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Now that our blog has grown to the size that it is with lots of juicy travel content available to read, we thought it would make sense to finally make one of these 'Start Here' pages. In it, we'll tackle some top FAQs we get asked on how we travel and how we afford it, while showcasing some of our best blogs for you to read.

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About Us


Justine is a Content Marketing Manager by day and the brains behind Wanderers of the World. She writes most of the blog posts found on this site and loves writing each and every one of them. She has a huge passion for travel, as well as reading, writing, baking and all kinds of outdoors adventures.


By day, Scott is a Design Engineer, which enables him to bring creative flair and imagination to our travel blog in the form of photography, video and design. As he's a techie, he's also able to keep our site running to its full potential. He's also passionate about travel, as well as engineering and climbing.


Kai is a Rough Collie and is currently 15 months old. He's passionate about long walks, new adventures, play time and cuddles, and is responsible for helping Scott and Justine to scout out new dog friendly places to take him to that can be shared on the blog and his very own Instagram.

How We Travel

All of the travel weโ€™ve embarked on has been around our full-time office jobs based in Bristol. I'm a Content Marketing Manager by day, while Scott is a Design Engineer.

Along with our Rough Collie, Kai, we know how to make the most of day trips, weekend city breaks and one or two week holidays despite the concerns and limitations that come with numbered annual leave days, work contracts and other life commitments.

We travel as a couple around the UK and Europe and sometimes further afield, such as Africa and the US, while Kai currently joins us on all of our UK trips. Many of our weekends are taken up with day trips and overnight stays around the UK, while we also make time for three or four longer trips each year.

This has seen us doing all sorts of incredible activities like husky sledding in Finland, partying in Morocco, road-tripping through Scotland, Ireland and even Cyprus, island-hopping in Hawaii, getting engaged in Iceland and loads more.

As we have limited time to travel, we do a lot of planning before trips and often pack quite a lot into our itineraries to ensure we get a chance to see everything we want to. After all, we may not know when we'll be back so we like to see the best of a new place each time.

We're also fans of mid-range travel... hostels and back-packing aren't really for us, and we rarely like to splurge on luxury hotels, which is mainly how we afford to travel as much as we do.

How We Afford To Travel

As mentioned, we're mid-range travel budget pros. We tend to stay in 2 or 3 star hotels, and we're never worried to rent somewhere a little further out of town in order to save on costs.

Where we feel comfortable driving, we often embark on road trips so that we don't have to splurge on expensive tours, while in cities, we rely on public transport like the metro, buses and trains, as well as our own two feet.

We're also big fans of using travel hacks where we can. From using Scott's Cheap Flights to find great deals, to changing our preferred destination based on flight and hotel costs, to even taking our own food to expensive countries, we're always trying to find ways to make our mid-range budget go that little bit further.

When not travelling, we work regular full-time jobs, which are paid fairly well, and to be honest, we rarely spend much money on anything else. Aside from bills, rent, food and Kai's costs, most of our disposable income is spent on travelling and new experiences in some form or other.

Now It's Your Turn!

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