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Who Are Wanderers of the World?

Justine and Scott at Taman Ayun Temple, Bali

We’re Justine and Scott, husband and wife. We travel part-time around Europe and beyond, while our Rough Collie, Kai joins us on many of our UK trips.

Many of our weekends are taken up with day trips and overnight stays, while we still make time for several longer trips each year without Kai… including our honeymoon to Singapore, Bali, Gili Meno and Dubai (yes in just one trip!)

Despite limited annual leave days and work contracts, we’re on a mission to get more people travelling around the 9-5! Read More

Why Did We Create Wanderers of the World?

If there is only one thing you need to know about us, it’s this — we believe everyone should have the opportunity to see the world. We created Wanderers of the World to inspire other people to get out and explore while making the most of annual leave days and weekends. Travel really has changed our entire outlook on life and we want everyone else to experience the same feeling.

Wanderers of the World is a place where travellers can come for honest advice, travel inspiration and to laugh at many misadventures we’ve had along the way like this eventful Moroccan Hamman massage! Combining a thought-provoking, witty and fun writing style with an educational and informative vibe, we provide our readers with useful and engaging content.

Primarily, we focus our articles on what we think part-time travellers (usually couples) would like to read. But as everything we write is informative, we believe even full-time travellers can still get value from our site. They just may not follow us quite so closely on social media, but that’s okay. Our site is primarily for those who wish to escape the 9-5… like us.

Through our first-hand experiences and expressive writing, we genuinely believe others will be inspired to follow in our footsteps and become the next generation of ‘Wanderers’.

“Let’s inspire the next generation of Wanderers together…”

Justine & Scott in Tintagel, Cornwall

Why Should You Work With Us?

Before Justine took the blog full-time, she was a Content Marketer by trade, which means she knows the value of well-written, useful and SEO-friendly content. Scott is a Design Engineer by trade, which means his creative concepts, eye for detail and imagination are able to captivate audiences through powerful photography, while his technical background ensures our site is always hitting its full potential. Scott is responsible for 85% of the photos found throughout this site, and together, we make a powerful writer and photographer team.

Our Readers Say Our Content Is…

1. Educational and informative

From hand-crafted itineraries and things to do style blog posts to expert tips and advice based on our own first-hand experiences, our content is educational and informative at its very core…

“I’m honestly taken aback by your writing. The energy and authenticity as well as connection to audience are well done. Thank you for sharing the guide, it is very helpful for my family and I who are keenly awaiting our move to Bristol. Your food guide will be my next stop.” – Hans

“Great post! We’re leaving tomorrow for 5 days in Iceland. I definitely waited until the last minute to do most of the planning, so your website has been a life-saver for me!” – Katherine

“Wow, you make a lot of really good points. I had no idea about the currency situation and that is DEFINITELY something to be aware of when visiting!” – Rachelle

“This post is so helpful! I’m tentatively starting to plan a UK vacation/road trip and have been feeling really lost as to where to visit outside of some of the really well-known areas – this roundup has definitely given me some solid directions to look into. I love how lush and green everything looks!” – Sara 

2. Inspiring

Through colourful photography and powerful descriptions of destinations around the world, we cause our readers to want to pack their bags and escape the 9-5 immediately… (or at least once they’ve booked the time off work!)

“After seeing your photos, I am in love with this place, I have to go there. Thanks for sharing it, Justine.” – Frank

“There are some outstanding places recommended here. I will be back there next week and look forward to visiting some of those I don’t already know and maybe returning to the brewery in the windmill by the River Ij.” – Stuart

“You write so passionately that you paint a wonderfully vivid picture of the islands you visited! I’ve never really thought about visiting Hawaii for some reason, but it is definitely being added to my travel list!” – a Wanderers of the World reader

“I honestly think Hawaii life calls to me! Reading this, I just wanted to pack a bag and jump on a flight! It seems like such a wonderful place, the perfect mixture of beachy paradise and lush forests! Thank you for sharing!” – a Wanderers of the World reader

“I must admit that I didn’t know much about Bristol before reading your post, but now I want to visit! That sand art is insanely cool. I want to wander the caves, visit the aquarium and follow the bicycle path along the old railway line. Cabot Tower sounds like a must, and I’d love to see the hot air balloons go (though I’m bit too timid to actually get in one). Even a day trip to Bath sounds amazing (I haven’t been there in more than 20 years). Time to pack!” – a Wanderers of the World reader

3. Eye-Opening

Because we travel a lot, even just around the UK, we’re able to share new and interesting places of interest with our readers and prove to them that they don’t always have to travel far to escape the 9-5…

“Whenever I think ‘road trip’ I literally never think about here in the UK. Cornwall looks beautiful! That beach looks just as good as anywhere abroad. You’ve put ideas in my head for my next trip!” – Emma

“Wow didn’t realise there were so many unique things to do in Wales! My Dad is Welsh and I’m hoping to go to Wales this summer so maybe I’ll have a chance to do one of these things! Great post.” – Janine

“Wow that was really interesting. Never heard of this place before. Nice discovery!” – a Wanderers of the World reader

4. Shareable

Because everything we write is based on the four pillars of being educational, informative, inspiring and eye-opening, our readers can’t wait to share our blog posts with their mums, sisters, husbands and boyfriends…

“Sooo green, absolutely beautiful! I will send this to my Mom as she loooves botanical gardens and will be in Cyprus soon.” – Christina

“WOW!! I love Harry Potter – this is amazing – thank you so much for sharing!! My husband is going to love this! #bucketlist” – a Wanderers of the World reader

5. Influential

But none of this would mean anything if our content didn’t convert. Thankfully, we know it does.

