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10+ Motivational Boss Babe Quotes To Inspire You

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Are you a boss lady in need of motivation? Check out these thirteen boss babe quotes…

As a digital nomad and travel blogger, I often have to inspire and motivate myself to stick to my to-do list and achieve the goals I set out each day, week, month and year.

(Yes, I’m definitely a goals person!)

And one way I do that is by surrounding myself with inspirational quotes that really hit home. Whether writing them in random places in my diary, posting them on my wall, or even using them in Instagram captions, they’re a big part of my life.

Here are thirteen boss lady quotes that inspire me and I hope they also motivate you to go out there and rock this whole blogging thing (or whatever it is you want to do with your life)!

Motivational Boss Babe Quotes

Boss Babe Quotes, Boss Lady Quotes

“There are secret opportunities hidden inside every failure.” – Sophia Amoruso

As someone who has made a lot of mistakes and had lots of failures in her lifetime, I’m a huge believer in this one. For me, everything happens for a reason.

And one major example of this was in not completing my Marketing degree. I’d decided after two years of studying that I didn’t want to go on a “work-away” year, which was a requirement of the course. So I swapped to a Business degree for my final year and graduated a year early.

Some people told me that not completing my Marketing degree was a failure. Yet, I sincerely believe that changing my degree was what helped me join the company I still work for today. The timing was right, the location was right and the job was related to business management. Hmm…

“Things may come to those who wait, but only the things left by those who hustle.” – Abraham Lincoln

There’s no reason why we can’t include a few man bosses in this round-up of the best boss lady quotes, right? Well hey, I never like to play by the rules…

Anyway, this old chestnut of a quote reminds us all that it’s hard work, graft and hustling that will get us to where we want to be.

“Money looks better in the bank than on your feet.” ― Sophia Amoruso

As something of a self-confessed shopaholic through my teens and early twenties, this is something that took me a long time to realise.

I was always spending money on possessions and never understood the concept of money earning me more money by simply sitting in a decent bank account.

Fast forward many years later and I finally understand it! How else do you think I afford to travel as much as I do?

“You can be the lead in your own life.” – Kerry Washington

Although there are always going to be friends and family to support you throughout your boss babe journey, you’re the one who is going to be working hard and going after your goals. Remember that in order to truly succeed, you need to back yourself too!

Boss Babe Quotes, Boss Lady Quotes

“If you’re frustrated because you’re not getting what you want, stop for a second: Have you actually flat-out asked for it? If you haven’t, stop complaining. You can’t expect the world to read your mind. You have to put it out there, and sometimes putting it out there is as simple as just saying, “Hey, can I have that?” – Sophia Amoruso

This is advice your parents would have given you time and time again – “you don’t get what you don’t ask for” or some such variation. Remember that your parents know best…

“Instead of letting your hardships and failures discourage or exhaust you, let them inspire you.” – Michelle Obama

There wouldn’t be success without failure. So why do we insist on beating ourselves up when things don’t quite go according to plan?

The incredible Michelle Obama reminds us all in one very succinct quote to celebrate our failures – they may just bring us fresh ideas, a new perspective on things and as above, within every failure is opportunity for success!

“You create the world, blink by blink. It is entirely yours to discover and yours to create.” – Sophia Amoruso

Another take on the “you can be the lead of your own life” quote by Kerry Washington, your future is yours to create. Personally I see my future unfolding blog by blog…

Boss Babe Quotes, Boss Lady Quotes

“I love to see a young girl go out and grab the world by the lapels. Life’s a bitch. You’ve got to go out and kick ass.” – Maya Angelou

Throughout childhood, we’re often protected by our parents from just how scary the big, wide world can be.

Let’s face it – not everyday is sunshine and rainbows, shit happens.

But in this daring quote, Maya Angelou offers her thoughts on us battling this thing we call life. And I’ll finish it by saying battle hard and you may just win…

“Harvard Business School professor Howard Stevenson famously defined “entrepreneurship” as “the pursuit of opportunity without regard to resources currently controlled.” I give a “hell yes” to that definition — you should take that spirit with you to whatever job you’re doing or whatever project you’re undertaking.” ― Sophia Amoruso

Two experts rolled up into one within this quote and one I’m going to get behind as well. This is such a pithy way of describing what entrepreneurship really is and definitely highlights how incredible anyone is who decides to go after their own destiny.

“Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself.” – Coco Chanel

Again, this is something I battled with for years and years. Sadly, I was one of those geeky kids who was constantly bullied up until I was about 14.

These experiences definitely left their mark on me and made me feel like I couldn’t be myself.

I dyed my hair blonde, I went out and bought the latest fashions, I basically tried to be everything I’m not in order to fit into some kind of group.

Instead, as the years have ticked by, I’m now confident in my slight awkward tendencies, my severe foot-in-mouth syndrome and my definite proneness to clumsiness.

And do you know what accepting myself got me? A kickass job, some real friends, a wonderful fiancé and a rockstar travel blog… if I do say so myself!

Boss Babe Quotes, Boss Lady Quotes

“In whatever you do, you’re not going to stand out unless you think big and have ideas that are truly original. That comes from tapping into your own creativity, not obsessing over what everyone else is doing.” ― Sophia Amoruso

This is not only true of business, but is so, so, so true within the blogging world. It becomes so easy to measure your successes against other people’s and causes you to lose focus on what you’re doing and what your own readers enjoy.

For my own blog, my goal is simply to be better than I was last month… whether that be publishing more blogs, getting more page views, gaining more social media followers, more blog subscribers, more brand partnerships.

Whatever it is, I strive to be better than last month. It’s been a slow slog and I’m still nowhere close to being where I want to be, but I’m happy celebrating my own mini-wins… and simply using others as a source of inspiration for where I’m heading.

“I never dreamed about success. I worked for it.” – Estée Lauder

You’ll notice many of these quotes have the same sort of vibe – work hard to achieve success.

This is paramount for any boss babe. Work hard, make your own destiny and achieve everything you want.

“It’s the age-old concept of like attracts like, or the law of attraction. You get back what you put out, so you might as well think positively, focus on visualizing what you want instead of getting distracted by what you don’t want, and send the universe your good intentions so that it can send them right back.” ― Sophia Amoruso

A couple of years ago, my other half suggested I read “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne. It’s all about getting back what you put out into the universe, and when I read this quote by Sophia Amoruso, I instantly thought back to what I learned from “The Secret”.

Positivity brings positivity, negativity brings negativity… remember that next time you stub your toe, have a flight cancelled or accidentally delete all your holiday photos.

Easier said than done I appreciate, but seriously, try your best to remain positive and things will get better…

What are some boss babe quotes that have inspired you throughout your blogging journey and this thing we call life? I’d love to discover some more boss lady quotes so jot them down below!

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