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Wanderers of the World in Croatia

Reader Survey 2020 (+ A Giveaway You Won’t Want To Miss!)

Psst! This blog post probably has affiliate links in it, which earn us a small amount of commission if you buy or book something through them... at no extra cost to you.

By this time next year, our blog will be five years old. Crazy, right? I feel like that anniversary is sneaking up on us fast too – and something tells me we probably have 2020 to blame for that!

What started out as a place where we could jot down a few quick words about trips we were excited to tell you about has snowballed into several hundred blog posts and over 50,000 of you lovely lot reading what we have to say every month. 

That’s like seeing a packed stadium every single month and we often have to pinch ourselves whenever we think about it.

The funny thing is though. We normally have to guess what you might want to read about and we make plans based on that. But that would be like turning up to a packed stadium without knowing whether you’re actually going to like what we say, sing, perform or whatever before getting on the stage.

Yeah. That would be silly, right? So why are we guessing when it comes to what blog posts and topics we think you might like? And why are we making plans based on that guesswork? Educated guesses. But guesswork none the less.

If this year has taught us anything, it’s that plans are normally thrown out of the window when faced with these unprecedented times we’ve somehow found ourselves living in.

In January, I had a solid plan to write lots of new blog posts and update everything on the site. I knew exactly what I’d be working on every month and I was writing like I was in some kind of frenzy. I was loving it!

But by the time March came around, that plan had quickly fallen to the wayside and it became a case of pivoting – and mostly just staring blankly at my laptop not really knowing what to write. 

Hoping for some kind of inspiration, motivation, anything to come from somewhere. It’s been hard and there have definitely been a fair few tears. Thanks to Scott for putting up with me!

However, 2021 is a brand new year – and it’ll be here quicker than we think. Although everything is still so uncertain for us all, we want to go into next year with a positive mindset and so we’re making new plans. 

Plans for new blog posts. Plans for new trips (hopefully!) Plans for new products (this is the one I’m most excited about!)

We have so many ideas for what we can do to take our travel blog up a level. But we don’t want to do this on guesswork alone. 

That’s where you come in! So we can be sure we’re spending time on the things that matter most to you, we want to hear what you have to say.

This is your chance to shape how we approach our content in 2021, so don’t hold anything back!

Seriously… we wanna hear the good, the bad and the ugly!

There are 20 questions in total and the whole survey should take you no more than 10 minutes to complete.

Answer our survey below – or click here to see it in full screen.

Get Your Guide Gift Card Giveaway

To say thanks for all your super useful, super helpful, super awesome feedback, we’re going to host a giveaway where one of you will win a Get Your Guide gift card worth £10 (or whatever the equivalent is in your preferred currency). 

We use Get Your Guide for all our tours, and even if you don’t have any international travel plans coming up, you should still be able to find a local experience you can put your gift card towards.

Don’t forget to include your email address at the end of the survey to be in with the chance of winning!

The giveaway will close on December 9th and we’ll be announcing the winner on December 18th (exactly one week before Christmas!)

Thank you for all your feedback in advance! And an even bigger thank you for sticking with us so far – and hopefully beyond!

Justine & Scott xoxo

PS Get Your Guide aren’t involved in this survey in any way. We just thought their gift cards would make a great prize! 😉

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