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Printable Ski Trip Packing List: Skiing Essentials for Beginners

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If you’re taking to the slopes for the first time this winter, then you may be wondering what skiing essentials you’ll need as a beginner.

Never fear!

The printable ski trip packing list in this blog post should tell you all you need to know about your winter gear, including what to pack, what you’re safe to leave behind when skiing for the first time and what features you’ll want to look for when buying your skiing essentials.

We hope you find it useful!

Printable Ski Trip Packing List: Skiing Essentials for Beginners

Get your free ski trip packing list here >>>

On the Slopes

Hit the slopes in practical style with these ski trip essentials…

Ski Jacket

Arguably one of the most important items of clothing on this ski trip packing list is a ski jacket.

This is what will protect you against the snow, winds and cold temperatures you’ll come across while skiing, so your best bet is to look for a ski jacket that has an insulated layer, such as down padding or a synthetic equivalent.

For convenience, the best ski jackets come with lots of zipped pockets and some even have special boarding pass pockets. This means you can just scan your arm past the barrier rather than having to fumble around at the ski lift trying to get your pass out of your pocket.

Here are some great ski jacket options for men: (click the images for more info)

And some for women: (click the images for more info)

Salopettes / Snow Pants

Just like your ski jacket, your salopettes or snow pants will keep you warm and dry.

You’ll want a slightly relaxed fit to give you some flexibility when it comes to movement and so that you can wear thermals underneath — you may need to go up one or two sizes from your usual pant size.

You’ll also want plenty of zipped pockets for various essentials, and it’ll be easier for you to get into your ski boots if your trousers also come with a snow gaiter zip at the bottom. If you didn’t already know, the gaiter is a flap that can easily be zipped up over your boots.

Here are our recommendations for men: (click the images for more info)

And for women: (click the images for more info)


Thermal tops, pants and socks are essential for any ski trip. They’re specially designed to keep your vitals warm and are usually fitted close to the skin to help with ease of movement.

Base layers don’t need to be particularly fancy so you just need to scout out some simple ones like this set for men and this set for women.

Fleece Jumper

Underneath your ski jacket, you’ll want to wear a thermal top, as well as a fleece jumper. Fleece is a breathable material and really helps to keep the heat locked in whilst you’re up a mountain.

We’d always recommend opting for simplicity when it comes to fleece jumpers, such as this one or this one for men, and this one or this one for women.


Snoods are much better ski essentials than scarves as they won’t blow away in the wind or get caught up anywhere.

They also have the ability to protect both your neck and face from the wind and cold at the same time.

Here’s a great option for men and one for women.

Ski Goggles

Don’t underestimate the value of a decent pair of ski goggles. Your eyes are one of your most vital body parts, so you should ensure they get the best protection. 

At the very least, your ski goggles should offer you 100% UV protection, have an anti-fog and anti-reflective lens and should fit snugly on your face.

If they can also look colourful and fashionable at the same time, well that’s a great bonus!

We love these Snowledge ones and these ones from Gantzon. We’ve also found these Electric EG3.5 goggles to be a brilliant choice and they even come with a spare lens.

Ski Gloves

You’ll want specially made thermal ski gloves to give your hands the utmost protection against the cold and wind… and the great news is that you can get some really stylish ones these days as well.

Here are some great options for men: (click the images for more info)

And some for women: (click the images for more info)

TO HIRE: Helmet, Ski Boots & Skis

During your ski adventure, you’ll also need a helmet (especially as a beginner), ski boots and a pair of skis (obviously).

Unless you know that you’ll be going on lots of ski trips in the future, your best bet would be to just hire each of these at the resort during your first couple of trips.

Once you start making ski holidays a regular thing, it’ll then be a good idea to buy your own.

Après-Ski Essentials

Whether you plan to chill out by the fire with a cup of hot cocoa after skiing, or prefer to dance the night away, you’ll want to pack some slightly different gear for après-ski sessions…


Gilets are really useful for après-ski sessions as they give you freedom in the arms for dancing and moving about, while keeping the important parts of your body toasty warm.

