Travelling (especially long-haul) wreaks havoc on my hair, skin and face. The sun and cold weather cause my hair to become dry. Travelling long hours results in tired, dull looking skin on my face. Finally, the skin across my body ends up feeling a little neglected and just needs a bit of TLC when I’m back home.

If this sounds even a little bit like you, then read on for my top tips for detoxing your hair, skin and face after travelling.

Post Travel Detox Ideas


I’ve recently become accustomed to treating my hair to a very natural cleanse after travelling.

With 2 tablespoons honey and 2 tablespoons lemon juice mixed together, this is a natural way to soften brittle hair as well as reduce flakes you may get in your hair from any stressful travelling you’ve done.

I normally leave this mix on my hair for 30 minutes before rinsing and washing normally with my mild coconut shampoo and conditioner.


I am a huge advocate of natural face masks! But even more so after travelling to brighten up my dull and tired skin.

I try to do a face mask once a week. Some of my favourites include Planet Spa mud face masks such as this new Volcanic Iceland mask I’ve been using, as well as most fresh face masks from Lush (all totally natural and have tons of benefits depending on your needs). I love the Brazened Honey one for its rejuvenating effects to brighten skin!

Another of my favourites is the Lanocreme Manuka Honey face masks I’ve recently splurged on. At about £3 per mask, these are a luxury just for post travels as opposed to every week.

I also ensure I wash my face with an all natural soap such as Honey I Washed The Kids soap from Lush or my most recent purchase of Orange Blossom and Ginger soap bought in Marrakech from Herboristerie Bab Agnaou.

Honey is one of those miracle products for skin and hair as it’s such a natural moisturiser. I knew there was a reason why it’s found within my hair cleanse, face masks and soap – I clearly can’t get enough of the stuff!

Post Travel Detox Ideas


Last but most certainly not least to look after is the body – both inside and out.

I frequently partake in a short Yoga session most days a week to help relieve stress and free up my mind for all those killer blog posts I want to write! You’ll most likely find me either meditating or stretching out on a plane to help get my mind and body moving.

After travelling, I’ll always do an extra special exfoliation of my body with my Citrus Blush body scrub by Champney’s.

Finally, I’ve recently tried lemon and lime water as part of my 7 day detox and this will now join my post travels detox routine as I’ve really felt the benefits. Here’s how it’s made and what the benefits are. I also always try to ensure I have green tea several days per week as it’s totally loaded with antioxidants and natural caffeine for energy.

There you have it – my top tips for detoxing your hair, face and body post travels. What did you think? Have you got any tips for detoxing after travelling? Share your thoughts in the comments section below…

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