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Getting To Know Me Via The Liebster Award

To start off, I’d like to thank Sarah from 31 and Over for nominating me for the Liebster Award. It was such an honour to be nominated for this given I’m just starting out!

For those of you who have never heard of this award before, it is an award that recognises great bloggers by fellow bloggers, and is such a lovely “pass the love” type award.

Upon acceptance, you must pass on the love to other bloggers. So please, do not break it! Read the rules below if you made it to the “nominees roll”!

The Rules

  1. Thank and link to the blogger who nominated you
  2. Create a post on your blog, displaying the Liebster Award Logo
  3. Answer 11 questions assigned by the blogger who nominated you
  4. Provide rules/instructions for accepting the award
  5. Nominate 5-11 new favourite bloggers for the Liebster Award
  6. Come up with a list of 11 new questions for your nominees
  7. Notify the nominees
  8. Post your Liebster Award blog post link in the comments of your nominators Liebster Award Post

Q&A with Sarah

1. Who is your travel inspiration? Why?

I have a few travel inspirations who are mainly other travel bloggers. But if I had to pick one, then it would be Brooke Saward from World of Wanderlust. For me, she is living the dream. Not only is she a full-time travel blogger, but she has also recently published a book, which is so insightful. I’ve seen many photos of her travels on Instagram where she has found herself in far-flung destinations, but also at the odd luxury spa too. Like I say – she’s living the dream!

Tip: You can buy the book from Book Depository with worldwide free shipping!

2. What’s the furthest destination (from home) that you travelled to?

This would have been my recent trip to LA, Hawaii and San Francisco with my better half. He and I wanted to visit Hawaii, but we were also keen to roll in a couple of other North American cities into the trip, which we did in September this year. It was an amazing trip with many memories made between us. If you’re thinking about a trip to Hawaii, then you should really ensure you check out Mauna Kea – this post should be proof enough of that!

3. Do you like travelling alone or with a group?

If you’d asked me two years ago, I would have easily said alone. I’ve been to many countries on solo travels, and I enjoyed each one immensely as I was able to see everything I wanted to see, on my own terms and I was fully in control. However, since I’ve been travelling with Scott (my other half), I have to say that any trips with him have been even more amazing than any on my own – let there be many more to come!

4. Have you travelled to a place you couldn’t wait to get out of?

I’m afraid so. Surprisingly, this was Venice in Italy. I was travelling around a few cities in Italy by myself with Venice being one of them for one day. However, I found Venice far too crowded for my liking and I also found myself lost whilst trying to catch the last train back to Florence. I must confess I was panicking quite a bit, and the crowds of people didn’t help me find my way easier. I would still like to go back to Venice, although next time I will give myself longer there in case I do end up getting lost again.

5. Can you give one hidden gem (name of the place and where it can be found) you’ve stumbled into that you would like to share?

I have two – is that allowed? The first is the Ahinahina plant growing on the Mauna Kea mountain in Hawaii – I adore this plant as it really is like something out of a sci-fi movie!

Getting To Know Me Via The Liebster Award

Ahinahina Plant – Like Something Out of a Sci-fi Movie!

The second would also be from my travels to Hawaii – the Keaukaha Beach Park in Hilo. This park reminds me of lots of mini tropical islands and is a perfect spot for sunbathing, snorkelling or swimming!

Getting To Know Me Via The Liebster Award

6. What’s the most amazing thing that happened to you while travelling?

This would have to be my boyfriend, Scott telling me he loved me for the first time. We were in Vienna and enjoying our last night together there. We’d only been together a few months, so I was quite surprised when he told me that but I was over the moon that he felt that way about me. And we’ve never looked back since! Take a look at our 3 day itinerary for this beautiful city!

7. How about the scariest thing?

Surprisingly, I would have to choose seeing Sacre Coeur in Paris. This was on my list of must-see spots during my city break in the city of lights, and I’m glad I went. However, what scared me was being grabbed on my way to see it by a man who was trying to sell his bracelets on the steps. I tried to move away from him, but he was determined to show me his bracelets. Eventually I managed to pull free and tell him “Non”, but I was quite astonished that someone would do that to me. I must confess that was a bit of a wake-up call to some of the dangers of travelling alone, but I wouldn’t change a thing. My solo travels have helped make me who I am today and I don’t regret any of them – despite the occasional hiccough!

8. Can you name a city or country you always find yourself coming back to?

Yes, easily. Italy. Italy. Italy. This country was the starting point of my travels, and means a lot to me. I also happen to love the food and language as well! I can definitely see myself coming back to Italy…many more times in fact!

9. What were/are your travel misconceptions which you have proven wrong – if there are any?

Misconception: Solo travel is scary. Verdict: It doesn’t have to be.

When I first started travelling alone, anyone I spoke to about it told me “You’re so brave.” Well, I didn’t think that at the time and I still don’t think that now. Solo travel is not scary providing you look after yourself, keep aware and enjoy yourself. Read my top tips for solo travel so that you can also get out there and see the world!

10. Are you more of a sea or mountain person?

Definitely sea! I love swimming, snorkelling and body-boarding. I have yet to try scuba-diving, but it’s on my bucket list so will definitely happen soon!

