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Gulliver’s Gate: Travel the World in One Day [Photo Essay]

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Wondering how you can travel the world in one day? Hint: go to Gulliver’s Gate in NYC!

New York, particularly Times Square, is home to a number of gimmicks and overpriced tourist attractions. But in amongst all of that are some little nuggets of greatness.

A visit to the ‘Top of the Rock’ is not to be missed, especially during Golden Hour or at sunset. Likewise, catching a Broadway show is a definite must-see if you love theatre shows.

And then there’s Gulliver’s Gate… for an avid traveller like me, this is the perfect thing to do in New York as it lets you travel the world in one day, at least in spirit!


This post contains photos of quite a lot of the Gulliver’s Gate exhibition, so don’t read on if you want to keep everything a surprise! And despite my best efforts at capturing the wonders of the attraction, it’s still a thousand times better to see it in person…!

New York City

Taking 16 model makers 358 days to create, this miniature New York City showcases the best of what the city has to offer!

Times Square
The bright lights of Times Square!
New York Street Art
Captivating street art in New York City
9-11 Memorial
Take a moment’s silence at the 9/11 memorial
Mini Statue of Liberty
Although the Statue of Liberty appears to loom over all, she’s actually not that big in real-life either!
Grand Central Station
Busy Grand Central Station – you can just make out the gold starsign murals on the ceiling, which are incredible to see in the flesh!


From the Loch Ness in the Scottish lakes, to the Eiffel Tower in Paris, to the Union Jack flags in London, I loved seeing the European section best of all!

European Houses
Pretty European houses in all colours of the rainbow…
London Streets
The streets of London show an air of patriotism…
The Beatles
The Beatles walk across Abbey Road – such an iconic image!
The marvellous Stonehenge… did you know I grew up living near to this incredible piece of history?
European Hot Air Balloons
Hot air balloons make their way across the European skies… I like to tell myself these are from the International Balloon Fiesta in Bristol!
A glimpse of Europe in one flash of a camera…


Snowy fir trees and bright colours galore, Gulliver’s Gate takes you on a magical trip through Russia in just a few minutes.

St Petersburg Palace
A quick close-up of St Petersburg Palace in Russia
Russian Winter Wonderland
Russia looking like a beautiful winter wonderland…
Wintery Russia looking bright, beautiful and snowy!


The Asian section was what I was most excited to see as Japan has been high on my wishlist since forever! And I was not disappointed, although I was surprised to see that there wasn’t a ‘Gardens By The Bay’ model in Singapore…

I was most excited to see the Japanese exhibit…
And it certainly didn’t disappoint!
Zen Garden Japan
Have you ever seen a Japanese zen garden in real-life? I have… well, a tiny model of one anyway…
One more glimpse of Japan…
Asian Statue
Famous statue at the Grand Palace in Bangkok, in miniature…
Asian People
Such craftsmanship and attention to detail!
Chinese New Year Parade
The Chinese celebrate their New Year…
The Forbidden Palace Parade
… in style, and in front of The Forbidden Palace!
Beautiful Singapore… but where are the Gardens by the Bay?
One quick (arty) glimpse of part of Asia…
Standing tall, standing bright…

Latin America

¡Hola cuate! (Hello friends!) There were so many amazing details within the Latin American section; seeing the Salsa dancers in Cuba was a particularly great highlight.

Latin American Houses
I’ve always admired beautiful and quirky buildings, which is why these two quickly caught my attention!
Cuba Street Art
A hint of the Cuban spirit on the streets…
Cuba Streets
Salsa dancers take to the streets of Cuba!

The Middle East

Actually built in Jerusalem and transported to New York at a later date, this section of the exhibit promises to capture the wonders of the ancient world perfectly for you.

Monster Slide
There was just one exhibit that really caught my attention in the Middle East, and it was this weird monster slide!

Visiting Gulliver’s Gate Things To Know

Where? 216 W 44th Street, Times Square, New York, 10036

When? Open everyday, 10am-8pm

How? Timed tickets can be bought on the door for $36, or online for $31 with one of their many $5 discounts… and worth every penny!


Don’t forget to keep an eye on the leaflet they give you when you arrive! It’ll contain a few extra things you can hunt for during your travels, such as Yoda from Star Wars, or the Los Pollos Hermanos truck from Breaking Bad.

Do you think you might take a look during your trip to New York City? Which section would you be most excited to see?

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Gulliver’s Gate: Travel the World in One Day [Photo Essay]

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