry was super sweet, and I’m amazed at how they got the chocolate inside it, yet it still looked like a whole strawberry. And the crepe didn’t taste at all how I expected. There was a slight hint of a flowery taste, closely followed by a slight fruity taste – delicious, but unexpected!

So if you’d also like to bring a little piece of Japan home with you (without hopping on the next Asia-bound flight), then I’d highly recommend Bokksu! You can check out all their subscription offers here.

And now that I’ve had a little taste of what Japan has to offer, what other Japanese foods would you recommend I try? I’m thinking I can get the practice in now, ready for a 2020 trip there for the Olympics… 😉

Love food? Love Japan? Spread the word!

No time to visit Japan? Let Japan come to you!

Bokksu kindly gifted me a box of Japanese snacks in order for me to try them out and report back to you all on how my experience was. As always, my thoughts, feelings and opinions are entirely my own!

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