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Discover the Best of the Canary Islands: Top 10 Things To Do

Discover the Best of the Canary Islands: Top 10 Things To Do

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This is a guest post by Jarno from Canary Islands Info.

The Canary Islands are one of Spain’s most visited places. All year round, tourists flock to this Spanish archipelago to get a taste of the island life and unwind. From volcanoes, lush meadows, green forests, parks and giant rock formations, to white and black sand beaches, the Canary Islands have so much to offer. It is a place that should be on your bucket list. Packed with adventures and romantic getaways, the Canary Islands are great for any traveller – be it a solo wanderer, a couple on a honeymoon, a family on a vacation or a student on an expedition.

Here are my picks on the top 10 best things to do in the Canary Islands:

1. Explore Mt. Teide

Mt. Teide, a UNESCO world heritage site, holds the title of being the highest mountain in the Canary Islands and the whole of Spain. It is the third-highest volcanic structure in the whole world. When you get to the top, you’ll get an amazing view of the islands.

The easiest and fastest way to get near the peak is to ride the cable car. The cable car leaves ten minutes after every hour, with one car accommodating around 35 people. If you want to avoid the long line of tourists, you better get here early. During peak hours, you’ll be waiting in line for around two hours! That’s a lot of time wasted. The cable car’s first departure is at 9 am, and its last is at 4 pm. In descending, the cable car’s last departure is at 5 pm. The time for the cable car to reach its destination is about 8 minutes.

2.  Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz is one of Tenerife’s best places to go to. Considered as Tenerife’s capital, the vibrant city boasts of spectacular architecture, brightly coloured buildings, sophisticated shops and restaurants, green parks, and amazing museums. But that’s not all; it also has world-renowned beaches and the most famous festival: the Carnival Festival. Santa Cruz gives its tourists the best combination of a sub-tropical island and a city.

3. Tejeda

Located in Las Palmas, Tejeda is a simple yet stunning village with its narrow winding streets lined with white houses with red roofs. Tejeda is also home to the symbol of the Gran Canary, namely the Roque Nublo. With a height of over 70 metres, this enormous basalt rock came to be during the Pleistocene Era. The best time to visit this place is in February, where all the almond trees are in full blossom.

4. Sotavento Beach

Boasting nine kilometres of beach, the Sotavento Beach is the best the Canary Islands have to offer. During low tide, beautiful lagoons are created which is a favourite among beachgoers. Windsurfing and kitesurfing are just a couple of the top activities that can be done here.

5. Taburiente National Park

Found on the island of La Palma, the Taburiente National Park has the best scenery on the island. Gaining a 46.9 km of land area, it boasts of numerous springs, waterfalls and streams, a wide pine forest, remarkable rock formations and several kilometres of hiking trails. To get the best views, visit the park in the morning or in the afternoon.

Canary Islands Things To Do - Taburiente

6. La Laguna

Being added to the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, La Laguna is among the most beautiful towns in Tenerife. Having been Tenerife’s former capital, the historic town boasts marvellous architecture. Among these are the Renaissance and Neoclassical churches and the centuries-old lovely mansions. To know more about the Island’s history, visit the Head and Anthropology Museum, which tells a centuries’ worth of Tenerife’s history and culture.

This pretty town also has its beaches, namely El Navio Beach, Al Apio Beach, and Arenisco Beach which gives its visitors a wonderful view of the sea.

Canary Islands Things To Do - La Laguna

7. Cesar Manrique Foundation

The Cesar Manrique Foundation is a former home of the late Cesar Manrique where he purposely built this house outside of town in the lava fields. This studio leaves its visitors in awe of its peculiar yet beautiful rooms which are air bubbles left by once flowing lava. Manrique’s minor works are also on display inside.

Canary Islands Things To Do -Cesar Manrique Foundation

8. Isla Graciosa

Frequently visited for its peaceful and quiet settings, the fantastic colours of its volcanic mountains and beaches which change colour as the sun rises and sets, Isla Graciosa is a tropical heaven. If you’re looking for a stress-free vacation, Isla Graciosa is the place to go. It offers world-class surfing, different water activities, and hiking trails and is definitely a must-visit. A day on its shores will leave you wanting for more. The only way to get there is by riding a ferry. From Orzola, a town in Lanzarote, the ride going to Isla Graciosa is less than 20 minutes.

Canary Islands Things To Do - Isla Graciosa

9.  Playa De Maspalomas

If you love the beach, this place is perfect for you. The sand dunes in the area are the most recommended to visit. With the white sand and crystal blue sea, Playa De Maspalomas is truly a sight to behold with a lot of fun activities to boot. You can do all sorts of sports and leisure activities such as scuba diving and jet skiing. There are also bars, shops, restaurants, and showers.

10. Timanfaya National Park

Described as an out of this world experience, a visit to the Timanfaya National Park is like being transported to another planet. This park has a lot of shows that wow its visitors, from water turning to steam, to a dry bush catching fire upon contact with the ground. The place also has a unique restaurant named El Diablo where they cook your food using geothermal heat. Another amazing feature is the park’s volcanic landscape and rare plant types. 

Canary Islands Things To Do - Timanfaya National Park

If you want more recommendations for places and things to do in the Canary Islands, check out canaryislandsinfo.co.uk!

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Discover the Best of the Canary Islands: Top 10 Things To Do
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