Welcome to the November edition of your Travel Tea Break!

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As the Autumn months fade away, and we welcome the month of twinkly lights, Christmas trees and gifts galore, let’s remind ourselves of the top travel news stories that happened throughout November…

Travel News: Bali Volcano Eruption Latest: Travel Update as EARTHQUAKE Hits Island

Bali Volcano

If you’ve been following the news religiously, then you know that Bali has been under threat due to volcano Mount Aguing erupting.

Over 100,000 residents have now been evacuated, but the world is on tenterhooks to see how much destruction this volcano might cause to such a beautiful country.

Check out this article from the Express, which details all the important updates you need to know about Mount Aguing, including an earthquake that struck the volcano in the late evening yesterday.

I’d also just like to take a moment to send my love and support to both locals and tourists that have found themselves out there at this time. You are all in our prayers.

Article: Louvre Abu Dhabi Opens its Doors to the Public

Abu Dhabi Louvre

On November 11th, the first universal museum in the Arab world was opened to the public.

Borne out of an intergovernmental agreement between France and the United Arab Emirates, Louvre Abu Dhabi is an inspiring collaboration to help bring the UAE into the art and cultural world as a leading destination.

According to the Khaleej Times, the launch of the museum was magnificent, with live performances throughout the night, accompanied by fireworks and the unveiling of the museum’s most impressive exhibits.

So, I guess the question on everyone’s lips now is: when will you next head to the UAE?

Best Travel Advice: 20 Tips for Sustainable Travel

Sustainable Travel Advice

Every month, I’m on the lookout for excellent travel advice that I think all of you would love to know about.

I usually just share them across my social channels, but this month, I was so impressed with this Suitcase Six article, that I couldn’t help but include it in this month’s edition of your travel news tea break.

It covers a wide range of tips for us all to be better at sustainable travel, from helping to protect animals and wildlife, to respecting other people whilst travelling and reducing our carbon footprint.

Check it out now and show the planet some love!


Travel Interview Series Update: Through The Eyes Of A Local

Brisbane Koala

Last month, I announced the launch of a brand new travel interview series on my blog called Through The Eyes Of A Local.

This has been proving super popular with you all, which I’m so pleased to see!

When I launched this new series last month, I was focusing on specific regions and countries to fit in with my current blog categories.

But… given how popular this has been, I’m even more pleased to announce that I will now be opening up the interviews to all regions across the world. So keep your eyes peeled for some exciting line-ups coming soon!

And if you want to catch up on all the interviews from November, here you go:

And if you’d like to get involved with the interviews yourself, just send me an email or message me on social!

There you have it – the top travel news, stories and advice for November. Don’t forget to take your travel tea break next month!

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