It’s getting to that part of the year now where I start planning and booking trips for the next year. As many of you know, I have a goal to see at least 3 new places abroad each year.

So far, 2016 has been a great year for travelling. I’ve found myself:

  • Skiing the slopes of Finland
  • Sightseeing in Ireland
  • Camping in Wales
  • Seeing the stars in Los Angeles
  • Island hopping in Hawaii
  • Exploring the top sights of San Francisco
  • Working in Norway

My very last trip of this year will find me sunbathing and snorkelling on Agadir beaches, whilst still finding time to shop the Moroccan markets!

Phew! What a great year it’s been! I now want to reflect on where I’d like to find myself next year and what I’d like to be doing.

See The Northern Lights In Iceland

Wanderer of the World Travel Wishlist - 2017 Edition

I have already booked a trip to Iceland in March next year, and I couldn’t be more excited for it!

We will be staying out in the middle of the Golden Circle in a quaint Airbnb cabin, complete with hot tub outside and ample opportunity to see the much anticipated Northern Lights.

Imagine sipping Prosecco in a steamy hot tub with the Northern Lights dancing above your head? That will be my plan for our Icelandic adventure next spring.

Update: We have since ticked this off the travel wishlist. We did indeed see the Northern Lights whilst sipping Prosecco in the hot tub, although they were much fainter than professional photographs normally show them to be. We very nearly mistook them for clouds initially until our eyes got used to the darkness and we saw them dance overhead. Splendid! Right, what’s next?

Go Island Hopping In Croatia

Wanderer of the World Travel Wishlist - 2017 Edition

Croatia has been on my wishlist ever since King’s Landing in Game of Thrones was filmed there.

During my research, I found stories of travellers hopping between many different Croatian islands in the Adriatic Sea and I thought this sounded like a perfect island getaway.

I have visions of jumping into a little motorboat and speeding over to many different islands to find secret beaches, perfect snorkelling spots and plenty of sunshine…let’s see what next summer brings, shall we?

Marvel At The Many Sights Of China

Wanderer of the World Travel Wishlist - 2017 Edition

We had quite a large adventure this year with seeing LA, Hawaii and San Francisco in just a couple of weeks. During our plans for this trip, we had also considered South Africa and China as other big adventures we could have.

Well, China is still up on my list.

I’d love to spend a perfect few weeks walking the Great Wall of China, marvelling at the Terracotta Army and being in awe of the yellow canola fields of Luoping among many other picture perfect sights!

Wander Around The Isle Of Wight

Wanderer of the World Travel Wishlist - 2017 Edition

I find it surprising that I haven’t yet explored the Isle of Wight, despite living in the south of England most of my life.

There are many things to do on the Isle of Wight – from visiting ancient castles to bird watching to rambling through the countryside.

For me, I’d love to spend a weekend seeing as much of this small island as I can by foot. Maybe next year you’ll find me with my trusty hiking boots, backpack and map exploring every nook and cranny of this island?

Safari In South Africa

Wanderer of the World Travel Wishlist - 2017 Edition

For a great animal lover like me, a safari in the deepest parts of South Africa is an absolute must!

Leopards are by far my most favourite animal and I have yet to see them in the wild. Combine this with exploring lion prides to seeing giraffes up close, you have a couple of weeks set to put a huge smile on my face!

Wanderer of the World Travel Wishlist - 2017 Edition

So there you have it –  my top travel wish list for next year. Did I have any of the same ideas as you? Is there anywhere else you have on your list? Share your thoughts below as I’m always on the lookout for new travel suggestions…

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