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Dog Friendly Cornwall: Things To Do in Bude

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We’ve recently come back from a wonderful dog friendly trip to Bude in Cornwall.

Bude is dog friendly Cornwall at its best, offering multiple beaches that dogs are free to roam around on and lots of dog friendly cafes and restaurants to choose from.

So whatever things in Bude you decide to do, you can be sure your dog will be able to join you.

Here are my tips for a dog friendly weekend in Bude…

Dog Friendly Cornwall: Things To Do in Bude

1. Summerleaze Beach

Located in the heart of the town and offering a huge stretch of sandy beach, Summerleaze Beach is the most popular beach in Bude, which is why it can be difficult to believe that it is really dog friendly!

Throughout the summer months, dogs must be kept on leads from 10am-6pm, but outside of those hours and throughout other months of the year, dogs are perfectly welcome to roam wild and free!

Beach Huts at Summerleaze Beach, Bude

2. Bude Canal Walk

The main centre of Bude has formed itself around a winding canal as well as the seaside, which makes it a haven for dog walks.

The canal walk is flat nearly the whole way around and has large paths, so you should feel really safe walking your dog along the route, while not tiring yourselves out too much in the sunshine.

3. Life’s A Beach Cafe

The Life’s A Beach cafe overlooks Summerleaze Beach and welcomes dogs with open arms.

They have a large terrace outside, which offers plenty of shade for both you and your pooch, while they also have a large uncovered seating area as well in case you’d prefer to catch some rays when eating your lunch.

There are lots of large dog water bowls dotted around the cafe and their food is pretty awesome for both hot food and sandwiches.

4. Upton Beach

Upton Beach is about a mile outside of the main Bude town centre and is a lovely little secluded spot for locals and those who are in the know.

There’s quite a steep path to get down to the beach, but it’s perfectly suitable for anyone with average to moderate fitness levels.

Although it’s a pebble beach, as this is a lesser known beach in Cornwall, (and as dogs are allowed off lead at all times), this can be the perfect option for those of you with reactive dogs or those who are simply new to the beach way of life.

It’s also a great place for rockpooling!

Dog Friendly Upton Beach, Bude

5. Hartland Peninsula Heritage Coastal Walk

For those of you who need to exercise large and energetic dogs, the Hartland Heritage Coastal Walk is a great option.

It offers lots of great seaside views, and is a proper hiking spot near Bude.

As can be expected from a heritage walk, you’ll stumble across lots of historic buildings and ruins, which add something a little more special to this walk. Enjoy!

6. Rosie’s Kitchen

Another great seaside restaurant and dog friendly cafe is Rosie’s Kitchen, which is a few minutes in the car from Summerleaze Beach, and overlooks Crooklets Beach.

All dogs are allowed on the terrace outside, while well behaved dogs are allowed inside.

The cafe is open throughout the day and into the evening, so you’re welcome to come here for lunch or dinner (with your pup in tow).

7. Bude Coastal Path

Cornwall boasts the most incredible ocean views and coastal walks, while Bude in particular has lots of coastal paths, which are just calling out to you and your energetic dog.

If you’re up near Upton Beach, there is a great walk you can embark on, which connects several other dog friendly beaches. There’s a great guide here to show you where you need to go.

The only request from the council is that you keep dogs on leads along the path, partly for their safety as the drops are steep, but also to prevent people who are nervous or scared of dogs from stepping out of the way and falling themselves.

Bude Coastal Path in Cornwall

8. Blackrock Beach

As mentioned, Bude is full of dog friendly beaches, with Blackrock Beach being another one.

It’s a few minutes drive away from the centre of Bude, but has the same levels of sandyness as Summerleaze Beach; the difference being that dogs are allowed off the lead year-round.

9. Widemouth Bay Cafe

Overlooking the Widemouth Bay beach is the Widemouth Bay Cafe, which allows dogs to come inside with you.

This is a great breakfast or lunchtime spot, offering sandwiches, cream tea, fish ‘n’ chips and burgers.

10. Sandymouth Beach

Sandymouth is yet another beach that is dog friendly, this time owned by the National Trust.

Similarly to Upton Beach, it has quite a steep path down to it so you’ll need to be of moderate fitness levels to come here.

But once you’re down at sea level, a huge stretch of sandy beach will greet you (and your dog).

Dogs are allowed off-lead at Sandymouth year-round.

Dog Friendly Places to Stay in Bude, Cornwall

Dog Friendly Places to Stay in Bude

As can be expected from a town that is as dog friendly as Bude is, you can also expect to find lots of dog friendly places to stay in and around Bude.

Need help finding dog friendly accommodation? Check out these tips! >>

Here are a few dog friendly hotel recommendations in Bude:

  • Upton Cross B&B: With four dogs of their own, the staff here welcome dogs with fully outstretched arms. You’ll even be joined by geese and chickens in the garden! Check Prices
  • Barton Gate Farm B&B: Located roughly 6 miles from Bude, this charming farm offers simple yet comfortable dog friendly rooms. Check Prices
  • Willow Valley: Featuring garden views, this fabulous holiday park offers some of the nicest dog friendly accommodation we’ve seen so far. Check Prices

One of our readers also kindly linked a couple more dog friendly accommodation options in the comments section below, which you might also find helpful to look at.

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What to Wear in Bude, Cornwall

Check out this his & hers UK holiday packing list >>>

What to Wear

As I’m sure most of you are aware, the UK is highly unpredictable when it comes to the weather, and being by the sea also means it’ll be breezy and chilly in some areas.

So I thought it would be important to include a ‘what to wear’ section in this dog friendly guide to Bude, Cornwall.

Light Trousers or Cropped Trousers

You may find in the summer months that it’s fairly warm in built-up areas, while breezy and chilly on the beach or on coastal walks.

Thus, a light pair of linen trousers or cropped trousers are great options to help combat the difference in temperature throughout the day and into the evening.

Light Waterproof Jacket

Even in summer, it’s been known to rain very heavily throughout the UK – and often on very short notice.

Therefore, a light waterproof jacket is a great option to take with you, and takes up hardly any space in your luggage.

I’ve recently discovered the brand Koral, which sells exercise wear. The bomber jacket they kindly sent me before our trip was a godsend during the breezy coastal walks and when it chucked down with rain with no warning!

Walking Sandals or Walking Boots

Although you can get away with wearing flip-flops on the beach, you’ll need some sturdy walking sandals or walking boots for coastal walks.

During the summer, I swear by my Birkenstocks, while my footwear of choice throughout the rest of the year in Bude are my Karrimor walking boots.

Need more dog travel packing tips? Check out this printable dog travel packing list! >>>


As you can probably tell, Bude is the perfect introduction to a dog friendly Cornwall trip!

There are so many beaches, cafes, restaurants, shops and hotel owners that will welcome dogs with open arms, which means you can relax, safe in the knowledge that you can take your dog with you to the majority of places you want to go.


And while you’re here, why not visit nearby Devon where there are a plethora of dog friendly things to do.

Dog Friendly Cornwall -- Bude

I hope you’ve found this dog friendly guide to Bude useful. Where do you think you might head to first during your trip? Feel free to jot down a few thoughts in the comments section below…

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Dog Friendly Cornwall: Things To Do in Bude

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