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30+ DIY Travel Themed Wedding Ideas You’ll Want To Steal!

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Firstly, congrats on getting engaged! When we got married last year, we wanted to include small hints of our passion for travel throughout the day.

We personally didn’t want to overdo it and wanted each idea to blend in with our elegant midnight blue, gold and cream wedding tones.

Whether you want to keep it simple and understated like us or go all out on the travel theme, these stunning DIY travel themed wedding ideas are full of wanderlusty wedding inspiration – just for you!

Are you ready with your glue gun and glitter?! That was a joke. Sort of.

30+ DIY Travel Themed Wedding Ideas You’ll Want To Steal

30+ DIY Travel Themed Wedding Ideas You’ll Want To Steal!

DIY Travel Themed Wedding Invitations

“Luggage Tag” Save The Dates

Using a tool like Canva, you could make simple “luggage tag” save the dates. Pinterest is a great source of design inspiration for stuff like this.

But if you’d rather not create a design yourself, then we’ve also seen this instant download from Etsy, which comes as an editable PDF you can print at home – very cool!

DIY “Boarding Pass” Invitations

If you’re planning a destination wedding, then it’s also really easy to create your own simple “boarding pass” invitations using Canva.

Take a look at Pinterest for inspiration >>

DIY “Wanderlust” Wedding Invitations

These DIY “Wanderlust” wedding invitations from Etsy are as easy as they come. 

You’ll be given everything you need to create them at home including personalised cards, kraft envelopes and full instructions.

So if you want to make your own DIY travel themed wedding invitations – but without the hassle – then these are well worth considering!

Elegant DIY Travel Themed Wedding Invitations

These elegant DIY travel themed wedding invitations on Etsy are available as an instant download, so you can easily print them and make the packets up at home, or take them to your local printing company. 

They’re understated and elegant and really shout “first class”!

Easy Map Envelopes & Inserts

Don’t forget your packaging! 

You can easily make your own envelopes at home using old maps you have lying around, which definitely scream “travel themed wedding” like nothing else!

Check out this tutorial to see how it’s done.

Alternatively, if you’d rather just give a nod to maps in your packaging then use a normal envelope and create your own map envelope inserts. Here’s a tutorial you can follow.

Travel Themed Wedding Invitations From Etsy

But in case you’d rather not make your own invitations, we’ve also found a bunch of beautiful designs on Etsy that are perfect for loved up travel couples:

  1. Passport Wedding Invitations by DesignsBySilverHeart – (this same Etsy seller also creates luggage tag save the dates)
  2. “Journey to Remember” Boarding Pass Invitations by HellaWedding
  3. Airmail Wedding Invitations by LilLovebirdPaperie
  4. Destination Wedding Beach Vibes Invitations by TheWeddingPod
  5. Paper Plane Wedding Invitations by HipHipHoorayStudio – (this Etsy seller also makes similar paper plane save the dates)

DIY Travel Themed Wedding Decor

“Where in the world are you sitting?” Seating Plan

For our own wedding, we made this simple “Where in the world are you sitting” seating plan, which featured polaroid photos of us taken in each destination we’d included. 

DIY Travel Themed Wedding Ideas - Where in the world are you sitting seating plan

It was simple to make and used a canvas, polaroid photos paperclipped to vintage postcards and text we’d printed out from the computer onto cardstock. 

Something like this would also work if you wrapped a canvas in map wrapping paper or glued a world map onto it. You could also use luggage tags instead of postcards. 

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Destination Table “Numbers”

To go with your seating plan, you’ll also need destination table “numbers”. 

We wanted ours to be simple so that everyone could read them easily and so our flowers would still stand out, so we printed out some simple text onto cardstock and laminated the card. 

And then they were popped into heart photo holders. Easy!

DIY Travel Themed Wedding Ideas - Destination Table Numbers

Polaroid Photo Table “Numbers”

Alternatively, we’ve also seen other couples making polaroid photo table numbers, which look great and are also simple to do. 

You can either glue your polaroids onto cardstock and add some text, or you could even make the polaroids themselves say what the destination is like these cute ones we’ve seen on Pinterest.

Souvenir Table Decorations

Another idea we had for our DIY travel themed wedding was to add souvenirs from our travels onto each of the tables.

Small mementos from your trip like ornaments work best for this but keyrings, photos, magnets and other tidbits from your trip also add interest. 

Icelandic Lava Rock Souvenir

World Map Table Confetti

Another way to bring the travel theme to your wedding is with map table confetti – and it’s as easy as cutting out small hearts from old maps and road atlases!

We don’t recommend using this as your throwing confetti as it’s not biodegradable, but as a cute table decoration, it works and is great for those of you who are on a budget. 