Getting To Know Me Via The Liebster Award

11. What’s on the top of your bucket list that you haven’t done yet?

Well, this ties in nicely to the question above! This would be scuba-diving. I tried to fit this into my holiday to Sardinia, but didn’t quite manage it at the time. It’s still on my list and I hope to be able to check it off soon.

My Nominations

I hope you’ve enjoyed getting to know me a little better through these questions! Now, it’s my time to spread the love and nominate a few travel bloggers that are definitely worth taking a look at:

The Green Pick – a fantastic blog focusing on sustainable travel

Little Miss Gem Travels – a stylish blog with some awesome photography

A Wildflower Abroad – inspiring stories from a young woman who has seen nearly 40 countries already

Life Unedited – the tales of a couple who left their jobs to travel the world

Monkey Inc – a fun, vibrant travel blog with a youthful edge

Wonderfel – a new blog on the block and one to watch

To my nominees – here are your questions:

  1. When did you start your blog and why?
  2. If you could give fellow bloggers one tip to help them grow their blog, what would you tell them?
  3. What tools (ie apps and services) would you recommend to other bloggers?
  4. How do you fund your travels?
  5. What items could you not live without whilst travelling?
  6. Name one destination you would recommend to anyone who loves travel and why have you chosen that place?
  7. Are you a country bumpkin or a city dweller?
  8. Name 3 reasons why someone should visit the country you’re from.
  9. What one memory from your travels will you never forget?
  10. What is your next adventure going to be and where will you do it?
  11. Name your must-see travel spots for 2017.

I can’t wait to see your replies to my questions! Don’t forget to copy the links to your reply post in the comments section below…

For other readers – have you been nominated for the Liebster Award yet? And who would you nominate if you had the chance? Spread the love in the comments…

12 thoughts on “Getting To Know Me Via The Liebster Award

  1. StephJ says:

    Congrats on this award! Great job 🙂

    I would like to invite you to take part in the Festive Feelings Blog party happening this Saturday. I hope you get a chance to pop by and meet some new bloggers 🙂

    1. Thank you Steph! I was super pleased to be nominated! 🙂

      Thanks for the invite – I’ll definitely check that out today!

      1. StephJ says:

        Awesome! Hope to see you there!

  2. Rosie says:

    Congratulations on the award! I’d read about those bracelet sellers at Sacré-Cœur before I visited Paris with my boyfriend in October, but by sheer chance we went up a different way and only had to contend with them on our way down – with our hands in our pockets we managed to get past them fairly easily. It’s something which does rather put me off that particular area of Paris.

    1. Aww, thanks so much Rosie! 🙂

      Aha, so you were prepped beforehand – good work on that! I must confess that I was a little naive with travelling a few years ago and I hadn’t heard about the bracelet sellers before heading there.

      I know what you mean – it’s such a shame though as there are lovely places to see in that part of Paris, but you just have to be on your guard a bit. I did find a lovely little artisan chocolate shop shortly after this though, so that helped perk me up quite a bit! 😉

      1. Rosie says:

        I think with Paris (and a lot of major cities) it pays to know about these things in advance where possible so you can avoid them. Likewise, we found a chocolate shop afterwards with free samples – every cloud has a silver lining!

    1. It’s my pleasure entirely Gemma – I love your blog, so nominating you is well deserved! 🙂

  3. Sarah says:

    Oh dear, I just read this! First of all, thank you for taking part! I love reading every bit of it! And I had the same experience on our way up to Sacre Coeur! But it was my now-husband’s wrist that was grabbed,not mine! hahah! It’s one of those classic bracelet scams in France!

    And my goodness, I’ve been to Hawaii a few times but never to Hilo!! That looks amazing!! I’ll make sure I visit that place next time! 🙂

    Go scuba diving! You’d love it! It can be quite an expensive hobby, but the underworld is something to marvel at!

    1. Hi Sarah,

      Thank you for nominating me – it was fun answering your questions, and I’m glad you enjoyed reading them!! 🙂

      Oh dear, it seems like it’s a well-known / common thing near Sacre Coeur – a shame as it’s so beautiful there, but then I guess that’s why they focus on that area, eh?

      Yes, yes, yes! I would recommend Hilo every time – it’s on The Big Island of Hawaii. We stayed in a little place called Arnott’s Lodge, which offered small tours to both the Volcano National Park and also up to Mauna Kea mountain for a sunset and star show. Well worth it!

      Definitely! Scuba diving is way up on my list and I’m determined to be checking it off soon. I’ve just got to find the most beautiful place to do it I think – if anyone has any suggestions, then I’m all ears!


  4. wildflowerabroad says:

    Hey Justine! 🙂
    Hope you´re doing great, I am always reading your blog Posts! And I love how your Blog changes and grows!

    I finally finished answering your questions, it took me quite a while since I spent New Years in Madeira and now, I am in the middle of my exam preperations… >.<

    Thank you SO much for nominating me again!
    Here is my Post!

    Wish you all the best! 🙂

    1. Hi Michi,

      Aww, thanks so much! I was only too happy to nominate you! 🙂

      I hope you had a perfect time in Madeira and good luck for your exams, eek!

      Fabulous! I’m hopping over to your blog to take a look now 😉


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