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Through The Eyes Of A Local: Cagliari, Italy

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I’ve always been fascinated by Italy. It was one of the first places I visited as a young girl, and it was a solo trip around Italy that rekindled my love for travel once I’d entered adulthood.

So, it should come as no surprise that I’m beyond excited to share this week’s Through The Eyes Of A Local interview with you!

Claudia from My Adventures Across The World is here to tell us all about her hometown, Cagliari on the beautiful Italian island of Sardinia…

Claudia in Cagliari

1. Could you tell us a little about yourself and where you come from?

My name is Claudia, I am a former human rights lawyer but now travel blogging is my only source of income. I am from Cagliari, Sardinia.

2. How long have you lived in Cagliari? And what brought you here?

I was born and raised in Cagliari. I spent ten years between the US and the UK and then felt the urge to go back home. I have been travelling the world almost full time since November 2013, but Cagliari is the place I call home.

3. What do you love most about your hometown?

Cagliari is a gorgeous small city that has a lot to offer: great archaeological sites and museums; a lovely city centre with lots of shopping; lots of traditions; fantastic night life; good food galore. It is close to many nice hiking trails; it’s a great place for bird watching (it’s one of the very few places in the Mediterranean where pink flamingoes nest and live). Not to mention, it gives easy access to all the best beaches in Sardinia.

Sardinia Beaches

4. Is there anything that frustrates or annoys you when tourists visit Italy or Sardinia?

Well, there’s a lot of misconceptions about Italy in general. We seem to attract all the negative stereotypes of the world. But Italians are kind, welcoming and overall generous people. Sardinians in general are very reserved, but that doesn’t mean they are not nice!

5. In your opinion, which places should be at the top of any visitor’s wishlist in Cagliari?

A short hike to Sella del Diavolo (Devil’s Settle) shouldn’t be missed. It is a fantastic viewpoint, incredibly easy to reach from the city centre. I also love walking around the San Giovanni area: it is so colourful and full of character.

Cagliari, Sardinia

6. What foods must visitors eat when in Sardinia?

Malloreddus are a must – they are a very small, chewy pasta usually cooked with a sauce made of tomatoes and Sardinian sausage. Culurgiones – a ravioli kind pasta, filled with potatoes, mint and a little bit of cheese and served with grated pecorino cheese – are delicious. I also love fregola, which is a bit like a rougher, thicker cous cous and we eat it with “arselle” (clams) in a brothy sauce.

7. What’s your favourite Italian word? And what does it mean?

Ajò! It means “let’s go” but also “come on” depending on the context.

8. What advice would you give to somebody moving to Sardinia from another country?

Learn how to swim or you will never fully enjoy some of the best beaches.

9. If you could describe your hometown in just one sentence, what would you say?

Cagliari is a splendid, coastal city with lots of life and charming sights.

10. If tourists were to know one thing about the Sardinian culture, what should that be?

Sardinia is an ancient land, and it has a millenary culture. Don’t expect to learn and understand it in one week. Even we don’t get it!

Cagliari Houses

Thanks Claudia! We’ve loved getting to know you and Cagliari better!

If you want to find out more about stunning Sardinia, take a look at Claudia’s travel blog: My Adventures Across The World. Or… you can follow her along on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!

And if you loved Claudia’s interview, share it around now!

Through The Eyes Of A Local: Cagliari

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