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Discover the Best of Cyprus: Top 10 Things to do

Discover the Best of Cyprus: Top 10 Things To Do

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Cyprus is a beautiful country to explore with its crystal clear water, perfect beaches and varying landscapes. If you’re a beach lover, you can be sure to find a fantastic beach in Cyprus for your needs. If you love hiking, there are a number of walking and hiking trails you can embark upon. And of course, if you love Greek myths and legends and history, then Cyprus has this in abundance.

But with so many different activities on offer, it can be tough to figure out how to discover the best of Cyprus. Look no further – here are the top 10 things to do in Cyprus!

1. Explore the Tombs of the Kings

Dating from the Hellenic and Roman eras, and found within Kato Pafos (the old part of Paphos), the Tombs of the Kings are an interesting (and eerie) place to visit. There are eight tombs to see here, with tombs 3, 4 and 8 being the most interesting. Expect to spend 2-3 hours exploring the whole plot, but you could easily get this down to an hour if you just wanted to see the main tombs (or if you start melting in the heat). Sadly, you won’t find any hidden treasures in the tombs as they have all been plundered over the centuries. What you will find though is a large almost desert-land, with underground tombs of varying shapes and sizes… and an eerie feeling that you are being watched as you descend the different stone steps. An adult’s entry ticket will only cost you €2.50, with an International Student ID gaining you free entry.

Tombs of the Kings, Cyprus

2. Learn about mythology at Paphos Archaeological Park

Often vast in size, intricately made and depicting the stories of the Gods, there’s something about ancient Roman mosaics isn’t there? At the Paphos Archaeological Park (now a UNESCO World Heritage Site), expect to spend several hours admiring the various mosaic pictures on offer here, as well as the ancient ruins. The mosaics appear to be spread across four Roman villas, suggesting this place was once of ostentatious wealth. The main villas are named after which God or Goddess the main mosaic inside the villa is depicting, such as: House of Theseus, House of Aion, House of Dionysos and House of Orpheus. An adult’s entry ticket will only cost you €4.50, and again, an International Student ID will gain you free entry.

3. Snorkel at the Ayia Napa Sea Caves

Near Cape Greco are the Ayia Napa Sea Caves, with water so crystal clear and plenty of fishes to see. I’ve heard stories of others seeing octopuses out here as well, but sadly none when we arrived. The views from the top of the cliffs are incredible, and worth it even if you don’t intend on actually entering the water! Surrounding the bay are deep and very dark caves, which are interesting to glance inside. But there is one point to consider on this area – it’s quite difficult to get down to the water. You can either jump from the cliffs if you’re an adrenaline seeker (which we saw plenty of people doing), or you must climb down very steep rocks to get to the water. It’s worth it though as this is an incredible place to do a spot of snorkelling, (or even just some swimming)!

Sea Caves, Ayia Napa, Cyprus

4. Go on the hunt for Aphrodite

Aphrodite plays a dominant role in Cypriot history, with mythologists believing she was born from the sea foam near the beach of Petra tou Romiou. It’s believed she arose from the foam to lay upon a large rock here, now aptly named Aphrodite’s Rock. Mythologists also believe she met her lover Adonis near to Latsi on the Western coast of Cyprus, with a rock pool there, now christened the Baths of Aphrodite. With this in mind, it’s safe to say that a trip to Cyprus must definitely involve learning about its histories, including the Greek myths and legends. And the good news? It’s free to see both Aphrodite’s Rock and the Baths of Aphrodite!

5. Find the perfect beach

There are a number of fantastic beaches across Cyprus, whether you are a sunbather, snorkeler or sunset gazer. Check out my beach lover’s guide to Southern Cyprus for my pick of the best ones, and enjoy finding the perfect beach for you.

6. Get involved with various watersports

Whether you opt to dive below the surface with scuba diving or snorkelling, or seek adrenaline above the water with jet skis, parasailing or wakeboarding, there are a whole host of watersports you can try (for decent prices) in multiple areas. We loved heading to Coral Bay and hiring out some jet skis, and Coral Bay was also a great place for a spot of sunbathing too, which is why I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this beach.

Snorkelling in Cyprus

7. Try some delicious Greek food

Within Cyprus, they tend to serve a lot of fresh fish, Greek food and Mediterranean food. Being a country partly governed by Greece, it seems only too fitting to try some delicious Greek food whilst here. Some great restaurant options include: Spartiatis in Ayia Napa, Hotel Almyra’s beachside restaurant, Ouzeri in Paphos and Camares in Paphos. My recommendations would always be: swordfish, baklava and souvlaki.

8. Admire the views from the Monument of Peace

Located near to Cape Greco is the Monument of Peace. The monument itself is interesting to admire, but it’s safe to say that the views around it will be the ones to take your breath away. With views across the ocean and Cypriot landscape, it really is beautiful up here. To get to the top, you will need to walk up a sloping hill for a few minutes, but it’s not too steep at all (just a little rocky, so sensible shoes are best). The drive to the carpark is a little bumpy (ahem, that’s an understatement) so go easy on your car! But the views from here really are worth it. You’ll also find a drinks van in the carpark – he makes some fantastic fresh smoothies for just €4, so be sure to get one!

Monument of Peace Ocean Views, Cyprus

9. Splash about at Paphos Aphrodite Waterpark

Who doesn’t love acting like a big kid whilst on holiday? Paphos Aphrodite Waterpark allows you to do just that, with a number of waterslides, wave pool, bouncy water bubble and inflatable rubber rings to take down the slides. This is a great waterpark to come to, and you can easily spend all day here (like we did). There are a vast number of sunbeds and parasols available (for no extra charge), plus lockers, changing rooms, cafes and restaurants. Insider Tips: if buying drinks or food in the park, they scan your wristband and do not take payment until you leave the park completely (everything is totalled up at the end). This is great as it saves you having to carry money around with you, or head back to the lockers before eating or drinking. Make sure you book your park tickets online as you’ll get a discount.

10. Wander around Eleouthkia Park

Any of you who have read my blog since it launched will know that I love exploring parks, nature reserves and botanical gardens. From wandering through the Redwoods in California, to discovering botany in Ireland and now, wandering through Eleouthkia Park in Cyprus, I’m a huge fan of seeing nature on my travels. And when they’re free, well I love them even more (because this park in Cyprus is 100% free… good eh?) It’s quite a large parkland with various mazes of plants, fruit trees, flowers and interesting artwork – you can easily spend 1-2 hours or more wandering around.

Eleouthika Park, Cyprus

Ready for your trip to Cyprus? Are there any other places or activities I’ve missed in this top 10 things to do list? Jot a few notes down in the comments…

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Discover the Best of Cyprus: Top 10 Things To Do

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