Dear Haters,

Please stop telling me to stop travelling just because I’m getting married.

When I tell you about my travels and what I’ve been up to recently, that’s not me boasting about how incredible my life is. Travelling is simply my hobby. So when you ask me what I’ve done lately, my answer is always going to be: “Well, I’ve been to A, B and C place recently and we did X, Y and Z there.”

It’s my hobby. I know you find that difficult to understand but that’s what it is. It’s the same as you doing your knitting in front of the TV, or baking delicious cakes at the weekend, playing football or even just watching TV all day.

I was at a baby shower recently. When I was asked to tell some of the guests about my job, I mentioned this travel blog that I have on the side and thus, how often I travel. The looks I got were incredible.

They looked at my left hand and exclaimed: “But you’re engaged!” Apparently it’s difficult to understand that someone who is engaged to be married also likes to travel in their spare time.

I was also pointedly told: “Oh, but if you want to get married, you’re going to have to stop travelling aren’t you?” Now first, this was an incredibly patronising comment. I mean I’m 27 – I think by now, I know how to live my life the way I want to. And second, I don’t understand who decided that once you get married, you have to stop travelling.

Getting Engaged in Iceland

Is this really how life works?

I know tons of people who travel with pets, babies, teenagers, well into retirement even! Yes, they may have had to break from travelling during pregnancy itself. But what people are also struggling to understand is that once I’m married, I’m not going to start popping babies out left, right and centre!

I’m 27, intend to get married within the next couple of years and then after that, who really knows? I may not have kids until I’m 35! I don’t see how this is an issue, just as long as I’m healthy, the baby’s healthy and that me and my partner are happy in what we choose to do.

Growing up, I had it in my head that travelling was expensive, difficult and couldn’t be done by people like me. I genuinely thought travel was only for the rich and famous! However, upon entering adulthood and leaving University, I’ve discovered just how accessible travel is now. If you have the right planning and the right mindset, and if you put the effort in to go out there and find the travel deals and work out your itineraries to fit in with working full-time, then travel can easily be done.

I like to think Wanderer of the World is proof of that.

So haters, I know you don’t understand why I travel so much. But please, stop telling me I have to stop travelling just because I’m getting married.

Have you ever had comments thrown at you because you travel so much? What was your response and how did it make you feel? 

2 thoughts on “Dear Haters: Please Stop Telling Me To Stop Travelling

  1. Gary Jenkins says:

    Some people dont know the meaning of “Live & let live ” .You tell em girl !

    1. Haha! Nicely put Gary – totally agreed! 😉

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