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Embroidered Canvas Art - Parisian Ladies

Little Life Update: We’ve Launched A Shop… (Or Three!)

Psst! This blog post might have affiliate links in it, which earn us a small amount of commission if you buy or book something through them - at no extra cost to you.

This is one of the hardest blogs I’ve ever had to write. 

Not because I’ve got bad news to share with you all – far from it! – but because I think I’m majorly suffering from writer’s block. So please bear with me as I fight to get the words out. I think I was solidly staring at my computer screen for a whole hour before even writing the title – eek!

The UK has been back in lockdown (is this the third or fourth one now?) since January. 

Although good news is hopefully on the way with our fast vaccine rollout (even my parents in their early 60s have had their jabs now) and lockdown lifting fully by the summer (please oh please let it be so), this lockdown has hit me harder than any of the others.

Why? Because I really thought 2021 was going to be a better year than 2020 and yet we’ve found ourselves in a strict and very long lockdown. Understandably so, but it doesn’t make it any easier.

I haven’t been as active on the blog or social media for months, and although I know I need to get back into it, I also have to watch my mental health. I think it’s going to take me a long time to get back into the swing of things – especially as I’m kind of suffering from an identity crisis right now, too.

If I can’t travel. And if I can’t write about it. Who am I? That might seem a bit too existentialist or even a bit melodramatic to some of you, but travel is a huge part of who I am. Without it, I just feel lost. 

But this isn’t a “woe is me” blog post. 

Scott and I are healthy. My family is healthy. We’re not in dire need of cash. And things will get better for us all.

But until they do, I’ve had to make yet another pivot in my travel blogging career.

You might not know this – mainly because I didn’t really have time to celebrate the fact before “the C-word” hit – but I took the blog full-time back in November 2019. It was doing well and I felt ready to put my all into it and grow it.

2020 may have had other plans for me, though.

So in the summer of 2020, I started a freelance writing contract for an email marketing company. It was initially only supposed to be for three months, then it got extended and extended again. So once my current contract ends, I’ll have been writing for them for a full year. 

But I’m happy with this first pivot. I work three days per week for them, while the other couple of days are for my own projects and other business ventures.

I hear what you’re thinking.

So if you’re only working for someone else three days per week, why are you not churning out more blog posts for Wanderers of the World?

While I can blame that mostly on total and utter writer’s block, Scott and I have also been keeping something else under wraps.

We launched an Etsy shop! 

Or actually, three of them to be exact…

Scott launched the first two himself so he could sell some of his uber cool 3D prints. The first shop (MisfitWeddings) is focused on weddings. I really like this fun LED love sign:

But with that industry not making a comeback any time soon, he pivoted and launched a second shop (MisfitGeekGifts), which is focused on 3D printed gifts and other quirky things. 

He’s been doing so well – especially as he managed to ride the wave of the Gamestop stock investments and WallStreetBets palaver that went totally viral recently! Did you hear about it?

WallStreetBets Stonks 3D Model

Some of you know that I also launched a craft blog last spring (called House of Mahalo) – mainly to distract me from the travel industry suddenly tanking unexpectedly. And Scott’s been saying to me for quite a few months now that I should think about selling some of my handmade stuff on Etsy.

After seeing his success, I decided to give it a go…

It’s been about a month since I launched my shop (HouseOfMahaloDesigns). I started with some of my embroidery designs like these chic Parisian ladies and constellation-inspired gifts:

Embroidered Canvas Art - Parisian Ladies

Although my handmade creations like these ones haven’t taken off yet, the vintage side of the shop has!

I’ve always been into history and weird and quirky facts. I’ve also always been somewhat of a collector (read: hoarder!) so this fits nicely with my interests and has become an additional revenue stream I can somewhat rely on.

It’s been a fun challenge so far and I love that I get to do something a little more hands-on in parallel to running my blogs, which are obviously only digital.

So, if you fancy having a nosy at our latest endeavours, we have THREE Etsy shops for you to check out – exciting, yes? 😀

I have no idea whether anyone’s still reading this blog post (hi and thank you if you are), but I felt like I just had to write something… even if it’s only a personal post and nothing travel-related.

I promise Scott and I will be back with travel tips and inspiration as soon as our motivation comes back. In the meantime, we’ll mainly be working on our 9-5 jobs, Etsy shops and updating old blog posts that need a serious overhaul.

As always, much love and thanks for sticking with us through all this. Lighter and brighter days are coming for us all!


Justine xoxo

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