Verona, home to the ultimate love story of Romeo and Juliet is a magnificent city to explore.

A city that is steeped in history, legend and romance. A city where you can write letters to Juliet Capulet to ask for advice or just simply pour your heart out on a small piece of paper to her. A city that belongs to a group of truly kind women who reply back to these notes to help men, women and children mend their broken hearts and follow romantic dreams.

Verona Love Letters

I’ve already written about how you can explore the romantic side of Verona on foot. Now, I want to jot down a few of my most favourite love letters that have been written to Juliet from all over the world and share them with you…

Dear Juliet,

I’ve asked myself many times, how is it that we fall in love: do we trip, lose our balance and fall, scraping our hearts? Do we crash to the ground, on stones? Or it is like staying on the edge of a precipice for all time?

Anon, Poland

I suspect that a lot of us have wondered this in our lifetimes. How do we fall in love? Personally, I think we crash and fall right into it; either being picked up by the other person or left there until we find the inner strength to pick ourselves back up. Along the way, we do need to keep reminding ourselves that we are strong, independent people and that we all deserve to find a great love (if we so choose to).

Dear Juliet,

Who knows if you have ever written the word “Amore” on a blank sheet of paper, just to look at it, without any particular reason? I have: those five letters fill the page. I am in love! There, I’ve said it all, but it’s not enough… Each person will write to tell you of their feelings in a different way, because each of us is different. Yet, if you look closely, you will see the same luminous, happy expression that unites all of those in love.

Gina R., Brescia, Italy

It was the last line of this note that resonated with me so much as I know exactly what she means. To be in love is a great thing and I really do feel myself glow every time I think about the one I love.

Hello, Juliet!
There are people in the world who believe in the gods, in miracles, and there are people who don’t believe, but there is one divinity in which all seek refuge. This divinity is Love, the most beautiful, superb sentiment in the world.”

Fyodor V., Leningrad, USSR

I simply had to include this one. Fyodor, whoever you are, you are a true poet!

Hello Juliet,

My name is Viktar and I live in the beautiful city of Mozyr. I want to tell you my love story, of a love that I had then lost and still can’t understand why. During a military leave, I met a girl. It was a magic night. She was as beautiful as an angel on earth, with marvelous eyes, and a special way of talking… I had never met a woman like her. With the passage of days and weeks our feelings grew; when I returned to service we wrote letters and poems to each other. My friends didn’t recognize me, so much was I changed. That was the most beautiful time of my life.

Anon, Mozyr, Belarus

This one is a reminder for all the love stories around the world; in the past, in the present and the many more to come in the future. Let us all remember the time we fell in love or dream about the day we hope it will happen.

Dear Members of the Club “Romeo and Juliet”!

My husband and I met each other many years ago, thanks to Shakespeare – that is, thanks to a book of Romeo and Juliet that I was reading sitting on a bench in the park. In 2002 we celebrated the golden anniversary of our marriage. We often reread the tragedy of Romeo and Juliet ourselves. We read it to our children when they were young, and advise our grandchildren to read it. We think this tragedy is especially important for the young generation now, when the best principles of love and pure morals are trampled, when one feels fear for young people’s future. We’d like to thank you for your work and promotion of love.

Peter and Esther N., Samara, Russia, 2002

This is beautiful. So, this note wasn’t really written to Juliet. Peter and Esther clearly knew all about the women who work on behalf of Juliet (her secretaries) and wanted to thank them. I’m glad someone did as those women writing back to all of these notes are an inspiration regarding kindness and selflessness towards strangers, not just those we know.

Dear Giulietta,

We are Giovanna and Marco and we are in love. With this note we say hello to you and Romeo and we want to say we hope our great love will never end. Baci!


A simple note from two people who were clearly so in love when writing this. Let us all hope for our great love to never end.

Ciao Giulietta,

If you introduce me to Leonardo DiCaprio I will love you, too!


This entire post may well have been all kinds of cheese and sop, so I had to end things on a lighter note. To whoever wrote this note – amen! I would also love to be introduced to Leo DiCaprio!

Each of these love letters plus many more are all part of the book Letters to Juliet, which tells the true story of the women who reply back to each of the notes left for Juliet. There is also a movie of the same name, which is really quite cheesy but is one of my guilty pleasures. But if you can’t indulge in a bit of cheesy, love-sickness on Valentine’s Day, then when can you, eh?

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Love Letters In Verona

Text Credit: Letters to Juliet, Lise and Ceil Friedman, 2006
Photo Credit: (1)

Dedicated to Scott Jenkins, my love.

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