Welcome to the June edition of your Travel Tea Break – a roundup of the best travel news, articles, videos and inspiration to hit our screens this month.

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The weather is heating up, birds are chirping and trips to the seaside are frequent, which means summer is now well and truly underway. We’re celebrating the start of summer by jetting off to Cyprus, but before we do, I wanted to share with you the latest travel news and stories that I think you’ll love reading!

Travel News: Supreme Court poised to examine Trump’s travel ban

Trump Travel Ban

Trump’s plans to restrict travel to the USA from several Muslim countries has been raging around the Internet for some time now. But this month, we saw his plans thwarted. However, this hasn’t stopped him!

The Supreme Court are now poised to examine Trump’s travel ban. Essentially, whatever they say, goes. They could decide to grant the Government’s application to overturn the decision of the Lower Court, which had thwarted Trump’s plans to ban US travel from certain countries indefinitely; or they could choose to keep this original decision in place.

If they decide on the former, then this would be a majority decision; and we could see the travel ban come into effect and remain in place throughout the summer months (and maybe even beyond). But, if they choose the latter, then Trump will have to wait until October to be able to appeal the decision again.

I can fully appreciate that security does need to be taken seriously, but I hate the idea that this is at the expense of travel for everyone. What are your thoughts on this?

Infographic: Hollywood Walk of Fame vs TCL Chinese Theatre

Hollywood Walk of Fame VS TCL Chinese Theatre

A trip to Los Angeles must certainly include a visit to the Hollywood Walk of Fame, especially for first time travellers. But what about the lesser known TCL Chinese Theatre?

Both allow you the opportunity to see concrete slabs commemorating your favourite celebrities, but which is better?

This snazzy infographic aims to show you some pros and cons of each, plus a little history to help you decide.

Video: How to eat Dim Sum like a Hong Kong local

Chef, Mak Kwai Pui, owner of Hong Kong’s most famous dim sum restaurant shares his tips on how you can eat dim sum and blend in with the locals.

From how best to share your dim sum platters with your friends, to how to show respect whilst pouring tea, this quick (and very cute) video will be useful to those of you travelling to Hong Kong anytime soon.

Take a look!

Mmm…dim sum….

Article: The Great Barrier Reef: An Environmental Treasure

Great Barrier Reef

In a recent article from Airbnb, the current health and situation of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef was discussed. Earlier this year, environmental agencies were calling for action as climate change has caused the reef to continue to decay and fade in colour over the years.

Sadly, it looks like there is no stop to this change in one of the world’s most incredible sights. The Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority are advising: “the greatest risks to the Reef are still climate change, land-based runoff, coastal development, some remaining impacts of fishing and illegal fishing and poaching.”

Airbnb have since shared how they intend on helping this situation. They have built a bedroom allowing travellers to see the Great Barrier Reef in all of its current glory. The company is claiming this is to show people what is happening and how they can help stop it from getting worse.

Airbnb have also declared their ambitions to help support the Tiger Shark Tagging Project and not-for-profit organization: Greenfleet. Both actions are claiming to help put a stop to the decay of the underwater world, whilst protecting its wildlife.

You can read the full Airbnb article here.

Travel Inspiration: 31 INSANELY AFFORDABLE Budget Travel Destinations to VISIT NOW

Youtube sensation, the Vagabrothers are always a hit within the travel vlogging world. And this month is no different with their video on which travel destinations are insanely affordable to visit right now!

Included within their roundup are well known destinations such as Cape Town and Budapest, as well as more off the beaten path destinations of Nicaragua and Guatemala. Personally, I’m holding out for a chance to visit the Dominican Republic, which looks incredible!

And even if you’re not watching your pennies this month, their video is still ace for some travel inspiration. Which place has caught your eye?

Bonus Article: The Best Ice Cream Shop in Every State

The Best Ice Cream in the US

You know me, I’m a total foodie! So, I couldn’t help but creep in an extra bonus article for you, which lists the best places to get ice cream across the US of A.

From unusual flavours like Burnt Honey Rosemary making it onto the menu in New York, to the sophisticated Strawberry Rosewater ice cream on offer in Atlanta, this article will have you dribbling like a walrus!

Although I have one little criticism! Why does Sausalito not make it into the California category? Lappert’s in Sausalito was one of the best places I’ve been to for ice cream and I’m dismayed that it hasn’t made it onto this list from Thrillist. I will have to write them a strongly worded letter on the subject…

Right, that’s it for this month. Tune in at the end of next month where we get to grips on what July had in store for the travel industry. Now, where did I put my snorkelling gear? I’ve got a trip to Cyprus to pack for!

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