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Well, that’s the end of another fantastic year! For this month’s travel news tea break, I’m keeping things a little more lighthearted than usual… you know, just ‘cos it’s still the festive period and all that! Are you ready?

Article: Millennials are prioritising travel over getting on the housing ladder

Keys to your new home

Lonely Planet have recently written an interesting article on how millennials are prioritising travel over buying their first home. As a travel-obsessed millennial myself, this definitely hit a note with me this month.

As of 2018, Scott and I will be slowing down on the travel front a little bit in order to focus on buying our first home. But in contrary to Lonely Planet’s article, our reasons aren’t money-related, they’re purely time-related. It takes a lot of effort to research and book holidays; it takes even longer to arrange house viewings and contract signings, and we simply don’t have time to do both enough justice right now.

But enough about us… I’m curious to hear from all of you non-homeowners too. Are you prioritising travel over purchasing your first home, either intentionally or non?

Travel Inspiration: Exploring Strasbourg Through My Lens


As can be expected, I love reading other blogs almost as much as I love writing for my own… and this is especially the case when I spot an awesome dose of travel inspiration!

Ania Travels has recently published a Strasbourg photo essay, which really showcases the beauty of this small French town. So much so, that it’s now found its way onto my own travel wishlist.

Thanks for the inspiration Ania!

Foodie Travel: The quirkiest afternoon teas in London

Afternoon Tea

The Sweet Wanderlust is one of my favourite travel bloggers, merging travel with food and drink of the most sweet variety. Basically, she’s a girl after my own heart.

And this month, she wrote about some afternoon tea experiences in England’s capital, which look so incredible! Personally, I’ve got my eyes on the Genie’s Cave Tea at Cutter & Squidge. Which is your favourite?

Travel Advice: When is the Best Time to Visit Iceland?

Iceland Sunset

It’s no surprise that Iceland is one of my most favourite destinations and I’m keen to equip other travellers with all they need in order to make this their next favourite destination too.

This month saw me team up with a few other travel bloggers to discuss what can be expected in each season in Iceland, including their recommendations on what you can do and see as well as the typical weather you should expect to see when there.

Take a look (I promise it’s informative!)

Now that we’ve come to the end of another year, don’t forget to recap on all of the travel tea breaks from previous months. You can read them all here!

And I’ll be back at the end of January with another round-up of the top travel articles, news and inspiration, so keep an eye out for that!

But for the meantime, Happy New Year!

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