When travelling abroad or even exploring in your own country, have you ever found that weird or strange things happen to you?

My better half, Scott and I, often find odd things happen or we find ourselves in strange predicaments when travelling or having days out. Whether it be jumping off a departing train in Vienna; playing peek ‘a’ boo with an owl in Gloucestershire or getting stuck in a traffic jam with sheep in Wales, we often find ourselves laughing about the situations we find ourselves in.

Well, with just a week to go until Christmas, a trip to a Winter Wonderland was no exception…

The Day Started Just Like Any Other…

We’d decided to book tickets for ice skating at the Winter Wonderland at Cribbs Causeway Mall in Bristol to help get us into the Christmas mood. As we’d booked for a 5pm start, we also thought why not do a bit of Christmas shopping beforehand?

So, off we went to the mall for a what we thought would be a very simple Sunday… (also bear in mind that this was our first trip here too)!

Something To Remember…

We explored the shops for a couple of hours before we found ourselves stopping off at Patisserie Valerie for some posh cake and tea. Gosh, their cakes are to die for!

We’d just finished our cake slice when from right above our heads the tannoy sounded: “Please leave the building immediately.” Now, this was very surreal!

At first, we didn’t quite understand what we were hearing, and then the message repeated itself. We looked around us and noticed other people seemed both surprised and confused by the message too. I must confess it took us all a few minutes to react given how surreal this all was, until finally we realised that we really should be exiting the building. Now, at this point, we were thinking it could be a bomb scare as there was no fire alarm sounding.

I have to say the timing really was impeccable! This all happened at 4.20pm – with our ice skating session happening at 5pm, this really couldn’t have been timed better.

It’s Time For Winter Wonderland

So, off we went for our skate session whilst the entire building had been evacuated – very surreal indeed!

The Winter Wonderland itself was beautiful, I must say. I definitely love fairy lights and this rink had them in bucket loads.

Winter Wonderland And A Bomb Scare In Bristol

Winter Wonderland And A Bomb Scare In Bristol

Plus there were little huts with benches inside akin to something you’d find on the slopes in Finland as well as an ‘Ice Castle’.

Winter Wonderland And A Bomb Scare In Bristol

Some Shots To Get You Into The Christmas Mood

To help get across the beauty of all of this, here are some shots from our evening skate:

Winter Wonderland And A Bomb Scare In Bristol

Winter Wonderland And A Bomb Scare In Bristol

Winter Wonderland And A Bomb Scare In Bristol

Winter Wonderland And A Bomb Scare In Bristol

Winter Wonderland And A Bomb Scare In Bristol

Update: It turned out not to be a bomb! It was actually a fire in one of the stores in the mall … I must say that if a fire alarm sounded, I think we all would have acted much quicker! The fact that there was a spoken message instead made it all rather confusing! You can read the full story here.

So, our first trip to this particular mall turned out to give us a rather interesting and surreal story to tell – who would have thought it?!
Have you ever experienced surrealism or odd experiences whilst exploring? Share your stories or links to blog posts below…
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Winter Wonderland And A Bomb Scare In Bristol

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