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With the official ‘month of love’ over with, now would be a great time to recap on some of the top travel news, articles and inspiration that appeared on our computer screens during February. As can be expected in this month’s travel tea break, romantic travel is a common theme throughout…

Travel News: Maldives hit by hundreds of holiday cancellations as state of emergency continues

Maldives - State of Emergency

The Maldives, best known as a paradise dream destination and popular honeymoon spot, has been in political turmoil this month. And sadly, this seems to have hit the travel industry hard…

According to this article by The Telegraph, President Abdulla Yameen declared a state of emergency at the start of February, “in response to a ruling by judges that leading members of the opposition, including the former president Maumoon Abdul Gayoom, should be freed.

Since then, many honeymooners and paradise hunters have had to cancel their holidays in order to avoid protests, rallies and threats to national security, resulting in “50 to 60 room cancellations per day,” according to a spokesperson for Paradise Island Resort-Villa Group.

And as we close out February, it doesn’t look like this political turmoil is set to end any time soon.

For those of you travelling to The Maldives, you should keep an eye on the news and find out from your travel booking company whether you should continue with your holiday or not.

Have you been affected by this? I’d be interested to hear what you’ve decided to do, so leave a couple of comments below…

Travel Inspiration: The 25+ Most Romantic Sunsets From Around The World

On a brighter note, my contribution to romantic travel inspiration this month was in the form of a collaboration with over 20 other bloggers, to bring you the 25+ most romantic sunsets from around the world.

For all the fellow sunset chasers out there, I hope this helps you add a few more places to your bucket list!

Romantic Travel: 8 Travel-Themed Valentines for Your Globetrotting Sweetheart (+ Free Printables!)

Looking for something a little different when it comes to romantic travel?

Introducing Happy to Wander, who brought us some very cool travel-themed valentine cards this month.

A few of my favourites include:

  • “Wow. You must have overstayed your visa… because you have FINE written all over you!”
  • “My google maps must be broken… because I can’t stop getting lost in your eyes!”
  • “Would you like to visit Korea with me? I’m looking for a seoul-mate.”

Cool, aren’t they? There’s loads more on the Happy to Wander website. And Christina has very kindly provided us with some free printables:

Happy to Wander printables

Although you might be a little late for this year’s Valentine’s Day, there’s always next year. Or y’know, just hand them out anyway ‘cos love can be for any day of the year!

Travel Like a Local: How to NOT Look Like a Tourist in New York City, USA

Times Square, New York City

I’ve admired Alyse’s blog, The Invisible Tourist, for a while now.

Coming at this whole travel blogging malarkey with a unique spin, she focuses on how you can blend in to your surroundings… aka travel invisibly.

And recently, she’s opened up her blog to guest posts on the theme of “How to NOT look like a tourist in…”.

Last week saw Kelly from Girl With The Passport share her advice on how to not look like a tourist in New York City… and it makes for a very juicy read!

Foodie Travel: 6 sakura-flavoured treats to hunt down in Japan before cherry blossom season

Sakura-flavoured food & drink

Spring is on the horizon, which can only mean one thing…

Everything sakura (aka cherry blossom) appears on the internet. Blossom forecasts, cherry blossom fabric prints, sakura-flavoured food and drink. You name it, you’ll find it.

And none so is more the case than in Japan itself – infamous for the flurries of pink that erupt throughout March, April and part of May.

In this foodie article, the best places to get some sakura-flavoured treats in Japan are listed. And I for one now have a hankering to try them all… or just indulge in lots of pink food and drink!

Who’s with me?

Test Your Travel News Knowledge: Travel news quiz: February edition

Test your travel knowledge

So I found something new this month…

Lonely Planet publish a travel news quiz every month! Who knew?!

Now you can put all this awesome knowledge I share with you every month to the test. Let me know how you get on!

My (very fitting and accurate) result was:

“Wise Wanderer”:
Your knowledge of recent travel news is commendable, keep an eye out for news of burgeoning city destinations and people doing strange things on mountains, and next month you could be at the top.

Okay, that’s it for another month! Keep an eye out for your next travel tea break once Spring hits in March!

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