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You’ve all heard the saying: “While April brings April showers, May brings May flowers”, right? Well, we’ve also seen April bring yet more exciting, interesting, and sometimes just plain bizarre travel news to the fore. And with that, I bring you the April edition of your travel tea break – I may even chuck in a few flowers along the way… 😉

Travel News: Tourism pressures: Five places tackling too many visitors

Travel News: Thailand Tourism Pressures

We’ve heard many reports over the last few months of popular tourist destinations “fighting” back against their popularity due to worries over their beautiful locations being destroyed.

And it seems Thailand has now joined the fray, stopping visitors from heading to Maya Beach until they can get the landscape back under control.

BBC News recently recapped on 5 places (Thailand included) that have had to put tourism restrictions in place. Review them all here.

As world travel becomes increasingly easier (and cheaper), we may see more places having to reduce tourism numbers. That will certainly be a shame, but at the same time, we travellers need to remember to look after the planet we love seeing so much of.

How do you plan on looking after places when you visit? Feel free to jot down a few tips in the comments below…

Nature Travel: U.S. National Park Entrance Fees Will Increase Starting This Summer

Yellowstone National Park

Following on from the above BBC News article on places that are having to restrict tourism numbers, the U.S. National Parks Service is also having to put measures in place.

Affecting over 117 parks, including ever-popular Yosemite, Yellowstone and the Grand Canyon, entrance fees will increase over this summer, and into 2019 and 2020.

Although this is to deter some visitor levels, the main benefit from the increased prices will come from being able to better maintain and protect the parks, keeping them beautiful for many more generations to come.

Recap on the full story here.

Bizarre Travel Update: What Fresh Hell Is This? Standing Airplane Seats

Standing Airplane Seats

Throughout the years, airlines and aerospace Engineers have been under increasing pressure to fit more people on flights.

Their latest idea?

Standing airplane seats. Yep, you heard (read) right.

Designed to fit 20% more passengers on flights, these seats would cause passengers to bend their legs less, and thus, be practically standing up for the whole flight.

Who else is hoping these seats never become a reality?

Travel Tips: Take A Virtual Disney Vacation With Stunning New Google Street View Maps

So it’s highly possible I’m slow on the uptake with this, but I just discovered this month that it’s possible to take a virtual tour of Disney World and Disney Land using Google Maps!

You now have my permission to leave work early in order to try it out…

Wanderer Blog Update: Introducing ‘Dog Friendly Wandering’ – The New Section of My Website

Announcing ‘Dog Friendly Wandering’: The New Section Of My Website

I recently announced that I’ll be scaling back travel in order to look after a new addition to our family and the Wanderer of the World team – my Rough Collie puppy, Kai.

In case you missed the announcement, you can read it here.

The main parts to remember are:

  • I’ll still be bringing you all the travel articles you already love
  • But I’ll also be publishing more articles related to dog friendly travel and day trips

And I’m super pleased to report that the first dog friendly article I published: 10 of the Best Dog Friendly Cafes in the UK was more popular than I ever could have dreamed:

  • Over 1,000 views in 3 days
  • Over 500 Facebook shares in 3 days

Here’s to bringing you more dog friendly travel articles! Next on my list is a directory of dog friendly National Trust places, so stay tuned for that…

Okay, that’s it for another month! Keep an eye out for your next travel tea break in May!

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