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Mission Statement & Our Values

Thank you for reading the Wanderers of the World Mission Statement.

These are the core values we use to guide us whenever we create and update content – whether it’s a blog post, social media post, video, podcast, email, etc.

We commit to keeping this page updated annually (at the minimum), so expect our Mission Statement to adapt and evolve – as our values adapt and evolve.

Wanderers of the World Mission Statement & Values


  • We will always create content based on our personal experiences.
  • We will never create content for “likes” or to share unrealistic expectations. No wearing dresses at the top of a mountain for us!
  • We will never share AI-generated content. We will occasionally use AI to make us more productive or efficient e.g. using a dictaphone and AI to help us transcribe our content, or using AI to help us proof our content. But our content will always be 100% original and written by humans.
  • We won’t accept guest posts (unless we can 100% verify the writer has first-hand experience of what they’re writing about).
  • We will only partner with companies or promote products we genuinely like or think our audience will find useful.
  • We will always disclose paid partnerships or sponsorships up front, as clearly as possible and always in line with our Disclosure Policy.


  • We will always try to understand more about the places we travel to.
  • While we will always want to see the top sights and attractions somewhere, we will also search for lesser-known places and activities.
  • We will always try to find out why something is the way it is.
  • We will always endeavour to learn from our mistakes and make improvements and changes where needed.


  • We will always travel responsibly and share our trips thoughtfully and responsibly.
  • We will travel sustainably whenever possible (e.g. travelling by train versus flying, cutting down on our use of plastic and leaving “no trace” wherever we visit).
  • We commit to planting a tree every year to help lessen our carbon footprint.
  • We commit to learning more about how else we can travel more responsibly and sustainably.


  • We will always treat other people how we would want to be treated.
  • We will never be prejudiced towards someone else.
  • We commit to learning more about equality and how we can better serve our readers and the people we meet while travelling – regardless of their age, race, gender, status, background, disability and more.

Pride Before Profit

  • We will live by these values and ensure they always come before our income and profit.
  • We will always stay true to ourselves even if that means earning less money.

Last Updated: January 28, 2024