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Couples Travel Blogs

Here’s where you can find all of our couples travel blogs. 

Whether it’s your first time travelling with your boyfriend or girlfriend, you’re a seasoned travelling couple or heading out on your honeymoon, you’ll find a wealth of articles below that are well worth a read.

We’ve split our articles up into different sections so you can easily find what you need. 

Whether that’s inspiration for where to go or what to do in a certain place, our top tips for travelling together or advice on what to pack when travelling as a couple.

How To Plan Your First Trip Together

Couples travel planning guide - read a map

If it’s your first time travelling together or you’re new to travel in general, we recommend reading our detailed couples travel planning guide.

It has all of the information you could possibly want for how to plan your trip and even includes some ideas of where you might want to go together to have an amazing trip.

Read our couples travel planning guide here.

our pick for travel planning
The Wanderer's Trip Planner

The Wanderer’s Trip Planner

Make travel planning a breeze with our ready-to-go trip planner, which includes checklists, budget trackers, itinerary templates, useful links and more!

The Wanderer’s Trip Planner is the new way to keep all your travel planning info in a centralised system.

No more faffing around with different tabs in your Internet browser. No more losing bits of paper you’ve scribbled notes on. No more having to make a new checklist every time you pack your bags.

Top Tips For Couples Travelling Together

You might also find our more specific travel tips helpful. Here are the links you need:

Romantic Travel Itineraries

One of the things we love doing most is creating travel itineraries. Whether we’re going somewhere for one day, a long weekend or a full week, we create an itinerary.

And the best bit?

We share them with you on our blog after we’ve tried and tested them and worked out all the kinks!

Here are all the couples travel itineraries you can find on our website.

Custom Travel Itineraries

If you love our itineraries and want us to create a custom one for you, then you should check out our personalised travel planning service

We’ll create a detailed document you can save or print out with all the information you need to book the most amazing trip. 

And everything in your pack will be completely customised based on your information, interests and preferences!

Check it out here.

Couples Travel Inspiration

Justine and Scott kissing on the Bali Swing beds

But, of course, an itinerary is only good if you know exactly where you’re going!

If you want to take a trip together but are short on ideas for where to go, then here are a bunch of articles to help you make that decision together:

Plus, we couldn’t resist also sharing some other fun stuff to inspire you both at home and abroad:

Romantic Things To Do Around The World

Regardless of whether you’re going on a chic city break, tropical beach vacation or adventurous bucket list trip, there is always romance to be had!

Here are a bunch of romantic things to do around the world that we think you’ll love:

Destination Proposals, Weddings & Incredible Honeymoons

Justine & Scott on their wedding day

Thinking of popping the question abroad? Planning the best day of your life together? Want to celebrate with an incredible honeymoon afterwards?

Check out these guides and articles to help you:

His & Hers Packing Lists

Whenever we plan a trip, we ALWAYS make a packing list for it, so we don’t leave anything behind. 

But once again, we create packing lists so you don’t have to! 

Here are all the couples packing lists we’ve published so far:

Best Destinations For Couples Who Love City Breaks

Gardens by the Bay in Singapore at night

Nothing says romance more than walking hand in hand down little streets, gazing at incredible buildings before dining al fresco under the stars and city lights. 

Sound heavenly? Check out these amazing city break destinations:

Best Destinations For Couples Who Love Nature

Salcombe Hill, Dorset

If the great outdoors is calling your names, here’s where we recommend you visit:

Best Destinations For Couples Who Love Culture

Brussels Comic Strip Mural: Smurfs

Whereas, if art, history and the theatre are your joint passions, you should go to:

Best Destinations For Couples Who Love Food

Mini Pies at The Three Cliffs Coffee Shop

And finally, if you love travelling for food and want to sample all the most delicious local delicacies, here’s what we recommend you read on our website:

Final Thoughts From Us

We hope you find the above information helpful and have the most amazing trip together!

If there’s anything else you can think of that you might need, we always love hearing reader suggestions, so be sure to send us a quick message with your request.

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