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Happy Halloween! Today marks the day of All Hallows’ Eve where traditionalists spend the day and evening remembering the dead, and children dress up as spooky characters and demand sweets from their neighbours.

But today also marks something else: the date of remembering the travel news and stories that were brought to us in October…

Travel News: Monarch Flights Cancelled as Airline Ceases Trading

Right at the beginning of October, the travel world was shocked at the announcement of Monarch Airlines ceasing to trade.

According to BBC News, over 860,000 people lost their bookings and more than 30 planes were due to be sent by the Civil Aviation Authority to return 110,000 holidaymakers back home.

It’s believed that terrorist attacks throughout Tunisia and Egypt, combined with increased airline competition and the weak pound were all to blame for the airline’s demise.

Were you affected by Monarch’s downfall? Have you managed to return home safely or get your money back? Feel free to jot down a few words in the comments below…

Article: New Plans to Ban Traffic at the Game of Thrones Dark Hedges

Northern Ireland: Dark Hedges

The Belfast Telegraph reported this month that there are new plans underway to ban traffic from driving through Northern Ireland’s notable Game of Thrones filming location and popular tourist spot: The Dark Hedges.

This would put a stop to cars from driving through it, as well as the multitude of coaches that wind its way through the arching tree canopy.

Personally, I think this could be a good move, and would certainly aid travellers in getting better photographs, whilst protecting these infamous trees. When we visited last year, our coach chose to drop us off at one end, before finding a different way around to pick us up at the other. This seemed to work quite well, so fingers crossed these new plans don’t affect anyone too much!

Check out the full story here.

Travel Inspiration: Tokyo in Autumn: The Best Things To Do and See

Tokyo Fall

As someone who is positively determined to visit Japan one day, I love most articles I find on the web that talk about this incredible country.

Well, this month, Lonely Planet whetted our appetites for incredible Tokyo by running us through the best things to see and do if visiting Tokyo in the Autumn / Fall months (including seeing the leaves change to beautiful golds, reds and oranges.

Read the full article to find out more.

New Travel Interview Series: Through The Eyes Of A Local

Times Square, New York City

A couple of weeks ago, I launched a brand new interview series on my blog called Through The Eyes Of A Local.

For this new series, I’ve teamed up with fellow travel bloggers and writers to learn about various cities and countries across the world from a local’s perspective.

From finding out what to see and eat whilst visiting, to what we should know about the wider country’s culture, this is proving to be both an informative and popular series so far.

This month saw locals talk to us about:

I already have lots more interviews to bring to you over the next few months. Tune in each Friday to read a new interview or subscribe to the blog now so you don’t miss them!

And if you’d like to get involved with the interviews yourself, just send me an email or message me on Facebook!

Bonus: Love Harry Potter? Love London? Here’s How to Make a Day of it!

Harry Potter London

If you’ve spent time perusing my blog, you may have noticed I’m a sucker for Harry Potter inspired travel destinations.

We all know London is a mecca for Harry Potter, with the Warner Bro. Studios in Leavesden allowing fans of all ages to wander through the film sets, marvel at the props and watch behind the scenes videos.

Plus, you can pretend you’re whizzing off to Hogwarts from the ‘real’ Platform 9 and ¾, or stock up on Harry Potter inspired clothing, accessories and gifts at Oxford Street’s Primark – perfect timing for your Christmas shopping!

But did you know that October also brings another HP surprise to London?

Say hello to the Harry Potter: A History of Magic exhibition at The British Library. Open from October 20th 2017 to February 28th 2018, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to learn more about the magical inspiration behind the books and how Harry Potter came to be.

Sadly, most weekend tickets are already sold out, but if you can get yourself down to London on a weekday, then this exhibition is set to be hot news! This article from badwitch.co.uk sums up the event rather nicely. Plus there’s a fab documentary to watch (brought to you by the BBC), which takes you through some of the main exhibits. You can watch it here!

So however you choose to spend your day in London, there are a myriad of ways in which you can make it a Harry Potter inspired day out! You’re welcome!

There you have it – your travel news, inspiration and Harry Potter update for October. Don’t forget to take your travel tea break next month!

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