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Happy 2018 everyone! This is the first travel tea break of the new year, and it’s a corker… a sign of things to come for the year ahead maybe? If you’re anything like me, you’ve been using the days since the new year to plan your travels for the year ahead. So take a quick break from all that travel planning and catch up on the latest travel news, inspiration and videos to hit the web this month…

Travel News: A Norwegian Plane Flew from New York to London in 5 Hours 13 Minutes – The Fastest Subsonic Commercial Transatlantic Flight Ever

Norwegian Airlines - Travel News

Low-cost airline, Norwegian, has been hitting headlines this month, thanks to their super quick transatlantic flight from New York to London.

They made it in just over 5 hours – 53 minutes ahead of schedule.

Although the 200 mph tailwinds shaved off some of those minutes, it’s testament to Norwegian’s investment in their new Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner.

I personally have flown with Norwegian before and have always been impressed by their professionalism, value and service. And it’s good to see them making headway above competition in other areas too – British Airways and Virgin Atlantic should watch out!

Travel Inspiration: Top Places in Europe to Visit in Spring

Madeira Porto Moniz

January is often the month when you spot a lot of blogs offering advice and inspiration for the year ahead. Call me geeky, but I happen to love reading blogs like that as it’s a great start to the year (in my opinion!)

Travel blog, Reflections Enroute, have pulled together a bunch of suggestions from travel bloggers on where you should visit in Europe once Spring arrives. I got involved and offered my tips for a spring trip to Madeira – aptly nicknamed ‘The Island of Eternal Spring’.

But there’s so many other great recommendations in this blog too.

From Croatia, to Menorca, to Provence and Valencia, you’ll love so many of these European spring destinations!

Travel Planning: Top Destinations For Your First Holiday Abroad – 18 Destinations to ease you into travel in 2018

Jardin de Luxembourg in summer

As someone who started their fixation with travel by jumping in at the deep end and exploring solo, I’m keen to offer recommendations, advice and a hint of wisdom to inspire others to get out there as well.

This is why I love the theme of this article by Happiness Travels Here – destinations to ease you into travel.

I suggested a short city break to Paris, while other travel bloggers recommended places further afield like Sydney, Vancouver and Bali.

Which destination would you pick for a first timer’s trip?

Travel Video: When is the best time to visit Iceland?

Following the success of last month’s article, I decided to take a few highlights from it and turn it into this Facebook video:


This was my first foray into the world of vlogging and videos… and it won’t be my last – so stay tuned for future inspirational, educational and fun videos!

Literary Travel: Edinburgh now has a pub named after J.K. Rowling – but you’ll have to get there fast

Harry Potter - Hogwarts Castle

You got me, I’m a super huge Harry Potter fan. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again – travel plus Harry Potter can never be a bad thing. (Hmm… future wedding idea right there!)

This month saw a pub in Edinburgh temporarily re-brand themselves ‘The J.K. Rowling’. They even went as far as painting a portrait of her on their sign!

Lonely Planet recently wrote about this transformation, stating: “The magical transformation is actually part of a literary event called Message from the Skies, which is part of Edinburgh’s Hogmanay, celebrating the city that inspired many writers.”

Although this re-brand only lasted until January 25th, I’m hoping something like this will be done again. Who knows…maybe its success will make it an annual celebration? Let’s see shall we!

Okay, that’s it for another month! Keep an eye out for your next travel tea break at the end of the month of love… I mean February!

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