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So, you’ve got to that point of the year when you realise that Christmas is only 15 sleeps away and you have absolutely no idea what to buy for the traveller in your life.

Whether it be a practical and functional item they won’t be able to travel without or a stylish item helping them to be fashion savvy on their travels, I’ve got you covered with my top best buys for anyone who loves travel.

1. iPad, Bluetooth Keyboard & Pretty Case

Long plane journeys or even waits in airports can be a tedious process, that sadly every traveller needs to endure at some point. Help make their wait fly by with an iPad

 — useful for reading e-books, playing games or even typing away on their own travel blog!

If an iPad isn’t quite within your budget or if they already own one, how about getting them a Bluetooth keyboard and cool case to go with it?

When packing for travels, I stow my iPad and keyboard inside this snazzy case ready for my hand luggage. I even include a small journal in the front pocket for jotting down quick notes to work on later.

Christmas Gift Guide - 2016 Edition

2. Sony DSHC400 Bridge Camera & Vintage Leather Camera Bag

I could not be without my camera during my travels — how else could I snap awesome shots for my blog and Instagram feeds?

I’ve recently upgraded mine to the Sony DSHC400 and I’m super impressed! This is a bridge camera, helping to bridge the gap between ‘the point and shoot’ and ‘professional’ cameras. This camera gives you all of the pro features such as 63x zoom and 20.4mp but none of the hassle (or cost) of changing lenses.

Pair this with a vintage leather camera bag and you’ll have one stylish traveller in your midst…

3. Travel Jewellery Roll

Christmas Gift Guide - 2016 Edition

Okay, so this is one for the girls!

If the female traveller in your life wants to sparkle like a diamond overseas but keep her packing light, then a jewellery travel roll is a great gift. There are so many to choose from — differing colours, sizes, patterns, materials; you name it.

Here are a couple of my favourites to get you started:

Dark Blue Silk Jewellery Roll
Purple Ted Baker Jewellery Organiser

4. Mini Perfumes & Colognes 

Christmas Gift Guide - 2016 Edition

There is sometimes a worry that a large bottle of your favourite perfume or cologne could get smashed in hold luggage, and carry on only lets you have liquids of 100 ml or less. This is when the mini perfume or cologne comes in super handy!

Here are a few of my favourite smells in mini edition:

Ghost Duo Set
James Bond 007
Joop Homme

5. Quick Drying Travel Towels

Keep your packing light by stowing away a few travel towels — light, small and quick drying! I’d say a few of these would make some pretty awesome stocking fillers for any travel lover…

6. Hanging Toiletry Bag

I’ve had a few hanging toiletry bags in different colours over the years and I love them!

With a hook for hanging toiletries up within the bathroom or a small shower room, plus oodles of space for packing toiletries, these bags are a good buy in different colours.

The only improvement I would make is to add a mirror at the top, but I’ve actually done this myself as I already had a travel mirror and some glue lying around — crafty, eh?

7. Scratch The World Map

Christmas Gift Guide - 2016 Edition

I’ve seen many variations of these with some being better than others. I love scratch maps that are detailed, colourful and offer travel tips, so here are my pick of the best:

Luckies of London Large Scratch Map – the original scratch map
Maps International Scratch Map – the one with all the detail
Luckies of London Travelogue – the one for the ultimate nomad

8. Pretty Passport Holders

Although you normally have to remove your passport from its cover when in airports, using passport holders are a good way of keeping your passport tip-top whilst also travelling in style.

There are so many different types you can get so you should be spoilt for choice, but personalising it would always be a super nice touch for gifting.

9. Lonely Planet Books

I know we’re in the day and age now where e-books, blogs and online magazines are most people’s choice of medium, but I am still a sucker for an old-fashioned printed book.

Personally, I think Lonely Planet have the most informative, widest range of travel books. I adore their special editions packed full of inspiration and tips for the savviest traveller. Here’s my pick of the top 3:

Ultimate Travelist – The 500 Best Places In The World…Ranked – this one’s on my Christmas list!
Best in Travel 2017 – I love these books to help with travel inspiration for the year ahead
Great Escapes: Experience The World At Your Leisure – this one will be on my bookcase forever and always…

10. Saint Christopher Jewellery

For those of you who don’t know, St Christopher is the patron saint of travel and is supposed to protect you on your travels. I think this is a really nice gift to end on.

Whether you’re shopping for man, woman or child; St Christopher can be found on many different jewellery types. Here are a few ideas:

St Christopher Pendant in Gift Box
St Christopher Leather Wristband
St Christopher Children’s Necklace

Well, there you have it — my top best buys for travel lovers to earn you “best gift giver” this Christmas. I hope you liked them! Did I miss anything out? Have you got any other ideas to share?

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