Who Am I?

Existentialist answers aside, I’m Justine, aka ‘Wanderer’. That nickname lovingly came from my mother after realising that I was not one to sit still, and after I embarked on several solo travel adventures. I am a Content Marketer by trade and Founder of this travel blog: Wanderer of the World.

Originally born in Osnabruck, Germany, but now able to call the UK my home; I have become accustomed to packing my bags and moving every few years. You could say this was the start of my more nomadic lifestyle. Never content with staying in one place for too long, I am often jetting off somewhere new to discover other cultures, new experiences and natural beauty (and also better weather than we have here in the UK).

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Why Did I Create Wanderer of the World?

If there is only one thing you need to know about me, it is this — I believe everyone should have the opportunity to see the world. I created Wanderer of the World to inspire other people to get out and explore. Travel really did change my entire outlook on life and I want everyone else to experience the same feeling.

Wanderer of the World is a place where travellers can come for honest advice, travel inspiration and to laugh at many misadventures I’ve had along the way. Combining a thought provoking, witty and fun writing style with an educational and informative vibe, my readers know that they are reading useful and engaging content.

Primarily, I focus my articles on what I think other female travellers would like to read. But as everything I write is informative anyway, I believe males can still get value from my site. They just may not follow me quite so closely on social media!

Through my first-hand experiences and expressive writing, I genuinely believe others will be inspired to follow in my footsteps and become the next generation of ‘Wanderers’.

“Let’s inspire the next generation of Wanderers…”

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Why Should You Work With Me?

As a Content Marketer by trade, I know the value of well-written, useful and SEO friendly content. Whilst writing business and retail blogs, guides and infographics for my full-time job, my true passion lies in travel and writing about my own adventures. However, the fact that my day job is as a Content Marketer in business writing, shows the true variety and diversity I can adopt within both my writing style and tone of voice.

Since January 2017, I have partnered with a vast array of travel websites, companies and publications to write original content for them and get involved with collaborations. You can see a full list here.

Need More Convincing? How About Some Stats Instead…

As mentioned, my readers are predominantly Female (63%).

My readership also primarily falls within the millennial market (25-34 year olds).

They are travel buffs, with strong interests in art, theatre, books, culture, food and green living.

As for where my audience is based, I reach almost every corner of the world (except Greenland and some West African countries). Just over half (57%) of my readers come from the UK, whilst 14% are from the US. The rest of my readership is split between regions across the world with Canada, Australia and France at the forefront.

I pride myself in understanding what my audience want to read, as well as what they are likely to search for. Approximately 80% of my traffic comes from Organic Search, whilst Social Media (10%), Direct (8%) and Other Referrals (2%) make up the remainder of my acquisition numbers.

Each month, I have over 18,000 unique sessions and over 23,000 pageviews.

My domain and page authority have both grown considerably since launching my blog, with my DA currently at 27 and my PA currently at 34.

Over the past year, I’ve also grown each of my social media accounts organically, resulting in a good sized and engaged network of over 15,000 followers:

Twitter: 9300+
Instagram: 2700+
Pinterest: 2700+ (with a reach of over 50,000 unique monthly viewers)
Facebook: 380+

And with plenty more ideas inside my head on how to grow Wanderer of the World, I don’t see any of this slowing down anytime soon.

Need a few pages to take to your Marketing department? Send me a message to request my latest media kit.

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Who Have I Worked With?

Through my adaptable style, I have already worked with and am due to partner with a variety of companies within the travel industry. From tour services to holiday booking agents, I have thoroughly enjoyed working with each and every brand.

Brands I've worked with

And… look what some of these companies have had to say about my work:

“I loved the posts! Great writing. It’s useful info first-hand. I would love to publish both of them. I like the images a lot so we would be glad to use your post exactly as you sent it.” – Gabriel Landaeta, Servantrip

“You did wonderful work on this blog and I am both happy and honored that you included KOS Tours with such a nice write up.” – Dave Atkins, KOS Tours

How Can We Work Together?

Sponsored Content

In aid of spreading the word about your product or service, I can write original content to be published on my site. These articles will always be of a high standard, whilst never losing the tone of voice that my readers have come to know and love. Check out this sponsored post about BagAPP.

Original Content

After travelling to over 20 countries, albeit solo, with friends, family and as a couple, I have a lot of experience within this industry. Whether you provide me with a particular topic or title, or whether you are happy to give me creative reign, I will write excellent original content for your site. Check out this article about hotels in Bristol written for Trivago, or this post for Guide to Iceland about romantic things to do in Iceland.

Social Media

With over 15,000 (and growing) social media followers and high engagement rates, any social media posts I create about your brand would be valued within my following, ensuring more sales and repeat custom for you. I’m also open to discussing social media takeovers to help you reach an even larger audience. Check out this Instagram post advertising a CabinZero backpack.

Product & Service Reviews

After using your product or service, I am willing to write reviews on both review sites and as original content on my website. Please note: Any reviews written will be honest to ensure no disingenuous feedback is shown to my readers, and to protect the integrity of both my own brand and website. That said, I will always strive to show a detailed balanced argument to my readers. Take a look at this review of a Bokksu subscription.

Like what you hear? Get in touch!

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