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This is a guest article by Alberto Reghelin, CEO of PlusVoucherCode.

One of the primary reasons why most people don’t travel as much as they want to is because of money. Visiting exotic locations, traversing the diverse landscape of a country or making a fascinating travel vlog often involves shelving heaps of cash that eat away at your savings. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Yes, travel can be cheap. If you’re smart about it.

Here are five extremely useful tips for travelling on a budget that have helped me save a considerable amount of money while satiating my wanderlust…

Tip #1: Travel Off-Season

Hotels, travel guides and airlines always hike up prices during the peak season. Usually, summer holidays, when families take advantage of their children’s long summer vacation, and spring, when teenagers are raring to take a break from college, are the most popular peak periods for any destination. Always research a destination’s peak season and plan your trip right after or before it in order to take advantage of attractive discounts and lower prices that hotels and airlines offer travellers.

Travelling on a budget: travel off-season

Tip #2: Opt For Hostels and Shared Accommodation

We all love those tiny bottles of shampoos and body lotions that luxurious five-star hotels and resorts offer, but these small luxuries come with a big price. If you’re really serious about saving money while exploring an exotic place, opt for living in hostels or shared accommodation like Airbnb houses instead of fancy hotels. Plus, lots of websites also offer discounts and vouchers on hotels. For example, you can leverage discounts by booking your hotel online using Amba Hotels voucher codes, as an example, now a 25% discount code on all stays between 20th July and 2nd September 2018 is available. With the money you’re going to save, you can make your holiday longer or have an amazing dinner in one of the best restaurants in your city almost for free!

Tip #3: Skip Fancy Restaurants

Guzzling a beer and devouring a juicy steak at a beachside restaurant sounds tempting, but fancy restaurants often burn a hole in your pocket. Instead, swap them for some sandwiches you can buy at a supermarket. Better yet, buy groceries from a nearby store and cook your own lunch and dinner. Some shared accommodations and hostels allow travellers to use the kitchen. You can easily assemble a sandwich after breakfast and toss it in your bag. Lunch is served! Speaking about saving dollars, alcohol costs a lot. Switch the beer for water. You’ll ditch that beer belly and save cash.

Tip #4: Use Public Transport

You know the best way to absorb the culture of a place? Use trains, buses and trams. These inexpensive modes of transport are light on the wallet and give you a chance to have conversations with the local people. Who knows, maybe a resident can suggest some off-beaten attractions or share an interesting fact about the place?

Tip #5: Explore Free Attractions

Every city, town and village has at least one free attraction for tourists. It can be a large park, a beach, a museum or a drive-in movie theatre. Some places even offer discounted rates on certain days. Do your research and find free places to visit. You can spend an entire day at the park or pack a nice lunch to take to the beach and bask in the sun, or even learn interesting facts at the local museum.

Travelling on a budget: free attractions

Before embarking on your epic adventure, plan your trip and see where you can cut costs. For example, flights to some destinations can be quite expensive. See if you can travel to somewhere that is lesser known and close to your preferred destination and take a bus, train or taxi the rest of the way. It may not seem like a huge saving, but when you’re counting the pennies, every little expenditure counts.

So the next time you’re experiencing a serious bout of wanderlust but don’t think your bank balance can handle it, use these tips for travelling on a budget and feed your wandering soul with a cheap but memorable trip.

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Alberto Reghelin is the CEO of PlusVoucherCode, a web portal where customers can find the UK’s best discount codes every day. 

5 Expert Tips for Travelling on a Budget

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