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Lovely Dog Walks in Bristol: Leap Valley

Lovely Dog Walks in Bristol: Leap Valley

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Since welcoming our Rough Collie puppy, Kai into our lives, we’ve been on the lookout for new dog walks in Bristol we can take him on.

We’ve already seen the beauties of Leigh Woods during bluebell season, and now we’re here to tell you all about one of the lesser known dog walks in Bristol around Leap Valley in Downend.

Why Visit Leap Valley?

Leap Valley combines walking alongside streams, in woodlands, along country lanes and across sprawling meadows and apple and damson orchards into one joyful circular walk.

There are even quaint little bridges dotted around to help you and your dog cross the streams!

Leap Valley

As there are a number of housing estates dotted around different parts of the walk, it’s super popular with locals, which means your dog will have plenty of other dogs to play with and say hello to.

If you’re also interested in spotting seasonal wildlife and fauna during your walk around Leap Valley, then you should definitely check out the Friends of Leap Valley’s ‘Nature Journal’.

It details the different birds, plants, trees and other wildlife you can see during each season and contains lots of educational information about them… great for kids and adults alike!

Leap Valley Walking Trails

You have a few walking trails to choose from in terms of how long you wish to walk your dog for and how far you wish to go.

There’s a 0.9 mile walk (taking just 25 minutes), a 2 ¾ mile long walk (taking about an hour) and a 4 mile walk (which is 2 hours long).

Personally, we’d highly recommend the 2 ¾ miles walk as we think it incorporates all of the best and prettiest spots in Leap Valley.

Leap Valley Dog Walk

Either way, this PDF guide from the local council describes each of the walks in more detail (including maps and directions for the two longest trails).

As for parking, there isn’t any official parking for Leap Valley so you’d be best parking in one of the surrounding housing estates.

Leap Valley Things To Know

Here are a few pointers to know ahead of your dog walk around Leap Valley:

  • Park for free in one of the surrounding housing estates such as in Downend or Bromley Heath
  • Learn more about the various Leap Valley walking trails in this PDF guide
  • Get tips and information about spotting wildlife and fauna at Leap Valley with this online ‘Nature Journal’
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Enjoy your visit! We’re certain both you and your precious pooch will love walking around Leap Valley!

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