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Through The Eyes Of A Local: Liverpool

Through The Eyes Of A Local: Liverpool, England

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Despite travelling frequently, there are still lots of places I’ve not seen in my home country. The major city of Liverpool in England being one of them. So, to tell us all about it and why we should visit is a Liverpool local… enjoy!

1. Could you tell us a little about yourself and where you come from? 

I’m Bryony, a twenty-something travel blogger with a lust for budget travel and backpacking. I enjoy experiences, no matter what they are or where they take me. I’m all about life’s little adventures and always manage to make the most of the situation I’m in.

I originally don’t come from the city I’m currently living in and like many students in the UK, I came here several years ago to study and never really left. The city of Liverpool is now my home and I couldn’t imagine living in a more vibrant and accepting city. Its diverse and friendly nature didn’t just appeal to me, the majority of students that arrive in Liverpool struggle to move on and Liverpool’s ever growing population is evident in the rate that it is developing.

The only time I’ve spent away from Liverpool has been during long term travels and then I’ve always managed to navigate my way back to the city I call home. I would very much say I’m in love with the city of Liverpool and everything it has to offer locals and tourists alike.

Liverpool Albert Dock

2. What do you love most about Liverpool?

Liverpool is such a cultural hub, I’ve often described Liverpool as ‘everything that’s good about London, without everything that’s bad about London’. I see Liverpool as one of those up and coming cities that very much knows who it is. With a rich history in music and arts, Liverpool city centre is packed full to the brim of attractions in the form of galleries, museums and architectural beauties.

For foodies, the city is packed with independent restaurants where you can sample cuisines from around the world. Vintage clothing and book stores litter the city and the quirkiest spots are often showcased at Vintage Fairs and Markets. Speaking of markets, Liverpool has many. Whether it’s St Johns. Food market or The Baltic Market in the edgy Baltic Triangle region.

As for nightlife, you’ll struggle to find better. With every type of pub, bar and club the city explodes after 9pm with tourists and locals all looking to enjoy the famous cobbled streets of Liverpool’s nightlife locations.

3. Is there anything that frustrates or annoys you when tourists visit your hometown?

Not really, and there’s a perfectly good reason why. Liverpool was once an industrial wasteland, left to ruin at the end of the industrial revolution as the docks went out of business and the factories closed. After a large investment into the city’s infrastructure and decades of regeneration, the city of Liverpool has become one of the core tourist attractions in England. Thanks to its 2008 status as Capital of Culture, the number of domestic visitors to the city has been growing annually and this isn’t a bad thing. If tourists are good for one thing, it’s the local economy and local businesses. This is something Liverpool thrives on and us locals never want to see that end!

Liverpool - Pierhead from The Albert Dock

4. In your opinion, which places should be at the top of any visitor’s wishlist in Liverpool?

  • The Albert Dock at around 3pm on a warm afternoon in summer. Head to The Pumphouse (pub) for an icy pint of fruit cider, there’s no better place to people watch and take in the sights of Pierhead and Liverpool One. You’ll also be able to grab a sunset picture and take a ride on Liverpool’s smaller version of the London Eye which you can found located outside the famous Echo Arena.
  • Bold Street, Liverpool. Bold Street is filled with some of the quirkiest and best restaurants in the city. You can eat Indian, Moroccan, Lebanese, Italian, Mexican and Peruvian all in one location. Bold Street is also home to some of the most unique clothing shops in the city. Try Resurrection for all your vintage favourites, it’s the best spot in the city to buy band T Shirts too.
  • Matthew Street, Liverpool. For fans of The Beatles, if you can’t take The Beatles tour don’t worry, spend your time at The Cavern Club and explore some more of the pubs and bars on Matthew Street. During the weekend it gets busy so make sure you get there early for a seat, especially in The Cavern Club – Liverpool’s number one bar for Beatles fans.
  • The Palm House, Sefton Park, Liverpool. The Palm House is a glass botanical garden situated in Liverpool’s popular Sefton Park. Outside of the city centre, visiting will require you taking a taxi or a bus, but it is absolutely worth it. The Palm House is an incredible attraction and completely photo-worthy. You won’t want to forget your camera for this one. If you’re going to visit Sefton Park, it’s always worth timing your visit with one of the amazing free music festivals that take place during the summer months including LIMF (Liverpool International Music Festival) or the famous Liverpool Food and Drink Festival.

Sefton Park during Liverpool International Music Festival

5. What foods must visitors eat when in Liverpool?

Fish and Chips is always a must when visiting the UK; unique to Liverpool is a dish called ‘Scouse’ which is essentially a delicious beef stew with gravy, potatoes and veg. Although, it’s not exactly veggie friendly, but that doesn’t matter in a city like Liverpool where there’s hundreds of top restaurants offering every style of food you can image. There’s simply something for everyone.

6. What’s your favourite local word? Why? What does it mean?

Boss – Meaning something was very good in Liverpool. For example “We had a boss night!”

7. What advice would you give to somebody moving to Liverpool?

Be prepared for two seasons – in Liverpool it’s either quite warm or very cold. You’ll struggle to find an in between. It gets windy here and some of the storms can be brutal, but the summer is bliss. Evenings spent in a beer garden or enjoying the sunshine in Sefton Park, there’s nothing quite like summer in England (even if it only lasts a couple of weeks).


8. If you could describe Liverpool in just one sentence, what would you say?

The most culturally diverse and vibrant city, with the friendliest locals.

9. If tourists were to know one thing about the Liverpudlian culture, what should that be?

Making the most of Saturday night is something that is truly British. The weekend is the weekend and people try to enjoy it the world over, but in Liverpool, scousers and non-scouse locals alike make the absolute most of Saturday night. It’s the time to get completely dolled up and hit the town. This is not only a cultural aspect of living in Liverpool, most cities in the North of England have this tradition.

10. Do you have any interesting traditions that you’d like to tell us about?

Bank Holidays in the UK are complete unique to the UK as the days often mark events surrounding the Royal Family or Saints. In the UK, there are 8 total bank holidays which generally means banks are closed and the majority of the country (unless you work in retail or hospitality) don’t have to go to work. There’s nothing more magical than August bank holiday Monday in the sun.

Thanks Bryony – we’ve loved getting to know you and Liverpool better!

If you want to hear more from Bryony, check out her blog: travelsandmore, or follow her along on Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook or Instagram.

Through The Eyes Of A Local: Liverpool

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