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With Christmas inching nearer and nearer, it’s getting to that point of the year when we all start scratching our heads over what we should be buying the travellers and travel-obsessed in our lives.

To help you win the award for best gift-giver this year, here are my recommendations of what should be on lots of female traveller’s wishlists. Take your pick from perfect stocking fillers, to special travel-inspired gifts under £30 to total splurge-out amazing gifts over £50!

=== Perfect Stocking Fillers Under £10 ===


1. Refillable Perfume Spray Bottles

Although it’s possible to buy mini perfume sets to take travelling with you, I like the idea of gifting refillable perfume spray bottles in Christmas stockings. These allow the traveller in your life to decide which perfume they want to take away with them (useful if you don’t know what scent they like!) You can choose between 100ml glass bottles, or even a pack of small, bullet-shaped bottles for a little extra.

2. Globe Necklace

Give me travel-inspired jewellery anyday!! This globe necklace is simple, yet beautiful and would be so sweet wrapped up inside a small gift box, inside a small box of chocolates, or even inside a pretty pair of gloves or wool hat!

3. Vintage Camera Photo Album

This photo album has been on my own Christmas wishlist for some time now. Although I have my blog for documenting travel experiences and photographs, nothing is quite the same as having photographs printed out and kept inside a beautiful photo album. Plus, this particular one also ticks the boxes of vintage inspired gifts as well – always a hit these days!

4. Travel Planner

This awesome travel planner made its way into my own Christmas stocking last year, and I now cannot be without it. If the traveller in your life is set on planning everything before hopping onto a plane, then this is sure to be a hit with them. It has enough space for 4 trips of different lengths to document money spent, what you need to pack and your itinerary. Plus, there’s even space to keep a journal during trips, which is perfect for jotting down blog ideas.

5. Microfibre Towel

Microfibre towels have been all the rage on Instagram this year, and it’s easy to see why. Not only can you buy them in a range of colours but they are quick-drying, space-saving and totally inexpensive!

6. Lonely Planet: Best Travel Destinations in 2018 Book

I’m pretty sure these annual Lonely Planet books will always find their way onto my Christmas list. At just under £10, packed full of travel inspiration and tips, it’s so much fun to spend Christmas and the days after deciding which last minute trips you should go on during the year ahead.

7. Personalised Luggage Tag

These luggage tags have got to be the most beautiful ones I’ve seen so far. Made of leather, monogrammed in gorgeous gold lettering and under £10, I think any traveller would love finding one of these in their stocking (even the men!)

8. Polaar Lapland Hand Cream and Lips Set

Not only is this hand cream super powerful at banishing dry skin, but it also smells positively divine! So this year, make like Santa and bring back a Lapland-inspired hand cream so the female traveller in your life can totally pamper herself this Christmas!

Christmas Gift Guide for Female Travellers


=== Travel-Inspired Gifts from £15-30 ===


1. All Over the Place: Adventures in Travel, True Love, and Petty Theft Book by Geraldine DeRuiter

Geraldine blogs over at The Everywhereist, and this year saw her have a book published full of her travel experiences. I’m always a fan of keeping my eye on the blogging competition with lots of amazing women to aspire to be like. Geraldine is one of them: her writing is set to be a hit with not just bloggers, but other like-minded traveller ladies as well.

2. Lonely Planet Magazine Subscription

I’m a big fan of Lonely Planet and their magazines are amazing for travel inspiration and advice. Plus, if you subscribe with this link, you’ll receive 12 issues plus a free book! This really is the gift that just keeps on giving and there’s nothing quite like receiving the magazine through the post, knowing you can curl up with it, your favourite slippers, a fluffy blanket and a warming cup of tea – cozy!

3. Stylish Leather Backpack

Little backpacks of a fashionable nature are all the rage right now, and are actually perfect for travellers. Not only can they carry all the cabin essentials, but they also double up as the perfect sightseeing bag. And if you know someone who is currently perfecting their ‘over the shoulder’ or ‘back-facing’ Instagram photos, then the addition of a stylish backpack will add a new level of dimension to their shot! I particularly love this one!

4. Safe Space Combination Travel Lock Box

These are absolutely amazing contraptions! Big enough to store money, jewellery, passport and other small valuables, this is ideal for backpackers as well as those staying in Airbnbs that may not come with its own safe. Just as long as you keep your combination stored away in your head, and not on a bit of paper, the combination lock is way safer than a key lock too. Perfect safety travel product and under £25 – bargain!

5. Personalised Money Box Frame

Saving up for travels can be difficult, but if you go out of your way to provide your traveller with a pretty, personalised money box frame, then they won’t be able to help using it to stow away the pennies and pounds for their next big trip. There are a whole bunch here to suit every budget!

6. Personalised Travel Pouch

These travel pouches are just too cute and there’s heaps you can choose from on Etsy. I received one last year from my brother, which says: “It’s time for a holiday… Justine’s on holiday, again!” and I love it! There’s also a few more awesome styles you can browse through here! They make great cabin bag additions so that all the things they’ll definitely want on the plane are within a moment’s grab.

7. Personalised Photo Frame

For those of you based in the US, you’re super lucky that you can have this gorgeous personalised photo frame sent to your home cheaply. I have one myself (after some pricey shipping to the UK) but it will be one of my treasures forever. You can personalise it with your own quote, as well as an address of your favourite trip. I actually update the photograph in mine every time my other half and I go somewhere new, so I had mine engraved with:

“Not all those who wander are lost…”
Our Adventure
The World

This would not only be amazing for a female traveller but also for the couple in your life who love travelling together!

Christmas Gift Guide for Female Travellers


=== Big Spender Gifts Over £50 ===


1. Samsung Gear 360 Camera

Okay, so this Samsung Gear 360 Camera is a bit of a splurge but it’s so worth it! You could opt to get it cheaper on somewhere like eBay, or even as a second-hand gift. I bought one for my fella for his birthday and he won’t be seen without it. I just love how you can get 360-degree photos, videos, timelapses, 180-degree versions and you can even make little planets with Kuula’s browser-based software!

2. Digital Photo Frame

Sometimes we have to accept that the digital world is taking over. I must confess I do love the idea of displaying all of my favourite photos as part of a slideshow, but a lot of these digital photo frames are pretty ugly. But this one is different with its stylish glass frame.

3. Drone Video Camera

Popular among travellers and travel bloggers, drone shots are really hitting the big time right now. And who can really argue with that, when the results can be pretty damn amazing. This is a proper ‘splurge’ gift with most drones ranging anywhere from £40 to well over £100, but it’s sure to be a big hit with the traveller in your life who is intent on crafting the most incredible photographs and memories. This one is a good intro into drone video footage, but you can also splurge out even more on pricier options.

Christmas Gift Guide for Female Travellers


=== Even More Travel-Inspired Gifts ===


If you’re after even more Christmas gift ideas for travellers, I published a blog last year which had a few other awesome ideas for you to try:

That’s it for this year – enjoy being the ultimate gift giver to the traveller (or travellers) in your life. And I’m curious – which item is on your own Christmas wish list? Let me know in the comments…

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Christmas Gift Guide for Stylish Female Travellers

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  1. sdswank93 says:

    These are great ideas! I’m the travel-obsessed one in my family so these might be going on MY wishlist.

    1. Woo! I’m glad you like the suggestions! Totally agree – most of these are on my own wishlist too! 😀

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