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Spring and Easter have finally arrived, which can only mean one thing – it’s time to recap on some of the top travel articles, news and photos to find themselves on our computer screens throughout March…

Travel News: National Trust forced to apologise after Mother’s Day cream tea advert sparks fury in Cornwall

SconesSomething that turned out to be big news this month was when the National Trust found themselves on the receiving end of a bit of abuse following a supposed afternoon tea ‘treachery’…

Lanhydrock, home to a fancy mansion and estate down in sunny Cornwall, had posted an offer for a delicious afternoon tea to help mums celebrate Mother’s Day.

However, they’d forgotten one very important detail.

Cornish people eat their scones with the jam spread on first, followed by clotted cream. Their accompanying photo displayed scones with jam on top, which is how people from neighbouring country, Devon, eat their scones.

You should definitely read the full article to have a few giggles over how seriously we take our afternoon teas in this country!

Female Travel (i): How Women Around the Globe Define Freedom

Freedom & International Women's DayMarch sees us celebrate International Women’s Day every year. As a female travel blogger, it only seems right for me to mention a couple of posts that have helped to celebrate womankind from around the globe this month.

The first is a collaboration I got involved with for Miss Filatelista, related to how women define freedom. My own take on this was to say: “Freedom is being able to speak my mind, travel where I want to and dress how I like without receiving any judgment from strangers, friends or family.”

You can read the full list of responses to how we each define freedom here.

How would you define freedom?


Female Travel (ii): Female Travel Bloggers Celebrate International Women’s Day

Another article to help celebrate women was inspired by some of my fellow travel bloggers posting about International Women’s Day on their Instagram feeds.

There’s a bunch of very cool women and inspiring messages in this article, so I would encourage you to take a look at each of them!

Travel Tips: Where to Shoot Cherry Blossoms in Japan: A Practical Photo Guide

One of the things I love most about when spring hits, is how cherry blossom trees everywhere tell you that spring has arrived. We have one in our own back garden and it’s a joy to see the little pink flowers every year.

And as most travellers know, Japan is really where it’s at when it comes to cherry blossoms (aka sakura) as they’ve been know to properly celebrate this annual phenomenon.


PetaPixel wrote a very cool blog this month related to where it’s best to photograph cherry blossoms in Japan. If you’re out travelling there during the cherry blossom festival, then the article will come in really useful as it has loads of practical advice.

But for those of you who are sadly still only dreaming about visiting Japan in the spring, then the article is one to simply inspire you… the cherry blossom photos are incredible!

Foodie Travel: Peggy Porschen Coffee & Cakes

For anyone who spends many hours per day scrolling through Instagram photos, you’ve likely already heard about the Peggy Porschen cafe in London.

Pretty in pink, and plastered across Instagram feeds every day, this cute little cafe has well and truly made it onto my bucket list.

Peggy Porschen Cakes

In this blog, Harrietta (a Londoner) celebrates everything that is great about this cafe, and it makes for some serious wanderlust envy!

I bet you want to visit Peggy Porschen now, don’t you? (Take me with you!!!)

Okay, that’s it for another month! Keep an eye out for your next travel tea break at the end of April!

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