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10 Inspirational Travel Bloggers You Should Follow in 2024

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I love reading other travel blogs almost as much as I like writing for my own. Not only are they a great way to get travel inspiration and tips but it’s also inspiring to see what others have achieved through doing what they love.

Although I like each blog listed below for different reasons; they are all unique, creative, engaging and inspirational, which is why I think each of them should make it onto your own subscribe list this year.

Important Note: This is my own personal list of travel bloggers you should follow. This isn’t a list that people can ask to be on (or even pay) their way on to! I also add to this list each year. Some have recently been added and some have been on here for a while (which is why some of the screenshots are a little out-of-date now!)

1. Solo Sophie

Best Bits: Paris

Solo Sophie

I first came across Sophie’s blog when someone shared her article: You Can’t Visit Paris and Miss These Cute Parisian Cafes on Twitter. I had a quick read of it, and from that moment, I was hooked! It was the way she talked about Paris that I loved. Paris is a large part of her blog, although she does write about other places around the world too including London and Romania. She really knows how to show the true beauty of places through her writing and photography. I also love the fact that she brings quite a lot of history into her blog too. So even if she’s just writing about a cute cafe somewhere, there’s always a line or two about its history, which means you’re learning a lot through Sophie’s blog.

2. Happy to Wander

Best Bits: Unique content combined with hilarious writing

Happy to Wander

It was via Facebook that Happy to Wander wandered into my life, through the Female Travel Bloggers group to be exact. Someone had shared her article: Instagram Mistakes You’re Probably Making (And How To Fix Them) as the go-to resource for Instagrammers. So… I had a read. And wow! Not only was it super useful, but her writing is downright hilarious! You’ll find all kinds of content on her blog from quick quizzes to mammoth travel guides. Her Munich Oktoberfest guide is still hands down one of the best articles I’ve read this year. And when you combine hilarious writing with useful travel advice, dreamy photos and an engaging online presence, well… that’s why she’s on this list! I also recommend checking out her other blog: Slaying Social, which is where you’ll find the best advice for growing your social platforms. She’s also recently started a Youtube channel, which is next level!

3. Wanderlust Chloe

Best Bits: Honest advice for any traveller

Wanderlust Chloe

I’ve recently discovered Chloe’s blog, Wanderlust Chloe – and I’m hooked! It was her video about visiting the Lake District without a car that first interested me, and since then, I’ve found lots of useful advice on her blog (for all sorts of destinations!) I’m currently using her Croatia tips to plan my 30th. I like that her blog doesn’t feel “pigeon-holed” into any specific type of travel. Whether you travel solo, as a couple or as a family, you’ll find lots of honest advice and beautiful pictures.

4. Two Wandering Soles

Best Bits: Couples travel tips, blogging tips and detailed Asia content

Two Wandering Soles

Two Wandering Soles are couples travel goals! Their blog is beautifully designed and if you’re also interested in blogging for your career then you’ll love this one for both travel inspo and business tips. Their detailed blogs are super honest (even when the truth ain’t so pretty!) and they seem to strike a good balance of both useful and personal information throughout all of their posts. Although they seem to have wandered all over the world, their Asia content is what we personally used to help us plan our recent honeymoon.

5. The Invisible Tourist

Best Bits: Totally unique blog ideas

The Invisible Tourist

I stumbled across Alyse’s blog when her article: Why I’ll Never Leave Love Locks in Paris (Or, Anywhere) was shared a lot across Pinterest. Simply because of the title, I was intrigued. What I found was a fantastic article about something that is a really popular touristy thing to do but that isn’t great for the environment. I then went on to read a load more of her articles and I’m really interested in what she’s got to say about ‘Invisible Tourism’. She goes into the idea behind her blog in detail here, which is super interesting, so I recommend giving that a read!

6. Two Drifters

Best Bits: Captivating couples travel (including relationship advice)

Two Drifters

I’ve followed Two Drifters for a quite a while now… so long in fact that I can’t remember exactly when I heard about them, but I do know it was via Instagram. Since following their blog, there are a few articles that have stood out in my mind from them such as: Fairytale Chateaux – The Best Castles In France and 4 Ways To Turn Your Home Into A Cozy Fall Cabin. Having met whilst travelling, Amy and Nathan are now married and travel everywhere together, making their blog a great resource for both travel and relationship advice. This is probably why I was so excited to write a guest post for them on Romantic Iceland: Things To Do & Where To Stay!

7. Megan Starr

Best Bits: Lesser known destinations

Megan Starr

I first heard about Megan when she kicked off my Through The Eyes Of A Local interview series a couple of years ago, telling us all about Frankfurt in Germany. As can be expected, I had a nosy at her blog and found some fantastic articles including: 4 Places To Enjoy Tasty Coffee In Greenpoint, Brooklyn and 6 Colorful And Instagram-Worthy Cafes In Zagreb, Croatia. I like that she writes about lesser known destinations.

8. Travel and Destinations

Best Bits: The PHOTOS!!!

Travel and Destinations

Founded by a photographer, you can probably expect that the photos on the Travel and Destinations blog are pretty damn awesome… you’re right, they are. Just take a look at this article: The Best Places In Europe For Travel Photography And Instagram to see what I mean. But that’s not all! Mike’s writing is pretty great too, combining inspiration with useful and practical travel tips.

9. Travel For Wildlife

Best Bits: Animal tourism done right

Travel for Wildlife

Sustainable travel is something that is really coming to the fore as the years go on, and the Travel For Wildlife blog is a great example of sustainable travel done right, combined with animal care and REPUTABLE animal tourism. The first blog I read by this animal loving couple was How To Identify And Avoid Sea Turtle Shell Souvenirs and they’ve been my go-to resource for sustainable and animal friendly travel info ever since!

10. Female Travel Bloggers

Best Bits: Written for bloggers, by bloggers

Female Travel Bloggers

What once started as a Facebook group, Female Travel Bloggers has grown… and grown… and grown. The team now have their own website, which features in-depth travel guides and blogging advice written by members of their own community. There’s loads on their website, so do take a look! And I also highly recommend joining their Facebook group for some sound advice and community spirit (but y’know, only if you’re a female travel blogger, obvs!)

So you’ve now heard what I have to say about some of my favourite travel bloggers that you should totally follow this year. But who’s missing from this list? Who are some of your favourite bloggers?

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