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Couples Travel

Whether it's your first time travelling with your boyfriend or girlfriend, you're a seasoned travelling couple or heading out on your honeymoon, we have lots of articles that are worth a read.

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Escaping The 9-5

Whether you've got 24, 48 or 36 hours to spare, or even as long as one to two weeks, we have lots of articles to show you how to travel with a full time job.
Come and escape the 9-5 with us!

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Dog Travel

Whether you're travelling with your dog for the first time or are heading out on your twentieth adventure together, we've written various useful dog travel articles, especially for you and your canine pal.

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Delightful Day Trip

Fancy a day trip near your home town or overseas? Check out our day trip itineraries for some awesome ideas!

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Charming Weekend Getaway

Whether you've got 48 or 36 hours to spare, follow our itineraries to make the most of your weekend getaway.

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Fabulous Long Haul Adventure

Heading out on a fabulous long haul adventure? Make the most of your trip with our action-packed itineraries.

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Epic Road Trip

Are you ready for the best road trip ever? Check out our favourite road trip destinations for couples... shotgun!

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Chic City Break

Whether your city break is for one day, a long weekend or a full week, make the most of it with our romantic itineraries.

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Exhilarating Outdoor Adventure

Whether you love tranquil parks or exhilarating activities, we've got you covered... escape into nature with us.

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Tempting Foodie Vacation

Delectable pastries, sumptuous 3-course dinners, traditional local foods. Whatever takes your fancy, we've got you covered. Bon appetit!

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A Cultured Escape

Whether you travel for history, art, architecture or film locations, we've got tons for you to read. It's time for your next cultured escape.

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Travel Like A Local

When it's time to get off the beaten path, our fellow bloggers from around the world are here to help you to travel like a local wherever you go.

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Where To Go When It's Safe Again...

Are you looking for a brand new adventure when it's safe to travel again?
Read all about our favourite destinations to inspire your own bucket list...

Escape the 9-5 to England

England is a melting pot of diversity, wrapped up in an unpredictable rainstorm and
deserves a place on your bucket list.

About Us

‘Sup! [Cue overenthusiastic geeky wave followed by an awkward laugh]. We’re Justine and Scott, your friendly neighbourhood travelling couple* who like to keep it real and tell you what travel is really like (warts and all)...

*Bonus smug points if you can tell us what inspired that description

We travel as husband and wife around Europe and beyond, while our Rough Collie, Kai joins us on all of our UK trips. Many of our weekends are taken up with day trips and weekend getaways, while we still make time for several longer trips each year without Kai… including our honeymoon to Singapore, Bali, Gili Meno and Dubai (yes in just one trip!) Read More >>>