Scott was recently gifted a down padded gilet from outdoor clothing specialist, Westbeach Apparel, and loves how light, stylish and comfortable it is.

Your best bet would be to look for something just as lightweight as it makes packing super easy!

Performance Jacket

If gilets aren’t quite your style, then a lightweight performance jacket is also great post-ski.

Lighter than a full-on ski jacket, performance jackets will still keep you toasty warm, but will provide you with a bit more flexibility when it comes to moving about a bar or log cabin.

Like Scott, Westbeach Apparel also gifted me with a piece of winter gear — a teal green down padded jacket. It’s just as lightweight as Scott’s gilet, fits like a glove and isn’t the colour gorgeous? Safe to say, it’ll definitely follow me around on all our winter trips from now on!

Merino Wool Top

Merino wool is quite possibly one of the best fabrics you could wear in winter and during ski trips, (especially post-ski), as it’s great at repelling odours and moisture, and keeps you cool indoors and warm outside.

Although tops made from merino wool can be a little pricey, they’re usually of a really high quality so can last for years. Try this one for men and this one for women.

Salopettes / Snow Pants

Even during après-ski sessions, you’ll likely want to keep wearing your salopettes or snow pants with some thermals underneath; jeans won’t do as they won’t keep you as warm on the way to the bar or if chilling outside with a drink.

As a reminder, here are our recommendations for men: (click the images for more info)

And for women: (click the images for more info)


Thermals will keep you warm on your way to the bar (or wherever it is you’re heading), and are especially essential for late into the night when temperatures drop even further.

As a reminder, we like this set for men and this set for women.

Snowshoes or Sturdy Hiking Boots

While your ski boots only need to be used for skiing itself, you’ll want to take some snowshoes or sturdy hiking boots with you for general walking about and after you’ve finished skiing for the day.

Here are some great options for men: (click the images for more info)

And for women: (click the images for more info)

Although the best boots will come with gripped soles (for ice), you can also cheat a little with ice cleats or crampons, which are grips you can add to your shoes. They work well and usually only cost around £5 – £10.

Thermal Mittens

Although you can just as easily keep wearing your ski gloves, you may also want to pack a pair of mittens specifically for après-ski events.

You could even opt for a pair that have flaps to expose your fingers when you need to — for instance when getting money out of your wallet or purse for drinks at the outside bar!

We love these ones for women and these ones for men.


For a stylish approach to keeping your neck warm, make sure you pack your trendy scarf. We’re huge fans of good quality wool and wool-blend scarves like this one for women and this one for men.

However, if you’d prefer to save space in your luggage, then you can also use your snood for your après-ski sessions as well.


While your helmet will keep your head warm during skiing itself, a simple hat is perfect for after skiing.

Keep it simple (and practical) with either a woolly bobble hat, beanie or even a hat with ear flaps for extra warmth.

For men, here are some great options: (click the images for more info)

And some for women as well: (click the images for more info)


Alongside your clothing, you should also pack these ski trip extras…

Sun Lotion

Up a mountain, the sun has been known to shine bright… and with the addition of bright white snow, the risk of sunburn intensifies! So make sure to pack some sun lotion (ideally travel-sized) just in case.

Lip Balm

A combination of cold winds, snow and sunshine can result in very chapped lips if you’re not prepared with some lip balm. Always take this in your pocket during ski sessions.

Hand Warmers

Hand warmers are perfect at the top of a mountain, as well as when you’re in a draughty cabin or bar. Pack a couple of these in your pocket and you can thank us later!

Action Camera

For grabbing some awesome downhill action shots (or for hilarious facepalm moments), an action camera like this Crosstour 4k Action Camera, the GoPro Hero5 or even this 360 camera by Samsung can be attached to your helmet or put on the end of a selfie stick.

We hope this ski trip packing list and list of skiing essentials for beginners proves useful for your first ski trip! Where will you be heading? We’d love to hear your stories so just drop a few lines in the comments below…

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Psst! This blog post was written in partnership with Westbeach Apparel, who kindly gifted Scott and I with some new winter gear. As usual, all words, opinions and thoughts are our own!
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