With another glorious year at an end, I wanted to look back on what my best travel experiences have been in 2016 and share some of my favourite moments with you all.

It’s hard to believe I saw so much last year despite working full-time and studying for my Masters degree. I wouldn’t change a thing as I’ve learned so much, laughed a lot, loved like no other year and have lived life to the full!

1. Learning To Ski In Finland

Ruka, Finland

Learning to ski has been on my travel bucket list for well over ten years, and last January saw me finally fulfilling this ambition … even if I totally struggled in finding my ski legs!

I certainly hope our snowy week in a true winter wonderland won’t be my last chance on the slopes! 

If you’re venturing out on the slopes this winter, download my packing checklist to take with you.

2. Husky Sledding In Finland

Husky sledding in Finland

Well, this was almost certainly an experience I’ll never forget, and I’m so pleased I was able to share this perfect day with my boyfriend, Scott.

The dogs were beautiful and were clearly overjoyed to be out in a group with all of us as passengers, but my gosh were they noisy!

If you’re thinking of heading to Finland soon, read up on what you can expect in Finland in winter.

3. Ticking Off Giant’s Causeway From My Travel Bucket List

Giant's Causeway, Ireland

2016 was a year for ticking off sights from my bucket list and this was another one checked off.

We may have only had a long weekend in Dublin in Ireland, but it was brilliant to venture up north to see these legendary rocks.

We even found out more behind the folklores of Giant’s Causeway, which you can also read about in this post.

4. Walking The Lake And Woods Of Stourhead National Park

Stourhead, England

So good, we did it twice!

In both spring and winter, we found ourselves walking around the lake at Stourhead in Dorset, England.

I loved it both times and being able to see the English countryside in both seasons was well worth it… such beauty all year around!

5. Viewing Sunsets In Los Angeles

Manhattan Beach Sunset, Los Angeles

Viewing sunsets at the beach — not the main reason for a trip to the ‘City of Angels’ but the sunsets here were what stuck with me during our short weekend break here.

The setting was so romantic and the palm trees silhouetted against the setting sun was a perfect extra touch!

6. Hiking Through Active Craters And Seeing Erupting Volcanoes In Hawaii

Hiking in a volcanic crater, Hawaii

How many people can say they’ve hiked through an active crater or seen a volcano erupting? Well, pretty much anyone who has explored Volcano National Park on ‘The Big Island’ of Hawaii have and I joined the group in September.

Hiking through the crater was a truly remarkable couple of hours and so surreal. The size of the crater combined with the steam rising from the earth made this trip feel like something out of a dream.

Add an erupting volcano at night to the midst and everything was even more surreal!

7. Exploring The Night Skies In Hawaii

Sunset on top of Mauna Kea, Hawaii

A trip up Mauna Kea mountain near Hilo is a sure fire way to see stunning sunsets, thousands of stars and the Milky Way (even with the naked eye)!

If you’d like to know more about how to spend your time on this mountain, read my post (which includes some insider tips for avoiding elevation sickness)!

8. Marvelling At The Californian Redwoods Near San Francisco

Muir Woods, California

Every country bumpkin’s dream is to see huge Redwoods and Muir Woods near San Francisco did not disappoint!

We may have only spent an hour exploring here, but it was a perfect hour that made me so happy — I just love being out in the woods!

For some tips on seeing the Redwoods, take a look at my post about them.

9. Speed Sightseeing In Norway

Oslo, Norway

I’ve been lucky enough to do a little bit of travelling for work and a very quick couple of days in Norway was where I found myself in November.

Although I had to see some sights super quickly, it’s still great to know I have been here, although I plan to see more next time!

Read my musings to find out what travelling for work is really like.

10. Meandering Through Morocco


End of December saw us having a week’s break in Morocco. Initially, this holiday was just going to be some winter sun and a week of lazing on the beach, but as always, I can’t help but spend a few days exploring where I am and the surrounding areas.

We spent a day exploring the craziness that is Marrakech, a day driving through the Moroccan countryside and Paradise Valley and a couple of days exploring what Agadir had to offer us. With all of this going on, it’s a wonder we managed to spend our other days relaxing and eating and drinking our way through a 4* all inclusive!

Wow! 2016 has been an amazing year for travel and I know that 2017 will see me venturing out into the world even more — I can’t wait! Take a look at my Travel Wishlist to see what 2017 may have in store for me!

What about you? What have been some of your highlights in 2016? Share your experiences in the comments section below…

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2 thoughts on “My Best In Travel – The 2016 Edition

  1. VivaLaCassy says:

    Super Jealous of your Morrocan experience. I have been ogling pictures on Pinterest of Morocco for AGESSS. What a wonderful experience! Sledding in Finland, as well. I think I’ll have to add that to my ever-growing bucket-list

    1. Morocco was a-m-a-z-i-n-g (emphasis on the zing)! I can’t wait to start posting up on my blog all about it so keep your eyes peeled! 😉

      I know what you mean about the ever growing bucket list … I don’t think mine will ever stop growing!! So much to see, so much to do! <3

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