World Map Table Confetti

Confetti Cones

But if you do want to incorporate maps into your throwing confetti, then the best way to do it is to make confetti cones out of old maps (with the confetti inside being your usual biodegradable or rose petal confetti).

The great thing about this DIY travel themed wedding idea is that each guest will see the maps up close and will surely comment on the uniqueness of the idea!

Check out this tutorial to see how it’s done >>

“Send us a postcard!” Guest Book

Instead of a traditional guest book, ask your guests to write on the back of vintage postcards and post them through a postbox. Here’s a stunning handmade one on Etsy.

This idea also works with vintage suitcases and pretty keepsake boxes but you won’t be able to lock them up.

DIY Travel Themed Wedding - Vintage Suitcase Card Box

Not only is this a lovely way to incorporate the travel theme into your wedding, but once you read the postcards after your wedding, you may even be inspired (like us!) to create some artwork. 

We plan on displaying our postcards in a simple frame with some messages showing and others with the pictures showing.

Pretty Globe Guest Book

Another alternative guest book idea is to ask your guests to write a message on a globe, which can be displayed in your home afterwards as a lovely reminder of your day. 

There are also various sellers on Etsy who will personalise a globe for you too!

“Add to our bucket list!” Guest Book

Although it’s always nice to read the usual well wishes and sentiments from your guests, you could also ask them to add to your bucket list. 

Simply ask your guests to suggest a destination or activity you should do together once you’re married. 

Their bucket list suggestions can be written on postcards, on bucket list wedding cards or even on a world map or atlas!

Travel Themed Wedding - Bucket List Guest Book
Photo Credit: Etsy | GlintPrint

Map Bunting & Garlands

Map bunting and garlands are also quick and easy to make and can be used to decorate your gift table, top table, DJ booth, wedding car and even your licensed gazebo if you’re getting married outside. 

Check out this tutorial to see how to make them >>

Paper Map Flowers

When we got married, we decided to go for fake flowers. Not only were they cheaper and easier to store, but they will last forever. 

We’ve even pulled my bouquet apart and put the flowers and foliage in vases around the house as a daily reminder of our special day. 

And if you love maps, then you could even make your own flowers out of them! 

We’ve posted a tutorial on our sister site (House of Mahalo) so you can see how it’s done. Paper roses are easier to make than you think – especially if you use this simple swirl technique!

Easy Map Wall Art

Hopefully you’re not sick of maps yet – we’ve still got a few more ideas on how to use them in your travel themed wedding!

You can make some simple DIY map wall art by covering a canvas with some vintage map wrapping paper and add a bit of extra pizzazz with fairy lights, led lighting strips or pretty text. 

You could even cover heart-shaped canvases and hang them next to each other as a unique feature wall. 

Map Cupcake Toppers

If you’ve gone for cupcakes rather than a traditional wedding cake then another way to use maps in your wedding is to make cupcake toppers out of them.

This really can be as simple as gluing two heart shapes either side of a toothpick – and you can even gussy up the maps with trimmings or pretty text if you want something extra special.

Honeymoon Countdown Digital Display

So this one is for the more technically minded among you but we wanted to include it in case it inspires you and your own DIY travel themed wedding ideas.

Digital Honeymoon Countdown Display

For our wedding, Scott created this cool digital display, which showed our guests a cute gif, our order of the day and (most importantly of all!) how many days we had left until our honeymoon. I’ve never seen anything like it before and we love how well received it was on the day!

Scott hasn’t written a complete tutorial for our home, crafts and lifestyle blog yet, so for now, check out this tutorial for how to make your own designs. 

Travel Memories Photo Books

Another decoration for your gift or guest book table are photo books full of your most treasured travel memories! 

Your guests will have a lot of fun flicking through these in between wedding activities and they’re easy to make as you only need to pick your photos and use a website like Snapfish or Photobox to create the book. 

If you and your other half have been together for many years, then why not make multiple photo books each dedicated to a different year of travels?

The best bit? You can keep them for yourselves afterwards as a way of looking back on your memories. Hooray for repurposing!

DIY Travel Themed Wedding Favours

Clever Globetrotter Coasters

Another unique way that we included the travel theme within our wedding was with these clever globetrotter coasters designed by Scott, which we then packaged up ourselves in small boxes tied with ribbons:

Wedding Favours
DIY Wedding Favours

They played our wedding song at the click of a button and even entertained our guests with a fun puzzle they had to work out.

To save on printing costs, these boxed coasters were also our place name settings!

If you’re interested in these coasters for your own wedding, then just send us a message to commission Scott to make some for you. 

Cute Luggage Tag Favours

For an easy travel themed favour, why not have some luggage tags personalised to give out to guests? 