“Thanks, that was really useful. I’d already decided to buy one but didn’t know what size to go for (I’m looking for something for weekend breaks) so am going to get a couple of 36 litres now.” – a Wanderers of the World reader

FACT #1: Within less than a week of sharing this Instagram post, 3 sales of Tesalate beach towels were made! (We have an email from Tesalate to prove it!) 

FACT #2: In the past 3 months alone, we’ve prompted £430.50 worth of National Trust memberships via this blog post. (We have the affiliate sales to prove it!)

Justine and Scott kissing on the Bali Swing beds

Need Even More Convincing? How About Some Stats Instead…

Currently, our readers are predominantly Female (66%).

Our readership also primarily falls within the 25-34 year old age bracket.

They are travel buffs, with strong interests in art, theatre, books, culture, food and green living.

As for where our audience is based, we reach almost every corner of the world. Just over half (53%) of our readers come from the UK, whilst 16% are from the US. The rest of our readership is split between regions across the world with Canada, Italy, Australia and Germany at the forefront.

We pride ourselves in understanding what our audience want to read, as well as what they are likely to search for. Approximately 84% of our traffic comes from Organic Search, whilst Social Media, Direct, Email and Referrals make up the remainder of our acquisition numbers.

In the past 30 days, we’ve had over 78,000 sessions and over 88,000 pageviews. Our domain authority currently sits at 41.

Over the years, we’ve also grown each of our social media accounts organically, resulting in a good sized and engaged network of over 20,000 followers:

  • Twitter: 9700+
  • Pinterest: 7500+ (with a reach of over 159,000 unique monthly viewers)
  • Instagram: 2700+
  • Facebook: 500+
  • TikTok: 70+

We’ve also built a highly engaged following on all platforms (including YouTube) via our sister blog, House of Mahalo.

And with plenty more ideas inside our heads on how to grow both Wanderers of the World and House of Mahalo, we don’t see any of this slowing down anytime soon.

Need a few pages to take to your Marketing department? Send us a message to request our latest media kit.

Who Have We Worked With?

Through our adaptable style, we have already worked with a variety of companies within the travel industry. From tourism boards and tour operators to holiday booking agents and travel brands, we have thoroughly enjoyed working with each and every business.

Brands we've worked with

“Justine and Scott were a joy to work with, and we were very happy to be able to help them with their own honeymoon fund. We were thrilled to see that we didn’t just get a courtesy shout-out, but a detailed and considered review of our service. Huge thanks to you both!” – Andrew Green from Buy Our Honeymoon

How Can We Work Together?

Press Trips & FAM Trips

If you work for a tourism board or PR agency and would like to see us cover specific destinations on our blog, then we’d love to arrange press trips and FAM trips with you. We’ve worked with several different tourism boards so far. In particular, check out this article we created for Visit Cheltenham and this article created for Visit Swansea Bay. We can also work directly with you to promote your independent holiday accommodation, activity or service. Check out this blog that we wrote in partnership with Andrewshayes Holiday Park.

Freelance Writing

After travelling to over a dozen countries together, we have a lot of experience within this industry. Whether you provide us with a particular topic or title, or whether you are happy to give us creative reign, we will write excellent original content for your site. Since January 2017, we have partnered with a vast array of travel websites, companies and publications to write original content for them and get involved with collaborations. You can see a full list here. In particular, check out this article about hotels in Dubai written for Trivago and this post for Guide to Iceland about romantic things to do in Iceland. Take a look at this page to see the variety of writing services we offer.

Sponsored Content

In aid of spreading the word about your product or service, we can write original content to be published on our site. These articles will always be of a high standard, whilst never losing the tone of voice that our readers have come to know and love. These can either be in the form of a product or service review, or a mention within an informative and SEO-focused article. Check out this article, which was sponsored by Buy Our Honeymoon.

Social Media Shout-Outs

With over 20,000 (and growing) social media followers and high engagement rates, any social media posts we create about your brand would be valued within our following, ensuring more sales and repeat custom for you. We’re also open to discussing social media takeovers and giveaways to help you reach an even larger audience. Check out this Instagram post advertising a CabinZero backpack.


We use Mediavine to serve ads on our blog. If you’d like to use Mediavine to advertise directly on our site then please click here and fill in your information.

Product & Service Reviews

After using your product or service, we are willing to write reviews as original content on our website. Please note: Any reviews written will be honest to ensure no disingenuous feedback is shown to our readers, and to protect the integrity of both our brand and website. That said, we will always strive to show a detailed balanced argument to our readers. Take a look at this review of a Bokksu subscription.

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