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Morocco Agadir Beach Sunset

20 Ways To Cure The Post Travel Blues

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I don’t know about you, but I know I certainly get a bit of a come down when coming back from my travels. Particularly if I’ve left beautiful weather behind and have landed in rain. But coming back from Iceland was the one time I’ve felt post travel depression way more than any other trip – it was just so damn beautiful there! And England (beautiful as it is), was showing me grey skies and rain upon landing!

So, with that in mind, I’m always on the lookout for new ways to cure the post travel blues. From the obvious of planning your next trip, to the crafty of making memorabilia from your memories, there are so many ways post travel depression can be beaten and prevented, so that you focus only on the positive memories, planning trips and enjoying the heck out of your next holiday!

Here we go…

1. Scratch off your destination on a travel map

We’re not talking about counting countries here, but it is very satisfying to scratch off that gold etching to reveal a beautiful new colour underneath and yet another part of the world you can say you’ve seen. Plus, you can look back on your map days, weeks, years later and remember all the cool places you’ve been to. Here are a few of my favourite scratch maps:

2. Create a vision board for your dream destinations

A travel vision board can be a bright and colourful way to remind yourself of all the places you want to see and the things you want to do. I always use mine before planning a trip so that I can be sure I’m checking off places and activities from my bucket list.

3. Start planning your next holiday

This one is obvious isn’t it? If you’re bummed about coming home from your travels, then start planning your next one! You will find it so satisfying to decide where you want to go and then start putting it into action.

4. Make Polaroid photo coasters

Making your own photo coasters offers both a sense of accomplishment and a reminder of all the cool things you’ve seen on your travels. And they’re super easy to do!

  1. Buy some simple white square tiles (available in most kitchen and bathroom stores).
  2. Print your photos (try to aim for a size that is approx. 1 cm smaller on each side than the tile).
  3. Cut your photo to size (if needed).
  4. Using Mod Podge, stick your photo to the tile.
  5. Brush over the top of your photo with the glue (carefully) – it will dry clear and make your coaster shiny, as well as protecting the photo underneath.
  6. (Optional) Write the destination and date of where this photo was taken with a write-all pen.
  7. Display your fabulous new coasters where you will see them regularly.
Polaroid coasters

5. Flick through travel books and magazines

Lonely Planet magazines and books are a particular favourite of mine, but any travel mag will do in this case. Fuel your wanderlust by marvelling at the beautiful photographs, tips, advice and stories that people have written about. Whether you’re learning more about somewhere you’ve always wanted to visit, or you’re hearing about somewhere you’ve never heard of before, this can be a perfect rainy day activity to get your feet itching again.

6. Start a travel blog

Before starting my blog 2 years ago, I had no idea just how much I would love writing about my travels or how much it would cure my post travel depression. Looking back on photos, memories and then sharing those with others is such a satisfying feeling, and it makes coming home that much easier.

7. Explore your city like a tourist

Who says you actually need to go anywhere to feel like you’ve travelled? Sometimes, just exploring your local town or city like a tourist is enough to feel that travel buzz again.

8. Explore your own country

If travelling overseas isn’t quite on your priority list for this month (maybe work is getting in the way or money is a little tight), then taking a drive, cycle or train ride around your own country can massage your travel muscles again. Admittedly, we’re rather lucky in the UK with so much beautiful countryside a short drive away, or the ability to cross a country border without a passport in hand!

Montacute House, Devon, England

9. Try scrapbooking

When I’m away somewhere (even on day trips), I’ll collect little mementos from my trip to add to my bulging scrapbook. When arriving home, I enjoy laying out my little titbits and then looking back on them in years to come. It’s a little like looking back on photo albums, but you get to flex your creative juices a little bit more.

10. Create a photo book

There are some fantastic companies out there that allow you to create a photo book online to be delivered to you at home. You can even add text to the pages, perhaps to pick out particular memories you never want to forget.

11. Look through photos and remember the good times

Whether this be in the form of a creative photo book or just a simple photo album, either way, it’s satisfying looking back on all the places you’ve been to. This works to drown your sorrows about being home, and instead, allow you to celebrate the travels you’ve had.

12. Recreate your favourite meals eaten abroad

For the foodies out there, exploring a new place often means trying out the local foods and delicious cuisines. Once you’re home, try recreating your favourite meals from travelling and let your taste buds remember all the good times you had!

Mango Cheesecake, Hawaii

13. Throw a themed party of your favourite destination

If you’re really, really, really missing a place, then why not throw a themed party and get all your friends around? Serve the best cuisine of that place, ask everyone to dress in a destination themed costume, stick on some music from the country and have a blast throwing yourself into everything related to your favourite travel destination!

14. Read travel blogs

On the days when I’m suffering from writer’s block or wanting to discover new places I haven’t thought of, other travel blogs are a really good way of fueling your wanderlust a little bit. Solo Sophie is particularly good for Paris and French-inspired posts and World of Wanderlust taps into most other destinations. These are just some of my firm favourites, but you’re bound to find hundreds more travel blogs that you’ll love. Here are a bunch more ideas of travel blogs to read and follow!

15. Read a book about travel

Escaping into the world of literature and travel are two of my most favourite things to do. Some writers really know how to bring a place to life (Bill Bryson I’m looking at you). So sit back, grab your iced tea and read about any place you love – then book that plane ticket! 

16. Watch a movie about travel

If reading isn’t quite your cup of tea or you fancy putting your feet up and watching a movie instead, then watching one related to travel is so much fun! Plus, it gives you ideas for other places you can travel to in the future, woohoo! 

17. Go for a walk outdoors

In fairness, this will help you anytime you’re feeling down (even if it’s not just because of coming home from travelling). A walk in the fresh air helps to keep those endorphins (happy chemicals) flowing and will let you see your hometown through a different and refreshed pair of eyes.


18. Join a travel community

Across social media, you’ll find heaps of travel related groups. Girls vs Globe is a great one on Facebook, and Female Travel Bloggers on Facebook is great if you’re also a travel blogger (ahem, and female). Lots of people post travel and blogging advice on these forums, as well as photos from their own trips. So, live vicariously through others until you can get out travelling yourself again.

19. Create a personalised travel mug

When travelling, buying mugs in souvenir shops can be costly. We recently splurged £15 on a large mug from Morocco, only to find the artwork on the outside has started to come off already. Instead, create your own personalised mug online with your favourite travel photos and remember the good times with every cuppa, coffee and hot chocolate.

20. Book a plane ticket!

Is there somewhere you’ve been dying to go? Do you think you could easily get the time off work? And… can you afford it? If you answered ‘yes’ to all of these, then what the hell is stopping you? Stop moping and just book that plane ticket!

Hawaii from above

These are just some of the ways in which you can cure the post travel blues. I’m sure you’ll think of heaps more too – if you do, could you let me know in the comments? I’m always after some advice on how to cure my post travel blues, grazie!

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