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France Travel Blogs

France is the chicest of all travel destinations with something for everyone…

Pretty bridge in Paris, France
Paris looks especially beautiful at sunset…

France is home to the City of Lights, lavender fields, glamorous beach resorts and pretty towns full of half-timbered houses.

In other words, France is all kinds of chic and the perfect destination for history buffs and fashionistas alike.

Read our France travel blogs below and plan an incredible trip to France now!

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Planning Your Trip To France & Useful Info

Jardin de Luxembourg in Paris in summer
France is full of stunning chateaux and gardens to explore…

Take a look at our France travel blogs below for top tips and things to know before your trip:

France Bucket List

Wondering what to see and where to go on your first trip to France?
Here’s a quick look at what your France bucket list could look like…

Close up of the Eiffel Tower at night
No France bucket list would be complete without a trip to the “City of Lights” aka Paris!

1. Visit the City of Lights

One of the chicest city break destinations in France and arguably in Europe is Paris aka the City of Lights and France’s capital.

Paris is where romantics go to gaze into each other’s eyes with the city’s lights sparkling in the distance. And where solo travellers go to drink good wine and admire the iconic sights.

Whether you stay for a couple of nights or a couple of weeks, you’ll love escaping to this pretty city.

2. Have fun in the sun along the French Riviera

The French Riviera (or Côte d’Azur) is the Mediterranean coastline in the south of France.

Home to glamorous beach resorts like Saint-Tropez and Cannes and the high flyers of Monaco, this gorgeous part of France will take your breath away… while giving you a tan in the process!

3. Drink wine… lots and lots of wine

One of France’s particular claims to fame is its delicious wines.

From the sparkling wonder that is Champagne to a rich Merlot from the Bordeaux region, you’ll love exploring French vineyards.

Some of France’s most well-known wine regions include Beaujolais, Bordeaux, Burgundy, Champagne, Rhone, The Loire Valley and Provence.

4. Frolic through lavender fields

Come the summer months in Provence, lavender fields are aglow with colours and fragrances to make you swoon.

Head to the Luberon Valley, Valensole Plateau and Sault Plateau for the best ones.

Lavender fields are another must-see when in France…

5. Explore pretty little towns full of half-timbered houses

Throughout France, you can find lots of little towns with beautiful half-timbered houses and window boxes surrounding serpentine canals.

They are every photographer’s dream and deserve their own itinerary!

Top must-see towns like this are Strasbourg, Colmar and Eguisheim (all within the Alsace region).

6. Act like big kids at Disneyland Paris

No France bucket list could possibly forget the joy that is Disneyland Paris.

While it’s smaller than Florida’s version, it’s an easy and cheap way to see the fairytale Disney castle, adrenaline-pumping rides and parades full of your favourite Disney characters.

And as it’s only 19 miles outside of Paris itself, you can easily combine the two in one fun-filled trip. Read our Disneyland Paris travel guide to find out how!

Sleeping Beauty's Castle in Disneyland Paris
Disneyland Paris is every bit as special as you think it is!

7. Eat your weight in chocolates, pastries and cheeses

There is so much must-eat French food that it’s unreal.

From flaky pastries and buttery croissants to melt-in-the-mouth chocolates and fragrant cheeses, it’d be rude not to indulge in a new treat at least once every day.

If you’re visiting Paris, be sure to check out these patisseries and chocolate shops.

8. Marvel at fairytale chateaux

Towering turrets, arched windows, sprawling estates… this is the stuff of princess dreams the world over – and there are plenty of fairytale chateaux just like this throughout France.

Some absolute must-sees include Château de Chenonceau, Château de Chambord, Château de Villandry, Château d’Ussé and Blois Castle.

France Travel Itineraries

Chocolats chauds and pastries in a Parisian cafe
Don’t forget to indulge in pastries and macarons when you’re in France!

Now that you have an idea of what you should see and do during your trip, it’s time to create your very own France itinerary. We like to use Google My Maps for our own itineraries and usually plan around two or three sights and activities per day. 

This ensures you see your top must-sees during the time you’ve got but still allows time on each day in case something random catches your attention or if you want to add on a couple of bonus activities at the end of the day.

For more travel planning tips, take a look at our in-depth guide. Or check out our 4 day Paris itinerary for inspiration.

We also have an itinerary dedicated to Disneyland Paris. Check it out here!

Need help planning your France itinerary? We also offer custom travel planning services. This is perfect for those of you who are not sure where to start or don’t have the time to research your trip. Find out more here >>>

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Fairytale houses in Disneyland Paris
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