We’ve seen some great ones on Etsy by LetterandLeather – and check out these ones too.

DIY Travel Themed Wedding Thank Yous & Bridal Party Gifts

Polaroid Thank You Notes

Because our gift list was a honeymoon fund rather than a traditional “pots and pans” list, we chose to send our guests polaroid photos as thank you notes. 

Whether we were chilling with monkeys in Bali, enjoying a romantic candlelit dinner or breakfast in bed, each guest received a photo of us enjoying their gift. 

Travel Cross Stitch Pictures

Cross stitch is my all-time favourite craft because the designs don’t have to be complicated to look good and come from the heart. 

And they make great DIY travel gifts for your bridal party!

Remember that the travel theme is broad, so lots of motifs will work like planes, globes, cars, sailboats… you could even stitch wild animals to represent some of your favourite places like monkeys in Bali or lions in South Africa.

If you go for small cross stitch designs, you could turn them into keyrings or coasters. Or you can frame larger pictures to go on the wall or on someone’s desk at work.

Here are some travel-inspired cross stitch patterns from Etsy that we really love:

Travel Cross Stitch Pictures
Photo Credit: Etsy | Satsuma Street

Travel Themed Bridal Party Gifts From Etsy

Etsy is also full of travel themed wedding gifts and thank yous that come straight from the heart (without the need to make anything yourself!)

Travel Themed Gifts For Bridesmaids

  1. Personalised St Christopher Pendants by StatementMadeUK
  2. Wild Animal Necklaces by WellWishersUK
  3. Custom Travel Jewellery Boxes by LittleEnglandGifts
  4. Colourful Passport Holders by ShopMyALaMode
  5. Pretty Compass Necklaces by PoppyKittenDesigns
  6. World Map Necklaces by DiamondRoseJewellery

Travel Themed Gifts For Groomsmen

  1. Personalised Travel Journals by Bookshell
  2. Customised Compass Gifts by SFdizayn
  3. Vintage Personalised Leather Holdalls by jonnyssister
  4. Smart Leather Travel Journals by amylucydesigns
  5. Personalised Leather Passport Holders by Rachiba
  6. Vintage Compass Cufflinks by JujuTreasures

Don’t Forget Your Honeymoon!

Any travel lover knows that the best part of a wedding is the honeymoon!

Scott and I knew from the start that our wedding would be small and simple yet full of love, laughter and smiles, while the majority of our budget was going to be for the most epic honeymoon. 

In the end, we chose to spend three weeks gallivanting around Asia to see Singapore, Bali, Gili Meno and Dubai – and it really was epic!

And here’s how you can easily include your honeymoon within your wedding to make it even more special…

Honeymoon Fund

Instead of a traditional wedding gift list, ask your friends and family to contribute to a honeymoon fund using a website like Buy Our Honeymoon.

It’s really easy to set up your honeymoon list and the experiences you get from it will be worth so much more to you than any old wedding gift from a shop. 

Scott and Justine's Buy Our Honeymoon Gift List

Once your list is created, you just need to send the link to it to your friends and family so they can choose something from your list or even suggest a honeymoon activity you may not have thought about.

Would YOU like to try it for your own honeymoon?

Grab 20% off now to create your own epic honeymoon gift list with our exclusive Buy Our Honeymoon discount code: WANDERERS

We also included the poem below in our wedding invites, which helped to make it clear what we were trying to do and why: 

We’ve lived together quite a while with all our pots and pans,
and as we don’t need homely gifts, we’ve got another plan!
We know it’s not traditional but an awful lot more fun,
to have some items on our wedding list to help us catch some sun!
So if you’d like to give a gift and send us on our way,
a donation to our honeymoon would really make our day!
Then while we’re relaxing on the beach, or by the pool so blue,
we’ll sit back and know that it’s truly thanks to you!

Source: You & Your Wedding

Honeymoon Travel Scrapbook

One of our friends lovingly made us a travel scrapbook for our wedding gift by personalising the front of a plain journal with illustrations and scrabble tiles ready for us to fill it with all our mementos.

We love it and will treasure it forever! 

DIY Travel Scrapbook

If you want to make one for yourself, then you can easily gussy up any plain book with various trimmings and fill it with photos, ticket stubs, diary entries and other mementos from your honeymoon. 

Check out these travel scrapbook covers for inspiration:

Of course, you can also get heaps more inspiration for your travel scrapbook covers on Pinterest.

And there you have it! 30+ DIY travel themed wedding ideas to bring a little bit of wanderlust to your special day. Once again, congratulations for getting engaged and we hope this list is full of wedding inspiration for you!

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30+ DIY Travel Themed Wedding Ideas You’ll Want To Steal!
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