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Travel Themed Christmas Ornaments

Travel Themed Christmas Ornaments For Someone Special

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If you’re looking for travel themed Christmas ornaments as special travel gifts, then we’ve got some great ideas below for you!

A few years ago, Scott and I were given a beautiful ornament for our Christmas tree that was travel themed. It’s a globe painted in blue and gold with “Leave some sparkle wherever you go” written on it. 

Other than the Christmas ornaments Scott and I have picked up ourselves during our winter travels, this ornament is one of our favourites and makes us smile every time we take it out of its box each year.

If you want to give someone that same feeling year after year then here are a whole bunch of travel ornaments for Christmas trees that are sure to do just that! All of them can be found on Etsy (our go-to store for unique gifts).

Are you ready for some wanderlust inspired festive feels? Let’s go shopping!

Travel Themed Christmas Ornaments

1. Landmarks

Christmas ornaments that are inspired by famous landmarks from around the world are a really easy way to incorporate a travel theme into Christmas tree ornaments. 

If your special someone has a favourite city, have a look at what landmark-inspired ornaments you can find related to that city. 

Here are a few ideas to help you get started:

2. Flags

Travel Themed Christmas Ornament - Australian Flag
Photo Credit: TheChristmasCart via Etsy

Ornaments depicting a country’s flag are another easy way to help your loved one decorate their travel themed Christmas tree. 

You could go for glass baubles painted with a country’s flag (like this pretty Australia one), embroidered fabric flag ornaments (like the ones by reggieana on Etsy), or even wooden ornaments painted in the colours of a country’s flag (like these ones from BalticWoods).

3. Place Names

Travel Themed Christmas Ornament - Paris
Photo Credit: NashvilleOrnamentCo via Etsy

You can’t go wrong with place names for a travel themed Christmas tree either. 

You could go for something elegant like this Paris Christmas ornament or choose one that has multiple city names on it like this chic cities ornament.

Or how about an ornament that incorporates both the name of a place and something it’s famous for like these ones by NestledPineWoodworks (who are especially good for places in the USA!)

4. Geographical

Travel Themed Christmas Ornament - Africa
Photo Credit: IronMaidArt via Etsy

Or how about a travel themed Christmas ornament that’s shaped like someone’s favourite country or US state?

We particularly like these metal ornaments by Iron Maid Art, which are shaped like different countries and stamped with a heart. Perfect for anyone who’s had their heart stolen by a country overseas!

5. Cultural

Travel Themed Christmas Ornament - New York City Yellow Taxi Cab
Photo Credit: LoveNYCSouvenirs via Etsy

For something a little more subtle but still travel themed, try focusing on cultural motifs for someone’s favourite city or country, or something that place is especially known for, such as one of these:

6. Travel Motifs

Travel Themed Christmas Ornaments - Suitcase Ornament
Photo Credit: Ornaments247 via Etsy

Or if you want something that has more of a general travel theme then you could go for something like these sweet wooden luggage tag ornaments or this ornament that’s shaped like a suitcase.

7. Globes

Travel Themed Christmas Ornaments - Globe Ornament
Photo Credit: HolidayEveryDayArt via Etsy

Our favourite travel Christmas ornaments would have to be ones shaped like globes, such as these handpainted ones by WholeWorldOfLove or these gold leaf gilded ones by HolidayEveryDayArt.

You can even get some that have inspirational travel quotes painted on them such as this “Adventure Awaits” ornament or this one that could say “Oh, the places we’ll go” on it if you want.

8. Personalised Travel Themed Christmas Ornaments

Travel Themed Christmas Ornaments - Personalised Camping Decoration
Photo Credit: PersonalizedFree via Etsy

And finally, how could we possibly write an Etsy-inspired travel gift guide without having a personalised section in it!

There are lots of personalised travel themed Christmas ornaments on Etsy but some of our favourites would have to be:

We hope this list of travel themed Christmas ornaments has been helpful! 

If you’re after more Christmas decorations, then here are Etsy’s featured picks (both travel and non-travel related).

Or for more gift ideas, check out our other travel gift guides:

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Travel Themed Christmas Ornaments
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