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Lovely Dog Walks in Bristol: Overscourt Wood

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If you’re looking for lesser-known and quiet dog walks in and around Bristol, then look no further than Overscourt Wood.

Here’s our guide to walking your dog there and what you need to know.

Why Visit Overscourt Wood?

Found south of Pucklechurch and near the small village of Siston, Overscourt Wood is a lesser-known dog walking spot than some of the others closer to the city centre.

This is partly because it’s a relatively “new” wood. Trees were only planted here within the last 10 to 20 years.

On a weekday, you may not see anyone else walking their dog here at all!

And at the weekend, the area is so vast and has so many twists and turns that you’ll easily lose anyone who may have started walking at the same time as you.

In fact, Overscourt Wood actually runs as far as 219 acres!

This dog walk also offers plenty of variety. Although the name gives you a clue that there are woodland areas here, there are also large open spaces and even the Siston Brook to find.

Overscourt Wood Dog Walking Trails

Overscourt Wood is split into two different areas.

Near to the car park (postcode: BS30 5LY), you can walk up hills and countryside paths to see stunning views of Bristol itself as well as the Mendips.

The other part has the Siston Brook running through it and is a much flatter walk.

But despite this, there are a huge number of routes you can take in either part. None of which are waymarked so you will just be following your noses.

Overscourt Wood

As an example, if you cross the road away from the car park to the flatter part of the wood, you’ll instantly see three paths to choose from.

Coming to a crossroads will be throughout much of your walk, so you’re always finding new paths to take. Which means it’ll be a long time before your dog runs out of fresh smells to discover!

Please note that the car park for Overscourt Wood is small. It fits about ten cars. Although we had no issues with parking at 11 am on a Saturday in the spring, you may need to head out earlier during the summer months in order to grab a space.

Check out the Ordnance Survey #GetOutside website for information on other walking trails you can follow in this area.

Overscourt Wood Things To Know

Here are a few pointers to know ahead of your dog walk through these stunning woods:

  • Park for free at Overscourt Wood car park (postcode: BS30 5LY)
  • Park early on weekends and in the summer months to grab a space in the relatively small car park
  • There are no doggie bins provided at Overscourt Wood. But there is usually a bin liner attached to the gate across the road from the car park. Use this if it’s there!
  • Come back several times and head out in different directions to see the best of everything here. Even then, you’ll likely only just scratch the surface!

Enjoy your visit! We’re certain both you and your canine pal will love walking through Overscourt Wood.

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