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The Simplicity Of Travel & Why We Love It

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With the aim to inspire you in life and travel, we’ve asked a few fellow bloggers to join us on Wanderers of the World to talk to you about their travel experiences and stories.

Today, James and Sarah from The Whole World Or Nothing are here to tell you their own story about why they love travelling, including the simplicity and freedom it brings into their lives.

Say Hello to James & Sarah

James and Sarah are self-confessed travel obsessees and have travelled the world together as digital nomads for several years. During that time, they’ve been to some pretty incredible places including Cambodia, Brazil and Japan to name just a few (we may only be slightly jealous!)

Here’s their story of how they got into travelling together and why they love it…

The Simplicity of Travel & Why We Love It

Before we left our old lives to travel the world, we really weren’t sure that we were going to like it. Of course we had the desire to see new places and try new experiences (otherwise what were we even doing) but the practical aspect of living out of a backpack, being away from home comforts, constantly on the move; we really weren’t sure about those bits. However, it turns out the simplicity of travel is one of the things we love the most about our nomadic lifestyle.

Minimalist Living

It was hard when we first started travelling to imagine carrying everything that we might possibly need on our backs. We struggled with everything from how to choose the best travel backpack (FYI, this guide helped us a lot!), to what electrical gear to take, and we most certainly over-packed. Our first packing list consisted of enough batteries to power a small village, way too many clothes and a tonne of medication for any and every eventuality. But as we travelled, we were removed from the constant hum of consumerism and the need to possess ‘just in case’ stuff.

After 2 years of living nomadically, we’ve managed to evolve the contents of our backpacks so everything in them has a purpose and we don’t carry anything that we don’t need or love. Our mindset is the complete opposite now and the thought of having a wardrobe full of clothes and drawers full of stuff is uncomfortable and overwhelming. Living with so few possessions allows us to focus our energy on the things in life that are more important to us such as exploring, adventure and us.

The Freedom

We’ve never felt more alive than while we’ve been travelling. Away from the expectations and pressures of ‘society’ to live a certain way or achieve certain things, we have true freedom and independence. Our schedule is our own and we can do what we want, when we want. There are no expectations to look or dress a certain way because by the very nature of choosing to have no fixed abode, we are different in most people’s eyes anyway, and that we embrace.

Of course, travel and living simply doesn’t come without its challenges or bumps in the road at times. But for us, having the space in our minds that travel affords us means we generally just don’t get stressed out by much anymore. We do freelance work as we travel, so not every day is spent gallivanting around (we wish) but we generally move location every couple of weeks because we love the freshness and adventure that brings.

Being Together

Yep, we’re one of those couples that just love each other’s company 24/7. Although we’d been together for seven years prior to starting travelling, I’m not sure either of us realised that we really are each other’s best friend. Corny we know, but working long hours in stressful and boring corporate jobs, coming home exhausted and spending most of the weekend dreading Monday wasn’t exactly the best catalyst for our relationship.

For us, travelling the world and setting up our own business together brought with it a whole new level to our partnership. We value each other and what we have together so much more than we ever have. So whether we’re having a deep conversation over a bottle of red, watching a sunset, or tapping away on our laptops by each other’s side, we now can’t imagine living any other way.

Making New Friends

Another thing that travel has taught us is that the world is full of friendly and generous people. We have made so many awesome and interesting new friends from all over the world since we’ve been travelling, people that we previously just wouldn’t have had the time or opportunity to meet, let alone get to know. But living a life of travel brings with it the simplicity of always having something in common with almost everyone you meet – travel.

The openness, kindness and the desire to learn from each other that we have experienced from complete strangers has at times been unbelievable. Regardless of language barriers, age gaps and ethnicities, there’s a beauty about travelling and being out of your comfort zone that puts everyone on a level playing field. These kinds of exciting new experiences just didn’t come along that often before.

The Rush Of The New

It’s not that we don’t have any sense of routine anymore, because we do. But we love the flexibility not having a permanent base gives us, being able to stay a while longer in a place you love or move onto the next if you’re not really feeling it (or have a deadline and the internet is out). Of course there can be downsides to freelancing but we think being able to live from anywhere in the world that has internet signal is pretty damn amazing.

For us the rush of setting foot in a new place and being bombarded with new sights, sounds and smells is just one of the best feelings and we’re always on a high when we arrive somewhere new. We’re from the UK and it always feels great to be back when we’re visiting family and friends, but since we started travelling, our concept of home has completely changed. We now view our ‘home’ as wherever our backpacks and each other are.

The Lost City Trek in Colombia

What do you love most about travel? Did you have any reservations before you set off on your first adventure? Tell us in a comment below…

James and Sarah of The Whole World Or Nothing are full time backpackers and part time thrill seekers. It all started with a conversation about wanting more from life and a desire to travel the world. Now they are living their dream and hope to inspire you to put your fears aside and go follow yours. Follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest or YouTube to keep up with their journey and awesome travel tips. 

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Inspiring Travel Stories: The Simplicity of Travel & Why We Love It

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