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Coffee Table Travel Books

Travel Essentials: Shop The Things We Love

Short on travel essentials for your next trip? Shop the things we love for inspiration!

Here’s where you can find all of our latest recommendations for travel essentials and travel gear.

Where possible, we’ve written extensive review-style blog posts, so you can see exactly why we love something as much as we do.

In other cases, we’ve created packing lists for certain types of travel essentials we recommend and specific travel gift guides.

We hope you find something you like!

Backpacks & Luggage

With My New Cabin Zero In The Woods!

Your perfect trip starts with the perfect luggage.

Scott and I have several favourites we like to use – for different reasons and for different styles of travel.

For shorter trips, we always choose cabin luggage-only airfares and we use our CabinZero backpacks or small wheeled suitcases like my Travel Hack Pro Cabin Case.

While for longer trips, we’d be lost without sturdy four-wheeled suitcases.

Check out our detailed reviews and listicles via the links below:

Photography Equipment

White out in Iceland in March

I’ve been part of #TeamPixel for a few years now and I love the quality of photos my Google Pixel phone can help us create for the blog and our Instagram. No hard-to-use DSLR is needed!

Scott uses his Huawei Mate 20 Pro phone to take photos for our blog and Instagram. It has lots of great features including a wide-angle lens, automatic aperture setting and excellent night mode.

For longer trips, we’ll usually take our Sony Cybershot Bridge Camera with us.

Bridge cameras are perfect for beginners as you can try out different settings as you would on a full DSLR camera but without the need to change lenses. We chose this compact bridge camera as the 50x zoom and 20.4mp lens is a powerful combination!

Alongside these three main photography essentials, we also use a 4k action camera, waterproof selfie stick and waterproof phone pouch for all of our underwater adventures.

Travel Essentials & Packing Lists

Whether you’re skiing or heading out on a city break, we can’t recommend merino wool clothing enough as a basic travel essential. It keeps you cool inside and warm outside – and is a miracle fabric for sweat-free travelling.

Particularly for long-haul trips and multi-city breaks, we’d also be lost without the following must-have essentials:

We’ve also created several packing lists to help you prepare your travel essentials for specific styles of travel. Check them out below:

Travel Books

Coffee Table Travel Books

Lonely Planet is our travel publisher of choice every single time. Their selection of travel guides and books is vast, they’re always full of stunning photographs and chock-full of useful travel information.

Find Lonely Planet books on Amazon >>

We also have specific recommendations for travel books about certain destinations and styles of travel. Check out our guides below:

Travel Gifts & Souvenirs

Icelandic Lava Rock Souvenir

If you’re searching for the perfect gift for the travel lover in your life, then we have lots of travel gift guides to help you out. Check them out below:

You might also be wondering what souvenirs and gifts you should bring home with you. We’ve also written the following guides, which you’ll hopefully find useful:

Final Thoughts From Us

We hope you’ve found the above information helpful and that you’ve found something you like for your next adventure.

If there’s anything else you can think of that you might need, we always love hearing reader suggestions, so be sure to send us a quick message with your request.

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